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Protection Spells with Crystals Simplified  

Protection Spells with Crystals Simplified  

If you’ve been an ardent crystal user, you already know about psychic protection. However, today we are going to learn about something totally different- protection spells. From what they are to protection spells with crystals in a simplified language, we have added systematic steps to help you. Are you ready to build a cocoon of protective energy around you? Let’s start then!

What are Protection Spells?

Protection Spells with Crystals Simplified  

Protection spells are powerful incantations, mantras or affirmations that create a web of protective energy around you, your space or home. Protection spells have been used for thousands of years by shamans and wizards. When combined with the powers of gemstones, protection spells with crystals find amplified energies.

Protection spells are barriers that prevent negative energies from penetrating and reaching you. It can be done with the help of materials found organically with intrinsic energies like crystals and Himalayan pink salt. 

Which are the Top Benefits of Protection Spells?

banishment of evil with protection spells

You know what protection spells are, but what do protection spells actually protect you from? If this is your first time learning about protection spell magic, you will find out the innumerable benefits of these powerful spells. Perhaps you will find one that resolve all the invisible evil around you.

·      Banishment of Evil

The first power reason why protection spells were used in the past was the banishment of evil. If an evil spirit or demon had taken possession of things or people around such as yourself, a protection spell can banish the bad energy. It brings the energy of the nature and the universe to uproot the evil completely.

·      Freeing Hexes and Curses

Another important power of protection spells are how they reveal the harmful tendrils gripping tight around your chakras. It will free you from curses, hexes and black magic that is thrown your way. When you use a protection spell, it will relieve the toxins around your chakras and in your thoughts or body too.  

·      Energy Vampire Protection

Energy vampires are people who think ill of you. They have a natural way of sending harmful vibrations towards you. Protection spells can prevent the evil stare of energy vampires from reaching you. They create a boundary of sanctity and safety that evil energies cannot cross.

·      Aura Attack Prevention

When you have a protection spell surrounding you, your aura will also be protected. Simply put, bad thoughts and energies will not be able to change your mood and feeling. Aura attacks happen due to energy vampires too. With a protection spell, you will always feel your best because your aura is bright and safe.                 

·      Clear Negativity

Another popular consensus for use of protection spells are for clearing negative energies. When you make a protection spell, it creates a barrier or boundary to prevent negative energy from entering the circle. Protection spells can instantly remove hatred, vengeance and evil from the minds of those around it.

We will teach you how to make protection spells to clear negativity soon.
Keep reading …

9 Amazing Protection Spells to Try Today

positive energy protection spells with crystals

This is the most important section of this blog post. If you came here looking for protection spells this is where you should concentrate. If you’re looking for protection spells with crystals, read this section and proceed to the next. Let’s begin!

·      Cleansing Spell for Protection

This spell is to cleanse any evil energies that might have sediment on you before you cast the protection spell. How to do a cleansing spell? We will teach you!

  • Take a mug of cold water.
  • Take your sage and circle thrice over the water.
  • Sprinkle the water in all rooms of your house, preferably around the four corners outside your house too.

·      Scent Magic

The first and the most important of protection spells are made with scents. What you need to do is collect the sanctified scents from nature and make a circle around you. Chant the mantra we tell you depending on the herb or flower scent you choose. Got it?

  • Lavender: ruled by the crown, lavender will make you intuitive besides protecting you.
  • Sage: ruled by the sacral chakra, sage makes you strong and invincible against evil.
  • Jasmine: another crown chakra scent, jasmine invokes power from the etheric realms.

For lavender, chant “Oh Hecate, descend unto me, protect me with your strength”.

For Sage, chant “Oh, Athena, take me unto your power and guard my spirits.”

For Jasmine, chant “Oh Mother Gaia, protect me with your willpower”.

·      Candle Color Magic

This is a spell that is induced by the color therapy of candles. The candle protection spell helps to balance the evil out and bring light into your life. Go ahead and try it!

  • Get a green candle and light it.
  • Get a blue candle and light it.
  • Get a yellow candle and light it.
  • Get a red candle and light it.
  • Place a glass of wine in between the candles.
  • Chant, “Oh, candles of colors blue, green, yellow and red, come with thy power and sink into red, protect me with your divine blood”.
  • When the candles are completely burned out, anoint the four corners of your house with the wine in the middle.

·      Salt Spell for Protection

Do you know salt is cleansing? Even better is Himalayan Pink Salt. The next step is to create a protection spell with salt.

  • Take a bowl of pink salt.
  • Walk around your house.
  • While walking, sprinkle the salt around the house in nine throws.
  • Whilst you throw the salt, chant “Praesidio, Sekhmet, Praesidio Hecate, Praesidio Persephone”.

You can also light up a Himalayan salt lamp at your home for protection spell powers if you don’t have the salt. Remember to walk around your house while chanting the mantra along with the lamp.

·      Altar for Protection Spell

You can also create a protection altar of sacred things to create a protection spell. How do you do it? Let us explain!

