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Taihang Mountain Thuja Incense Cones - For Sleeping

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The sandalwood tree grows in Asia and East India. The aroma comes from the wood itself rather than the leaves or flowers.  The warm soothing aroma of sandalwood can help you to relax your mind and open your heart to love.  You can use the healing aroma of the sandalwood tree to promote feelings of peace and serenity and also to ease various ailments of the digestive system.

Burning any of these can infuse your room or atmosphere with its healing aroma.

When it is burned, the smoke is believed to have medicinal and therapeutic healing power. It inspires creativity, clears negative energy and brings love and fortune. It benefits include energetic protection, removal of bad energy, uplifting your spirits and filling your home with good fortune and luck.

Our sense of smell is a direct path to the brain and certain odors trigger an immediate response via the Limbic System. Particular aromas stimulate the brain to produce essential chemicals, such as serotonin and dopamine, which cause feelings of happiness, relaxation and contentment. For headache relief, certain incense aromas can help open the nasal passages, while others can lower blood pressure.

Regional Feature: Chinese Incense
Specification: Gift Box
Packaging: Gift Packing
Application: Body
Application Scene: Living Room
Model Number: Nanyue-2
Type: Cone Incense
Amount: 1 Box 60pcs 

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