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What Does A Merkaba Do To Your Mind And Body?

What Does A Merkaba Do To Your Mind And Body?

If Merkaba is a new word to you, I suggest you head over here to read more on it in detail. Everything you need to know about the spectacular magic of merkaba is discussed in the linked article. Merkaba is a powerful meditation technique dating back to thousands of years that I recently came across. Merkaba has overwhelmed my life and I want to share what does merkaba do to your mind and body in actuality. Stay with me until the end and I will disclose the crystals that help in Merkaba the most.

Do I need Merkaba?

You don’t need merkaba. It’s a choice because the blessing of Merkaba beckons those who have the commitment and will power, only. Better to say, everyone needs merkaba to break free of their own auric oscillations every once a while.

This meditation can be defined as- Merkaba is a meditation technique that makes the light within you rotate inside itself to transport your spiritual body via light.

Merkaba makes your mind stronger because of the hefty energy use it brings. How to add Merkaba meditation to your crystal sessions? Hold your horses, we are getting there.

Why use Merkaba Meditation?

The effects of merkaba is not limited to a particular person or energy. It is a sense of enlightenment that every mind and body can use to scale higher realms or even distant realms. I am too excited to keep to the template. I just wanna burst out about all the amazing benefits of merkaba meditation today.

Let’s find out!

5 Benefits of Merkaba Meditation on your body

When you are involved in merkaba meditation, your body is recharged and revitalized by the energy powers of merkaba, almost immediately. The more Merkaba you practice, the more it can connect you with your roots and true forms.

Let’s find out the pros of Merkaba meditation on your physical body.

·      Merkaba for Stability

Balance is the first benefit of merkaba meditation on your body.  This ancient meditation technique can remove the imbalances such as hormone or blood related to make you stable. If you suffer from chronic fatigue, vertigo, motion sickness and uneasiness or vomiting, Merkaba can stabilize your body. It does so by elevating your body and enriching it with the blessing of the higher realms.

·      Speed Recovery with Merkaba

Are you taking medicine for any illness? Don’t worry, most of us are. That’s because medicine is really powerful. But if you feel like the effects of medicine is not going right, enrich your body with merkaba meditation. It can accelerate the working of the medicine by making your body ideally conditioned and favorable for medicine.

·      Merkaba for Purification

For those of you who feel the body is astray filled with diseases like bloating, fatigue, dry skin, heart palpitation, weight gain, cold and hot intolerances, it is time to disconnect your body. You can do it with Merkaba by leaving the body to amend itself when you are engaged in the miracle of this meditation. It purifies your body and removes pathogens that cause allergies too.

Don’t forget the medicine, Merkaba can’t begin healing without the medicines your doctor prescribed. Use it together to make your healing a grand success.

·      Detox using Merkaba

Do you want to cleanse your physical body? Whether it is the gut or the heart that made you decide on detox, bless you! Detoxification is a rigorous cleansing process that the body goes through. You can call it spring cleaning because the body undergoes a negativity-repulsion when you engage in merkaba mediation.

·      Stress-Relief with Merkaba

Ever felt the stress around you is unreal? It might be invisible but it’s never unreal. From the essence of merkaba, your pattern of existence will calculate the right way to repel the stress that lands or erupts within you.

Merkavah works on radiation and EMF Risks too!

5 Benefits of Merkaba Meditation on your Mind

Just as your body is recharged and revitalized with Merkaba meditation, your mind is as well. What happens when it is energized? Are there things you don’t know that happen to your energetic mind? We are going to indulge in the five core advantages of bringing Merkaba into your life below.

Let’s begin!

·      Merkaba for Consciousness Expanding

Enlightenment is the first benefit of Merkaba meditation on your mind. When you engage in the merkaba meditation technique, your awareness and understanding of the world around you, expands. Merkaba will help you find answers to the truths you’re seeking. Merkaba broadens your perspective to universal understanding and awareness.

·      Astral Travel with Merkaba

The ability to travel across the galaxy is called astral travel. With merkaba, you’re already in an oscillatory motion triggered by your own internal power. By using Merkaba, you will be able to relax and travel across the astral plane once you project yourself successfully. Click here to know to divulge in the art of astral travel.

·      Merkaba for Angelic Communication

If you wanted to determine who your spirit guide was, angelic communication will do you good. Merkaba triggers a connection between you and the higher realms to convey messages with you. The benefit is that you will be able to communicate and learn from your spirit guide if you couldn’t earlier. It levitates you to the higher realm than the angel coming down into your visions.

·      Harmony using Merkaba

7 Pcs. Natural Rose Quartz Healing Rough Raw Gemstone

Do you know there is a sense of peace that affects and moves the heart chakra that comes with merkaba meditation? If you use a crystal such as rose quartz during your merkaba meditation, it will fill your heart and release chakra enough for a celestial entity like you. The peace that emanates from the rose quartz worn on the neck of a merkaba meditator is charismatic too.

·      Merkaba for Karmic Therapy

7 Chakra Energy Generator   Chakra Grounding Bracelet (Shipping to US only)   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   3

If you’ve felt something from the past is holding you back since you were old enough to remember, merkaba therapy can help you. What you do is visit your old selves and observe the karma and do the penance for the soul. This is a powerful session that needs grounding shungite bracelets on the anklets in addition to a chakra generator that we have on store. It will help you upgrade your skills or merkaba.

Before you go …

Merkaba brings a lot of goodies into our lives. It is a beautiful meditation that uplifts the body and mind. Are there any benefits of merkaba we missed out on? Let us know in the comments below.

Natural Purple Quartz Crystal

It’s always handy to have a learning crystal such as citrine when you’re trying to study and ancient meditation such as merkaba. Get the purple angel quartz in the picture to help your crown chakra to connect with the etheric realm!


Stay powerful~

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