  • Take a bunch of sage.
  • Take a vial of salt water.
  • Add a few drops of Holy Water into the Salt Water solution.
  • Dip the sage in the solution.
  • Draw a circle on the altar with the sage dipped in the salt and holy water mixture.
  • Chant “Prostatevo Gaia, Prostatevo Sekhmet, Prostatevo Bona Dea”.
  • Keep the sage inside.
  • Light the safe on the ninth night.

·      Feng Shui Protection Spell

Another way to protect your home is to create or bury protection charms around the feng shui directions of your home. To do so, you can use many things such as mirrors, crystals or even fragrances.

  • Clean the clutter from your home.
  • Now place a mirror in each of the four feng shui directions of your home.
  • Chant, “ektrepo, ektrepo, ektrepo kako” when you place the mirror”.
  • The evil energies will deflect off the mirror from now on.
  • Remember to smudge the mirrors with sage at the end of every day.

You can also tie up dreamcatchers with mirrors in the feng shui directions of your home while chanting the mantra above.

·      Talismans and Sigils

Have you ever made a talisman? Besides certain crystals, anything can be a talisman, if it is made with the protection spell prayers. Sigils are pictures made with prayers and chants. To make a talisman, follow the steps below.

  • Close your eyes and imagine heaven.
  • Pick a shape, and draw it on the paper or wood.
  • Cut out the shape from the paper or wood.
  • Hold it in your hold and circle your house while chanting ‘prostatevo Sekhmet, prostatevo Gaia’.
  • Hang it at the entrance and exit of your house.

You can also do the same with a sigil.  

·      Fennel Magick for Bad Energies

Another little known protection spell is bad from fennel. Considered the epitome of goodwill, you can use fennels to remove hexes and jinxes too. It is easy because you don’t need anything else.

  • Take a handful of fennel.
  • Burn it to ash.
  • Smear the ash of the fennel along the doorways and windows of your home.
  • Do it every full moon or new moon to prevent bad energies from reaching you.

Why Use Protection Spells with?

Now you know all about protection spells, but do you know crystals can be used with protection spells. Yes they can be! The best thing about protection spells with crystals is that healing stones can amplify the powers of your protection spell even more.

When you seek the help of a gemstone, it will impart its own energy into your spell. It is always wise to take the help of a crystal when making protection spells because it is a time when you need a lot of good energy on your side.

6 Best Crystals for Manifesting Protection Spells

How to use crystals for protection spells? If you’re wondering, don’t ponder anymore. Our experts sat together to find answers to protection spells with crystals that manifest easily. You can try each of them and select your favorite.

·      Rose Quartz Magic

50G Natural Raw Pink Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone
50G Natural Raw Pink Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone; $34.95 USD

The love stone that harmonizes the most evil energies, rose quartz has a special magick when you use it with protection spells.

  • Take a rose quartz ball.
  • Hold it at your heart level.
  • Chant your protection spell of choice.
  • Place the rose quartz in the left pocket.
  • Continue your protection spell ritual.

That’s all you have to do to increase the manifestation power of rose quartz.

·      Scrying with Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror
Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror; $25.99 USD

One of the different ways to protect yourself is by seeking spirit guidance. If you’re inviting your guardian angel or spirit guide to protect you, it is best to do it with a scrying mirror.

  • Set up your scrying mirror under the moon lit night in a sacred room.
  • Chant your protection spell.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Continue chanting for a few minutes.
  • Open your eyes and gaze into the obsidian scrying mirror.
  • You will see the banishment of evil in it.

·      Pendulum to Detect Source of Hexes

Reiki Healing Chakra Pendulum

Reiki Healing Chakra Pendulum; $27 USD

Have you used a crystal pendulum? It can be used to detect the source of hexes. All you need to do is follow the below.

  • Create a circle by drawing it with pink salt powder.
  • Place a bowl of sand from in front of your home in the middle of the salt circle.
  • Now hold the crystal pendulum above the bowl of sand and ask questions.
  • You will find all the answers.

·      Black Tourmaline Feng Shui

Black Tourmaline Healing Stones

Black Tourmaline Healing Stones; $19.95 USD

Considered an easy way to oust bad energy, you can always place a block of black tourmaline schorl around the four corners of your house. This way your home will be automatically under the safeguard of the four tourmalines joining energies and protection you. Easy right? Get raw black tourmaline today!  

·      Grid for Protection Spell

7 Chakra Healing Crystal Grid Kit

7 Chakra Healing Crystal Grid Kit; $49.97 USD

Another wonderful way to amplify your protection spell is with a crystal grid. Include all the protection stones on it. When you set up the grid and activate it with the wand, chant your protection spell. Do the rest of the ritual after setting up your crystal grid.


If you have doubts about any of the above processes, don’t shy to ask us about it.

To help you further, here’s a video on how to cast a protection spell you can try out!

Do you have a different protection spell you’d like to share with our crystal community? Go ahead and share it below!

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