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Know It All: Citrine Necklace And Bracelet Uses

Know It All: Citrine Necklace And Bracelet Uses

When I was gifted the first ever citrine bracelet from my best friend, she did it out of love and no crystal knowledge. We were both 11 and she knew I love gemstones, so she went out of her way and picked up the shiniest crystal bracelet that looked nice to her. The moment she gave it, my hands started buzzing and I saw visions of me with long hair, all-grown-up and painting my heart out. Since that day, I wore the citrine bracelet whenever I painted or drew. To my surprise, I won $500 for my painting in the drawing competition as a child. Over the years, I realized the miracles I had from citrine necklace and bracelet were not just a coincidence.

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Citrine Jewelry Meanings Explained

Natural Citrine Healing Crystal Point

Today is all about unraveling those mystery powers of citrine jewelry in pendants and bracelets so that you can also use it. The $5,000 has grown to $100,000 and hundreds of prizes for my art, financially and otherwise. To keep it real, citrine bracelet then was showing me that I will earn money through painting and I still wear that bracelet whenever I paint.

What is Citrine?

Citrine Tumbled Healing Stones

Citrine is a yellow stone made from silicon dioxide. It can be seen in white to brown colors apart from the yellow common shade.

One of the popular yellow healing crystals, citrine connects with your higher chakras to clear your mental blocks to attract success and wealth in addition to abundance. It is basically an enlightenment stone that shows you the tricks to be happy.

How does Citrine Stone Work?

Natural Yellow Citrine Quartz Crystal Cluster

Citrine works by letting you be the best of yourself. Whether you work with a citrine grid or wear it as a pendant, citrine will work on your chakra energies.

Which Chakra is Citrine Associated with? Solar plexus, crown and third eye chakras are the primal chakras activated by using a citrine gemstone. It varies based on how your citrine is or how strong your own chakra training is.  

What are the Positive Effects of Citrine Crystal?

4oz Natural Citrine Raw Crystal

Do you know wearing citrine bracelet can help you during morning sickness? It is a gemstone that can make the baby inside your womb intelligent too.

In popular crystal lores, citrine was worn to retain and expand wealth by the elite people. However, with time even I have found that citrine is a mentally charging stone that can make you sharper and creative. It gives you immunity from diseases by making your cells stronger as well as balancing your bodily hormones.

That’s the physical powers of citrine, but on an emotional level, citrine releases your pain and grief within. It can remove the pessimism and bad luck to help you realize your own potential.

If your guardian angel is trying to connect to you without success, citrine can make you spiritually invincible too.

Benefits of Wearing a Citrine Necklace

When you wear a citrine necklace, you are making a direct route to affect your lower and higher chakras. The closest you are to the chakra you want to influence, the energy vibrations will penetrate and affect the body faster.

A citrine pendant can be in the shape of the ball or a wand to dowse the chakra with focus. When the pendant is in a ball shape, it will help you culminate your chakra powers to keep you active and strong throughout the day. The former is perfect for manifestation while the latter helps you repair and restore energy.

The best part of wearing a citrine pendant is that it can move freely with the positive vibrations. A citrine necklace, on the other hand, keeps activating the necessary chakras in a uniform fashion.

With a short citrine pendant, you will be able to control the higher chakras such as the crown and third eye. Get a longer chain for your pendant and you can affect the solar plexus to the root chakra.

My story with citrine pendant- I remember the day I wore my citrine pendant. It was a raw crystal pendant that actually shook me the moment I wore it. I even got a few visions of my past I believe while feelings of happiness overcame me. The truth be told, after five minutes I vomited, but felt no bad feeling or nausea. It took me three days to realize the puking was my allergies because I never got them after. Citrine necklace was helping me to eject the toxins myself!

Our Five Favorite Citrine Necklaces and How to Use it

When I was digging for the most effect necklaces made of citrine for AtPerry’s, there was one goal in my mind, I have to be certain these are buzzing-quality necklaces so I hand-checked each one. I wanted every citrine on the store to be actually effective. So, let’s look at the way of wearing citrine right to get all these positive effects out of it.

·      6-Pointe Citrine Pendant for Love Chakra

Citrine Quartz Crystal 6 sided Point Pendant - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Do you know six is the number for love? A love potion needs six ingredients, same as the crystals. A six-pointed citrine pendant can bring love into your heart. If you look closely at this pendant, it is the wand. And, when worn, this citrine pendant wand points at your heart chakra energy.

How to wear a citrine wand pendant? Hold it in your palm, close it and visualize the happiness you are expecting from love. Did you lose your love and want it back? Imagine the happiness you want with it and then wear it for 6 days!

·      Citrine Necklace For Healing the Reproductive system

Are you constantly suffering negative results on your pregnancy tests? From infertility to infidelity, this citrine heart-shaped necklace is the secret ingredient for creating marital bliss amongst couples.

