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Who Should Not Wear Tigers Eye Stone?

Who Should Not Wear Tiger Eye Stone?

Last Updated: June 8th 2020

Do you know the golden color of Tiger Eye made it as valuable as gold during the late 19th century? However, since this gorgeous quartz was found all over the world in 20th century, the cost of Tiger Eye has gone down significantly. But, that’s not what you want to know about the tiger eye. You want to know if tigers eye stone is safe to use, touch, and work this stone. Is there a zodiac who should not wear tiger eye stone? Can I touch a raw tiger eye? Let's find the answers! 

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Who Should Not Wear Tiger Eye?

Who should not wear tiger eye beads bracelet

Are you wondering if tiger eye is safe for you astrologically? The truth is tiger eye is good for you until the planet ruling your zodiac sign directly clashes with the rulers of Tiger's eye (sun and mars). Hence, you can determine who should not wear tiger eye by circling the enemy Planets of Tiger Eye.

The enemies of Sun are Venus and Saturn.

If you were born under the constellation of Taurus, you must keep away from tiger eye as it is ruled by Venus. It can lead you to vanity and failures. On the other hand, Venus is also the ruler of Libra. If you’re a Libra, you need to tactful and alert. Tiger eye will make you dull and anxious.

The next ruling planet that is harmful to you is Saturn.

Saturn rules two zodiac signs, Capricorn and Aquarius. If you’re a Capricornian, you will find tiger eye disturbing your peace. Sleeping with this stone can give you nightmares, besides spoiling your career plans. If your zodiac is Aquarius, you shouldn’t wear Tigers eye. Aquarius will feel agitated with hot temper when they were or touch a tiger eye.  

As the enemy of Mars ruling planet is Mercury, we need to find the zodiac signs ruled by Mars. Virgo ends up suffering from joint and muscle pains when they use tiger eye stone.

What Is Tiger Eye?

Made up of silicon dioxide, Tiger eye stone is seen with colors of yellow and orange with black banding on it. A chatoyant gemstone, it helps to clear emotional confusion. It is formed by the alteration of crocidolite naturally. With a silky luster, this is a quartz that shows golden hues too. The MOHS hardness of tiger eye is 5.5 to 6. Be careful when you’re handling the stone as it can fall down and shatter!  

Meaning Of Tiger Eye

Victory stone renowned to crystal users since ages, tiger eye is reminiscent of the tiger’s eye. How beautiful an artist nature is, right? Tiger eye is a gorgeous stone often used for attaining success too. It is often used for detoxing the body. Tiger eye loosens your worries and stress to help you find yourself. It is a stone that empowers your lower chakra to help you be your best self.

Is Tiger's Eye Dangerous?

YES. Certain types of tiger eye contain toxins such as asbestos and silicosis, making it unfit for wear. The fibrous form of asbestos is found in Tiger eye. Specifically said, asbestos in Hawk’s Eye and Cat eye tiger eye stones are dangerous. What happens if you wear them? The asbestos attacks your lungs and causes cancer.

A pseudomorph that looks like crocidolite, the hawk’s eye stone is dangerous. Presence of chrysotile, serpentine asbestos It should not be made into elixir; but, tiger eye is free from toxins as the crocidolite is totally replaced by iron oxide goethite and quartz to form the golden color of the tiger’s eye.

What Chakra Is Tigers Eye Good for?

Who should not wear tigers eye tumbled stones

Located at the end of the spine, the Root chakra is the chakra that connects you to the ground. Also called as the base chakra, tigers eye attracts balance and stability into your life. Tiger eye is good for grounding so that all your negative thoughts are removed.

Wearing tiger eye is also good for the Sacral Chakra. When your sacral chakra is open, you will feel energetic and enthusiastic. Your kundalini energy or life energy will bring out your real potential. It helps you discover life’s purpose and gives you will power.

Tigers eye crystal also opens your Solar Plexus chakra located over your stomach. It is a chakra power to create healing and balance in your body. Solar Plexus is the chakra of health and wellbeing.  

How Can You Tell If Tiger Eye Stone Is Real?

