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Sodalite Vs Lapis Lazuli

Sodalite Vs Lapis Lazuli

Do you know sodalite is present in Lapis Lazuli? That’s why most of us get confused with lapis and sodalite. However, when you compare Sodalite Vs Lapis Lazuli, there are many differences and similarities that might enlighten you. Both are great stones with their own individual powers. Let’s unlock the secrets together!

Sodalite Vs Lapis Lazuli: 11 Similarities and Differences

With even sellers labelling sodalite and lapis lazuli wrongly, it is common to get confused. Even I have personally gotten confused with a lapis lazuli because I had wrongly labelled it sodalite in a hurry.

To understand the powers of sodalite and lapis lazuli, let’s assess their similarities and differences. Ready? Let’s find out!

Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli Similarities

Most of the crystal users have debated over the similarities of lapis lazuli and sodalite. In our Facebook Healing Crystal Group with 20k+ members, every day we have someone asking to identify their lapis or sodalite. And, there will be 15-20 people supporting lapis lazuli or sodalite in the comments.

So, let’s look at what makes them similar.

Sodalite Vs Lapis Lazuli

1.    Color:

The blue color of the both stones have the same shade. In the introduction, I mentioned how lapis lazuli contains sodalite. This is the reason why both the stones have almost-the-same colors.

2.    Chakra

Both sodalite and lapis lazuli opens your Throat chakra that conquers charisma, confidence and truth. Throat chakra empowers you to open yourself and shed the cocoon of introversion.

3.    Hardness

While Sodalite is a 6, lapis is also 6 on the MOHS scale.

4.    Zodiac

Lapis lazuli and sodalite are considered best for the same zodiac Sign-Sagittarius. If you’re a Sagittarian, you will find amazing powers by using either of the stone. The energy will be different with each stone. Sagittarians feel insight and perception with these stones.

Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli Differences

We stopped with the energy differences in Sodalite Vs Lapis Lazuli. The truth is both lapis lazuli and sodalite have many different properties. Now we will assess how they differ from each other.  

5.    Chemical Composition

The first thing different about the two is the chemical formula or composition. Sodalite is an aluminum silicate seen with sulphur and chlorine. Lapis lazuli on the other hand contains sodium, calcium, copper, aluminum and oxygen. They are both chemically different inside even though they pass the scratch test with same numbers.

6.    Streak

The streaking on sodalite is white while lapis lazuli shows golden flecks made of pyrite. While both contains white, lapis lazuli can be differentiated with flecks inside it. There are orange colored sodalites too; so, watch out!  

7.    Clarity

Do you know Sodalite can be translucent? You might’ve not seen it yet, but sodalites with such clarity do exist. Lapis on the other hand is always seen with opaque clarity. You won’t spot transparency in both.

8.    Chakra

While both sodalite and lapis lazuli share the throat chakra powers, one stone has another chakra powers too. Sodalite is also good for third eye chakra located in between your brows. This is where your intuition, charisma and divination resides. Brow chakra opens your spiritual eye.  

9.    Ruling Planet

Both sodalite and lapis lazuli might look similar, but both of them are ruled by two different planets. Sodalite beckons the power of the moon, where you will find beauty and love. Moon is also best for protection.

Lapis lazuli is ruled by Jupiter, the messenger god. This is the best crystal for manifestation with chants, mantras and affirmations.

Simply put, Sodalite and lapis contain different energies because of their ruling planets.  

10. Price

One shocking thing about the current crystal industry is that often sellers label sodalite as lapis lazuli because sodalite is cheaper than lapis stones. They get a bargain, and you end up with sodalite because of the stark price difference between the two.

11. Zodiac

While sodalite and lapis lazuli share the zodiac sign Sagittarius, Lapis is also recommended for others. If you’re a Pisces, Lapis lazuli can help you find the right direction to truth and destiny. For both Sagittarius and Pisces, sodalite brings intuition and lapis brings guidance.


Are your ready to recognize the nuances of Sodalite Vs Lapis Lazuli? Share your doubts in the comments below.

Love and light~

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