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Tests to See If You Are a Healer

Tests to See If You Are a Healer

Do you know we are all healers? For some, the wisdom of healing comes inborn and for others, life teaches you how to heal. You and I can heal everything around whence the power of crystals reside within you. The values of a healer and mostly acquired through experiences. Today we are going to talk about tests to see if you are a healer.

9 Tests To See If You Are A Healer

Tests to See If You Are a Healer

If you’re wondering whether you’re a healer, we’ve got your back. Stop wondering and start answering the 9 types of tests to see if you are a healer RIGHT NOW. These are observations compiled by crystal experts for recognizing characteristic qualities in spiritually awakened beings.

 Did life polish you into a healer? Let’s find out!

1.    You Suggest And Advise People Without Any Hint

If an inner voice guides you to advise and offer suggestions that seem to hit bull’s eye, you’re a healer. This is the sense of intuition working for you.

2.    Telepathic Coincidences Happen A Lot With You

Do you often read others minds? If it happens way too many times, you have the signs of a healer. This might start with your parents, best friend or boyfriend and spread onto others.

3.    You Are Always Surrounded By Children, Flowers or Animals

Sensitive and pure people like kids, babies, flowers, plants and animals react to you kindly because they sense your energy. Like attracts like!

4.    Offering Help To Your Enemies Is Normal For You

It’s not that you don’t see the bad, but you see the good much more. That’s why you often tend to help everyone, regardless of whether they are your friends or enemies. One fine example is helping a homeless person with a $100 even if that’s your last $100.

5.    You Are Tired After Spending Time With People

Empaths and healers are both tired after sharing their energy with others. This could be at parties, hangouts or over a cup of coffee. If you feel tired after people-time, you are a healer.

6.    People Don’t Get Sick Around You

Healers have this unique aura of nourishment around them. If you’re a healer, you will notice that you don’t feel sick, neither do people around you.

7.    You Have Experienced Enlightenment Or Spiritual Awakening

If you have felt a deeply emotional situation in your life, you’re close to enlightenment. Perhaps you had a moment of enlightenment recently. This is the sign you’re born to be a healer.

8.    Sometimes You Know Things Ahead

Can you predict the weather at times? Chances are, you also sense other things. Let the intuition work!

9.    You Are Too Sensitive To EMF Energies

Also called electromagnetic hypersensitivity, EMF energies from gadgets can cause headaches and fatigue in healers.  


Did the tests to see if you are a healer work? If you think your best friend is a healer, share this article with them ASAP!

For healers wondering more about crystals for healing, leave us a comment below!

Love and light~

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