  1. Observe the tiger eye stone for chatoyance (cat-eye effect).
  2. Tiger eye shows glossy luster.
  3. You will see yellow and brown bands on a tiger eye.
  4. Prick your Tiger eye with a hot pin to see if it melts.
  5. Try scratching glass with Tiger eye as the hardness of the tiger eye is 7.

What Is the Tiger Eye Stone Good For?

tiger eye toxicity tiger eye wand

A crystal that is known to bring genuine happiness and wellbeing of the family, tiger eye spreads love and harmony wherever it is kept. Being a fire energy stone, keeping tiger eye in the southern area of the room attracts reputation and fame. It brings you strength and increases your vitality. If you have infertility issues, tiger eye can resolve it. Tigers eye brings you optimism and creativity.

Which Is the Ruling Planet Of Tiger Eye?

Tiger eye is ruled by two celestial bodies, the Sun and Mars. Sun is the harbinger of positivity and warmth. The life-giving celestial body, sun balances your ego. It brings self-realization and will power. As tiger's eye is ruled by the sun, it realizes your dreams.

Another planet that rules tiger eye is Mars. The god of war, Mars is the stone of desire and energy. It makes you quick-witted and wise. Mars protects you from dangers when you wear a tigers eye stone.

Who should wear a Tiger eye?

Is tiger eye dangerous? Tiger eye flower pendant

As Aries is ruled by Mars, you can wear a tiger eye if you’re an Arian. The ruling planet of Tiger eye, Mars helps you find your passion and purpose of life. Aries born people are honest, yet stubborn. Mars will clear negativity and blocks out of your way.

Wear tiger eye if your zodiac sign is friends with Mars. Moon is a friendly and auspicious planet with Mars. Hence, Cancer born people reap many benefits by wearing tiger eye rings and jewelry. If you’re a Cancerian, tiger eye will help you heal and find physical stamina as well as will power.   

As Leo is Sun, you can wear tiger eye if you’re a Leo too. The truth is, Sun is the ruler of tiger eye and friendly planets of the Sun will determine who should wear tiger eye. If your ruling planet is Jupiter, you can wear tiger eye. The best zodiac sign that should try wearing tigers eye is Sagittarius, the winter sign and Pisces, the water sign. Both will find will power and self-confidence besides immunity by wearing Tiger eye gemstones.  

Healing Properties of Tiger Eye

Wondering what is tiger eye good for? You might’ve just received a new tiger eye stone and you’re curious about the stone inside out. We will show you five ways to use tiger eye at your home so that you can reap the benefits of its unique energy.

·      Concentration and Focus

First off is alertness. If you’re a student, tiger eye will bring you focus and attention. You will not be distracted when you have the tiger eye stone in your pocket. Carry it for exams or presentations to do your best at it.

·      Luck and Prosperity

A natural magnet for attracting wealth and luck into your life, tiger eye brings good fortune too. All you need to do is place the stone in the southern direction for attracting prosperity towards you. Easy right? Try it yourself today!

You can also place the stone in your safe or wallet to naturally attract finances into your life.  

·      Action and Decision Stone

Are you an introvert? Perhaps you’re defined as indecisive by your friends. Whatever be the reason that is delaying your action, tiger eye can resolve it. Hold the stone and ask your questions to seek the light of guidance from the stone. It will quicken your decision-making process for you!

·      Health and Harmony

Want to attract harmony into your house? The easiest trick is to keep tiger eye in the eastern part of the house. The rest, feng shui and wind will do! You can also place the stone over your solar plexus chakra to give a boost to your digestive system, after having food.

·      Confusion and Low Self Esteem 

Suffering from low self-confidence? Discover and recover yourself with tiger eye. Place it over each of your chakra for 30 seconds to align your chakras. Tiger eye will flush in healing energy and you will feel your best self.

How to Clean Tiger Eye?

As tiger eye contains asbestos, it is advised to wash hands after touching it. You must also never touch water on this stone. Clean it once a month with a dry soft cloth.

You can remove the bad energies from the stone by cleaning it with a purification crystal wand made from selenite or clear quartz also. Do it before and after using the crystal.  


Which crystals not to wear with tiger eye? Never wear stones that clash with sun and mars. Crystals like Moonstone and Blue Sapphire should NEVER be worn with tiger eye. Still worried about whether tiger eye is good for you? Leave us a comment below!

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