Blessed with powers of Venus and Aphrodite, it will help you fill the distance in your love. If you are trying to conceive, but ailments like low sperm count or PCOS is hunting your dreams, wear this citrine pendant on either of you.

Before wearing, chant the below prayer while holding the pendant with one palm of yours and other of your husband (or vice-versa).

O Aphrodite, fill me with your essence to conceive our child in flesh and blood, a symbol of our love”.

·      Citrine Wealth Necklace for abundance

Natural Citrine Stone Necklace

How to use citrine to attract money? It’s easy only if you have worked with citrine for the past 20 years. If you haven’t don’t worry, you’ve got me!

Comprising of multiple deities in citrine gold, this pendant is a powerful source for generating wealth in Hindu and Tibetan beliefs. All you need to do is go to the southeast corner of your home, place this pendant in your palm and visualize wealth growing from exactly where you stand. Your finances will expand and your debts will disappear. Do this, every day before going to work and you will see success in your career too.

·      Raw Citrine Necklace Wired Jewelry for Stamina

Irregular Wire Wrapped Raw Stone Amethyst & Citrine Crystal Necklace - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Do you know the power of raw gemstone energy? It is unpolluted and unaltered and hence the most pristine. It may not be the most powerful, but it can help you restore your energy and strength in a wink.

Wearing this wire wrapped citrine rough stone pendant can make you almost invincible. If you’re suffering from a physical disorder, this wand-like natural pointe pendant can connect with your solar plexus chakra and reinforce your strength.

All you need to do is, visualize your body becoming buff in your imagination and citrine will do all the rest!

·      Tree of Life Citrine Manifestation Necklace

12 pieces of Wisdom Tree of Life Gemstone Pendants  Only  7.5 Per Tree   Free Shipping    AtPerrys Healing Crystals   9

Just as this beautiful tree of life, with citrine you can create a tree of manifestation where energy flows uniformly to light up your desires. Do you know citrine can create abundance? This means that whatever you ask with citrine as your witness, will be amplified.

Tree of life is like a manifestation altar or chakra grid itself. When you wear this necklace, the energy will symmetrically flow through the veins of this pendant tree to send the cosmos the exact message you want to be fulfilled.

Make sure you use a crystal wand made of selenite or clear quartz to light up the beads of the try while activating it, to make it function like a grid.

Benefits of Wearing a Citrine Bracelet

If you want the energy of citrine to circumference around you, the citrine bracelet is the best option. The truth is, when you wear a bracelet, it works with your aura to create a seal around you. Why? It’s because a bracelet connects with your earth star chakra and not any specific human chakras.

What you want to do with a crystal bracelet is activate it to make it work for you. Another interesting power of a crystal bracelet is that you can use it on any chakra at will because it is not on your neck or ears that you have to spend time removing it first. Moreover, unlike most crystal jewelry, you can wear a citrine bracelet for a long time as it attunes your chakras slowly, leading to more power than overpowering a chakra.

Before you decide on which side to wear the bracelet on, use a crystal pendulum to find out which side has the most vibrations. Wear it on that side!

Another universal rule is to wear the citrine bracelet on the hand you can’t write with, called the non-dominant hand.

3 Citrine Bracelets that is Powerful for All-ARound Protection

When I began working with crystals, I wanted a crystal shape that I could wear and tap into the energy of multiple chakras without wasting time. After experimenting with all sorts of gemstone shapes, I found that a crystal bracelet was my best pal for doing all types of energy works. Wanna find out? Scroll on!

·      Success Bracelet Citrine Jewelry

Crystal Citrine Beads Bracelet

Do you know citrine attracts enthusiasm? That’s how it attracts success to your world. All you have to do is bond with your multi-beaded citrine bracelet and visualize the way you want success. Meditate with that thought at least 7 times every day and it will happen!

·      Honey Citrine Charm Bracelet for Skin and Nails

Bee Citrine Charm Bracelet - 925 Sterling Silver - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

If you’ve used citrine earlier, you must have heard the compliment, ‘you look beautiful’. Well, that’s the doing of citrine and with a citrine bracelet, it is easy to work with all the cells in your body, head to toe. It can help in the regeneration of cells and remove anemia, that’s how your skin and nails look great after wearing a citrine bracelet for 24 hours.

·      Chakra Energy Citrine Bracelet

Lucky Chip Beads Citrine Crystal Stretch Bracelet - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

To empower your third eye vision and peek into the future, the citrine bracelet can help. What it does is align multiple chakras and help you spot the unnecessary or energy wastage centers. Moreover, wearing this citrine energy bracelet will prevent evil eye or energy vampires from attacking you too.

Before you go …

Do you know citrine can open your inner eye to your subconscious? That’s how miracles happen in actuality. Citrine opens your eyes and help you do things on your own such that the sense of achievement and happiness makes the universe attract things your way.

Share your date of birth in the comments below to see which stone with citrine makes your manifestations stronger for all the positive effects above!

Stay powerful~

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