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Topaz Birthstone: Complete Guide with How to Wear

Topaz Birthstone: Complete Guide with How to Wear

Did you know Topaz is the birthstone of November and December? When we say topaz, we mean blue topaz here. This beautiful gemstone is one of the most searched zodiac gemstones online and offline. It has been for ages, in fact. If you’re looking at topaz birthstone, we can tell you all about it in detail.

Ready to unravel the mysteries of birthstone topaz? Let’s start!

What Is Topaz?

Blue Topaz Ring
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Commonly called topaz, blue topaz is the birthstone of two winter months. You can imagine why when you see the snowy blue color of the gemstone. Topaz is a silicate mineral made of aluminum with another mineral fluorine. One of the precious gemstones, topaz is a hard stone scoring 8 on the MOHS hardness scale. The name originates from the Greek word topazos.

Topaz Birthstone Meaning

When you hold a topaz, you instantly ask what is its saying to me. If you’re hunting for the meaning of topaz- it is tranquility. When we say topaz birthstone, we mean the topaz that is the birthstone of a zodiac. The only topaz officially a birthstone is blue topaz. That is why, topaz birthstone indicates the beautiful blue stone.

Which Is Topaz Birthstone Chakras?

Throat Chakra is the power source of blue topaz birthstone. It is located over your voice box and is the voice of your inner reason. When you wear the topaz as a pendant or necklace, it will instantly connect with your throat chakra and awaken the sense of hearing your inner voice of reason.

Throat chakra helps you realize and understand the truth around you. It is the chakra of confidence, courage and will power too. When you bond with a topaz, you will feel energetic and enthusiastic too.

What Is Topaz Birthstone Zodiac? Who can wear Blue Topaz?

Blue Topaz Pendant
Blue Topaz Pendant; $52.90 USD

Blue topaz is the birthstone for two different months- November and December. If you were born in either of these months or under the Zodiac signs Scorpio, Sagittarius, Serpentarius or Ophiucus, you should wear and use blue topaz in your life.

Blue topaz for Scorpio brings calmness and energy. It will get rid of your obsessions and possessive nature. You will no longer feel jealous and competitive.  It is a stone of balance and grounding for Scorpios.

Blue topaz is also good for Sagittarians. Your nature of carelessness and blind optimism will change. You will no longer feel restless and hopeless in life. Blue topaz fills you with hope and energy. You will be tactful and courageous.  

Which is Topaz Birthstone Friendly and Enemy Planets?

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Jupiter is the ruling planet of Topaz birthstone. It is the planet sign of Sagittarius and Pisces. Considered the ruler planet of all the Gods, Jupiter is powerful and divine. The biggest planet in our solar system, it has a lot of effect on our lives. It is the guardian planet that protects you from mistakes, accidents and sins. Jupiter brings justice, wisdom and luck towards the wearer of topaz birthstone.

We should consider the friendly and enemy planets if we want to decipher which are the best stones to wear.

Stones ruled by Sun, Moon, Mars are friends of Jupiter. You can wear them without worry. Saturn is an enemy of Jupiter. Never wear blue sapphire or amethyst with blue topaz.

How Can Topaz Birthstone Benefit Your Life?

Blue Quartz Topaz Ring

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After learning so much about the metaphysical attributes of topaz birthstone, what do you think about the stone? If you’re still wondering how can you use it in your everyday life, we can help you. All that you need to do is follow the steps below and pick your favorite use for topaz. Try it TODAY!

·      Self Confidence

When you touch a blue topaz, you will feel your throat chakra heating up. All you need to do is use the stone to chant your favorite affirmation and it will listen. If you’re an introvert always worrying yourself over, take confidence from the blue topaz stone. It can fill you with willpower and courage you have never dreamt of.

·      Beauty and Charisma

No one tells you this secret power of blue topaz, but it is also known to make you look pretty. If you wear this stone, it will instantly radiate a charisma and charm that attracts people towards you. No kidding! Blue topaz has the ability to make you empathic to really understand the people, family and friends around you easily. When you wear this stone, it will transform your character!

