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These Under Priced Dreaming Crystals for Good Dreams And Sleep Work

These Under Priced Dreaming Crystals for Good Dreams And Sleep Work

Do you know people dream for a total of 6 years in a lifetime? That is 5 to 20 minutes per dream. Facts also say, that 95% dreams are forgotten right after you see the first ray of light. The morning after I slept with a smoky quartz, I not only remembered to write my name, but also a short poetry. That’s how incredible inspiring dreaming crystals are. And, I will share my story and tips on crystals for good dreams that taught me how to control my dreams.

If you know all about dream work, lucid dreaming and dream recall, this post is not for you.

But, if you’re a newbie to the dream world or struggling to get a hang of it, I’ve more than a handful of tips for dreaming like an angel by using the right sleep gemstones.

Get started with dreaming crystals to start finding the secret messages in your dreams!


Dreaming Crystals Explained

Dreams are the only time our subconscious mind is in action. While some say they don’t dream, other recollect dreams vividly. The truth is everyone dreams. Sleep is not a shut-off time, but the wakey-wakey time for the subconscious. The best result of your brain communicating the right signals is good dreams. Get crystals to do just that!

Which Crystals for Good Dreams actually work?

When I first used crystals, I used it for beauty and décor or as an accessory. After using moonstone for sleep, I saw dreams that won’t fill this page. If you want powerful dreams and peaceful sleep, dreaming crystals for good dreams and sleep work like miracles! Try it!

1.      Red Agate Shamanic Dream Stone

Did you know Pliny taught that red agates can stop storms? It is a root CHAKRA amulet that empowers the willpower and true love. If you’re a Gemini, Red Agate might be your stone for luck and kundalini energy activation.

Have you used red agate? The first time I used it, I felt my stomach turn and the next day was the most energetic day of my life.

Get your own Red Agate for deifying Earth, Wind, Night or even Knowledge!

2.      Angel Aura Dreaming Crystal

When you add platinum and silver into the clear quartz mixture, it transforms into a mystic stone with rainbow colors. It is a stone that stops bad dreams by helping your body work at its maximum during sleep.

Angel Aura Quartz is best kept under the bed than the pillow as rough stones are sharp. It is an aura cleansing stone that purifies your aura. I use angel aura quartz to meditate for at least 10 minutes before sleep. The clear quartz purifies my intentions and I end up with chocolate-sweet dreams!

3.      Labradorite crystals for dream and sleep

An ideal gemstone for dream and sleep, Labradorite is an insight stone that awakens the powers of the brow chakra. You will start getting visions of the future and past around you. If you meditate with Labradorite early in the morning, it will help you recall all the dream and even your past life KARMA!

As it is a water element stone, better keep labradorites northern area of your bedroom for dreams of opportunities. When you keep a blue Labradorite stone in your bedroom, you can instantly feel the energy shift in the room.

If you have a Labradorite jewelry, wear it on Saturdays for manifesting your dreams.

4.      Ametrine Stone for Protection from Nightmares

File:Natural ametrine round gemstone.jpg

Crystal for dream recall, Ametrine is a combo of amethyst and citrine. Hence, the stone makes your crown chakra, third eye, solar plexus and sacral chakra active. When the kundalini energy flows through chakras, you gain an aura protection throughout your sleep.

Picture: Natural ametrine round gemstone by  Gemsphoto ( under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

Ametrine is also a stress-buster crystal that cleans your mind off bad thoughts. That is how bad dreams or nightmares are alleviated by your mind and sleep when you use Ametrine. I was stunned the first time my boyfriend gifted me an Ametrine. I was so thrilled I fell asleep holding it while it fueled my good dreams.

5.      Azurite Crystals for Good Dreams

Natural blue azurite malachite green mineral - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

The Mayan stone of fortunes, Azurite is a divination stone. As it is fueled by the power of Third Chakra, Azurite shows you dreams from far away galaxies and the new corners of the universe. “It is a stone that awakened intuitive powers in me”. Hence, using Azurite helps you tone your subconscious to control the dreams.

Azurite is a powerful lucid dreaming stone that my boyfriend and I tried in college. We clutched azurite and lay down to sleep. As mystic as this is, when we woke up, we both had almost similar dreams where we saw and interacted with each other exactly as we imagined! That was so trance-like, I still keep an azurite for special nights!

3 Healing Crystals for Good Sleep that also Nourishes You

Are there gemstones just for good sleep? How does it affect my psyche? Why use crystals for a good sleep? Your answers are right below!

·        Hematite for Restorative Sleep

A grounding crystal, hematite can help in regeneration of cells and REM sleep because it is a grounding gemstone. It is ideal for those suffering from a deep sleep disorder, waking in the middle of the night and sleep apnea.

·        Moonstone for Sleep

The stone of love and compassion, moonstone also brings the power of third eye chakra. If you wear a moonstone to sleep, it will eradicate insomnia, teeth grinding and catathrenia.

·        Sleeping with Tiger Eye under Pillow

When you keep a tiger eye stone inside the pillow and sleep on it, the stone directly affects the mind to calm down. If you’re racy in the head, tiger eye will cool you like a  balm and give you angelic dreams.

How to Use a Dreaming Crystal for Good Dreams

Where to keep gemstones when going to sleep? Do crystals give good dreams? Can I use gemstones for lucid dreaming? We have all the solutions right below!

·         Bedside Table

Place it on your bedside table so that you are filled in the energy of the crystal throughout your sleep. This is the best way to avoid the stone from falling down as well.

·         Under the Bed

You can place your dreaming crystals under the bed, which is perfect or averting broken crystals or accidents that lead to the same. Just place the gem under your bed and it will work alright!

·         Inside the Pillow

An alternative to under the pillow methods, inside the pillow, helps prevent falling off the gemstone and easy sleep. The closer the gemstone is during sleep, the better its effects.

·         Wearing it

You can also wear the crystals for good dream and sleep on the throat or higher chakras for effective results.

·         Feng Shui Crystal Above the Bed

Depending on the lucky feng shui side of each stone, you can use hanging chandeliers to ornately arrange the stones. Place it at the end of a string and hang it above the bed!

Before you go ...

Do you know crystals can make you remember the dreams? The first step is to get a dream journal. Next, use crystals for good dreams and sleep to assist you when you wake up to write the dream clearly in the journal. The truth is, even the guys who downright deny they dream, they dream too! So, don’t stop dreaming because it is what keeps our subconscious alive!

Stay powerful~

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