·      Leadership and Communication Skills

We talked about the power over inner voice by blue topaz. Coming to a further topic is how blue topaz improves your communication skills. It makes you an empath and helps you grow awareness about others around you. This will naturally make you a better leader. It will also help you express yourself easily around others.

·      Inner Peace and Stability

Looking for calmth and peace? You’ve found the right solution- blue topaz. This is a birthstone that is meant to heal and bring tranquility to anyone who uses it. But if it is your birthstone, you are lucky! It will give you a glimpse pf your destiny too. It reveals the purpose of your life to you so that you can attain it without worries.

·      Best for Worries, Stress and Anxiety

Now that we have come to the topic of worries, you need to tell me if you’re anxious too. If this is you, blue topaz can help you calm down and unwind safely. It is a stone that elevates the mood by ejecting the negative thoughts within you. If you’re always anxious, grab onto a blue topaz and you will find serenity.

Which are the 5 Best November Birthstones other than Topaz?

November Birthstones

Topaz is amazing, but there are other gemstones for your zodiac sign too. Are you a Scorpio looking for other birthstones to wear throughout the year? Scroll through the below and find your pick. What’s better, you can also combine it with the blue topaz you love so much!

·      Citrine

The stone of good luck and abundance, wearing citrine as a Scorpio brings you winning opportunities. It is the stone of wealth and financial freedom. It will bring you success and wealth in whatever you do. Citrine is the stone of good feng shui that works quickly. Keep it in your safe or wallet TODAY!

·      Red Coral

The stone of unique powers, red coral relaxes you.  It is the stone of enlightenment and consciousness. Peace is guaranteed with red coral but victory is certain. Red coral blesses your life with energy and activity. It makes your dreams come true by its manifesting powers.

·      Garnet

When you touch a garnet, Scorpio feels awakened. Your sacral chakra energies will open upon touch. Garnet helps you stay grounded as well as passionate. It heals the reproductive disorders and helps you feel the best of your life force energy called the kundalini drive. You will feel uplifted and powerful with garnet by your side.

·      Amethyst

The stone of etheric connection, amethyst brings you intuition and precognition. It is the stone that opens the heavens. Amethyst is the stone that opens your mind to new dimensions. It is often used for opening the mind and traveling across the universe. The stone makes a Scorpio fly!

·      Labradorite

Want to see the stars beyond your backyard? Keep a labradorite under your bed and sleep. For scorpios, Labradorite attracts balance and creativity. Labradorite opens your third eye and throat chakras. It helps you travel the universe and lucid dream.

Which Are the 5 Best December Birthstones other than Topaz?

topaz birthstone december

So you’re not a scorpio. You’re a Sagittarian or Serpentarian. Whichever you are, let me assure you, the following stones will help you if you use it separately or with blue topaz birthstone. Let’s find your perfect crystal!

·      Tanzanite

My favorite stone other than blue topaz (being a serpentarian), Tanzanite is a special stone with special powers. It opens the third eye, throat and crown chakras. You will be in control and power when you wear this stone. Tanzanite brings confidence and courage to your voice too. It is the stone of willpower.

·      Turquoise

Another stone for Sagittarians, turquoise is the stone of tranquility just like blue topaz. It calms you down and accelerates healing in the body. Turquoise is often recommended in almost all of the crystal first aid kits. It is a powerful stone that awakens your throat chakra powers.

·      Serpentine 

A special stone for those born under the zodiac sign of Serpentarius or Ophiucus, serpentine brings wealth and progress in your life. It is a stone that is used for progress and financial freedom by money. The abundance stone can transform lives!

·      Iolite

Stone of crown chakra, iolite brings wisdom and knowledge to a Sagittarian or Serpentarian. It is the stone that opens your precognition and gives you glimpses of the future before it dawns on you. Iolite can help you gain your natural confidence.

·      Zircon

A gemstone as old as the earth, zircon has all the answers you’re searching for. Zircon works on all your chakras to balance your energies and find stability. It is a stone of protection and warmth for Sagittarius.


Found out all the meanings of topaz birthstone? Share your experience with this wonderful stone in the comments below.

Love and light~

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