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Healing Crystal Handbook: Smoky Quartz

Healing Crystal Handbook: Smoky Quartz

The quartz family is among the most well known in the world of gems and minerals. These beautiful stones come in a range of hues, from the most crystalline clear to the deepest, darkest black. You might be familiar with some of the most popular quartzes, such as clear quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst, however there is one that is lesser known but just as beautiful – the enchanting smoky quartz. 

Smoky quartz is found abundantly in many regions of the world, with the majority being sourced from Brazil, along with regions in Switzerland and the United States. The abundance of smoky quartz makes it available at a lower price point than some other types of quartz, however with a recent spike in demand, the price of quality smoky quartz has increased slightly in recent years.

Something that makes smoky quartz unique is the captivating range of natural hues. The hues, which range from the slightest hint of grayish brown smoke to such a deep black that it’s often confused with other dark stones, are a result of natural irradiation. Although smoky quartz are abundant enough that there’s no need to produce them in a lab, there are some stones on the market that are irradiated to lighten the color.

Smoky quartz has a bit of mysterious reputation. It has been used for centuries in spiritual practices, and for more practical applications– such as the more translucent stones being formed into ancient sunglasses to block the glare from the sun’s rays. However, the stone has retained its sense of mystery over time.

Smoky quartz is highly regarded in spiritual and metaphysical practices as a protective, transformative stone that clears energy and opens the spirit to higher levels of awakening. Let’s take a moment and discover more about the physical, spiritual, and emotional properties of the mysterious smoky quartz.

Alternate Names of Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz Raw Stone

Smoky Topaz, Smokey Quartz, Morion (very dark smoky quartz), Cairngorms

Hardness of Smoky Quartz on the MOHS Scale:
Origin of Smoky Quartz:
Brazil, Australia, Scotland, Switzerland, Madagascar, Mozambique, United States

Smoky Quartz Represents the God/Goddess:
Hecate: Goddess of wisdom, the dark moon, and that which is unseen
Gaia: Mother Earth Goddess, honoring and representing the earth
Gendenwitha: Iroquois morning star Goddess

Zodiac Signs Represented By Smoky Quartz:
Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn

Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Smoky Quartz:

Smoky Quartz Color Energies:
Black, Brown

Numerical Vibration of Smoky Quartz:
2 and 4

Smoky Quartz Activates the Chakra:
Base Chakra, Sacral Chakra 

Metaphysical Meanings of Different Types of Smoky Quartz

Different Types of Smoky Quartz


Smoky quartz is stone with a bit of mystery to it. It lingers in the realm of the dark stones, but has a mystical transparency to it, much like a window to the worlds hidden inside mother earth. The translucency of smoky quartz reveals various hues of black and brown, reminiscent of warmth, smoke, and earth.

Due to the earthy elements of smoky quartz, its energy is very grounding. This is a quality that is found with all types of smoky quartz, including Morion, Cairngorm, and the various “hybrids” of smoky quartz, including varieties that are combined with amethyst and citrine.

The hues of smoky quartz, ranging from lightest wisp of color to deep, opaque black, are the product of free silicon that is formed by the silicone dioxide in the quartz. The hue and opaqueness influences the metaphysical properties of smoky quartz.

Those crystals with the lightest smoky hue are sometimes viewed as a veil between the earthly and spiritual worlds. This is considered a stone of power and is often used in spiritual ceremonies. Smoky quartz is a stone that helps connect us with the earth, with protective and grounding properties.

Morion Smoky Quartz

Morion is one of the rarer varieties of smoky quartz. The Morion quartz is distinguishable by its deeper, darker hue. This quartz is darker than other types of smoky quartz, with its color ranging from a dark brown to a deep opaque black.

Morion quartz is often found with other minerals adhered to its surface. One of the most common is dolomite, which carries its own protective and shielding properties. This combined with the darker hue of the Morion quartz makes it an excellent stone for protection, healing from trauma, and shielding oneself against toxic energy.

Cairngorm Smoky Quartz

In contrast to the deep, dark hues of the Morion quarts, the Cairngorm smoky quartz is much lighter in color, typically displaying a yellow-brown hue.Cairngorm stones carry the protective properties of the smoky quartz, but their lighter color helps to bring rays of light into dark times, providing clarity, and lighting the way when traveling to places unknown- whether in the physical or spiritual realm.

Smoky Quartz Necklace

Physical Effects of Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is associated with the base and sacral chakras, which govern the lower part of the body. Smoky quartz emits a healing energy for ailments of the lower body, including lower back, hip, and leg conditions, as well as those that affect the reproductive system and abdominal area.

Smoky quarts is also strongly associated with the muscular system and can be effective in relieving pain and stress from muscles, as well as providing relief from nerve issues.

Smoky quartz is irradiated by nature, meaning it works to counter radiation, and therefore minimizing the damage of exposure. Smoky quartz can be a healing stone for those who have overindulged in sun exposure, individuals receiving radiation therapy, and those who have been exposed to radioactive materials.

Spiritual Effects of Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a grounding stone, serving as a connection between the spirit and mother earth. It can help you feel connected, centered, and balanced, especially during times of emotional turbulence.

Due to its protective properties, smoky quartz provides a barrier of protective energy around those who wear it. Anyone who does any type of spiritual work that involves exposure to chaotic, negative, or toxic energy can benefit from the protective aura smoky quartz provides.

The smokiness found in some stones symbolizes a veil between the spiritual and physical realms. This stone adds power to prayer, mediation, and spiritual ceremonies in which connecting openly to a higher realm is desired. You may find that you become more sensitive to metaphysical energies when wearing a smoky quartz.

Emotional Effects of Smoky Quartz

Dark stones are often suggested for protection against the negative emotional effects of toxic energy. Smoky quartz provides this protection, but it also works to transform negative energy into light and positivity. It’s a stone of transformation and can be useful in working through emotionally difficult situations and blockages.

While protective, smoky quartz is also a gentle stone. It helps release stress, anxiety, fear, and built up resentment over situations while assisting in the release of control. The ability of smoky quartz to not only protect but also transform energy makes it a good choice for anyone who suffers from depressive or anxious thoughts.

5 Facts About Smoky Quartz

Shiny Smoky Quartz

1. The largest known smoky quartz is a Cairngorm crystal located at the Braemar Castle in Scotland. Just how big is this crystal? It weighs in at a whopping 52 lbs.

2. Wondering how to cleanse smoky quartz? A simple, gentle solution of a mild liquid soap and watercombined with a soft cloth is all you need.

3. Curious about how smoky quartz is formed? Smoky quartz is created by the natural radiation coming from surrounding rocks. The radiation activates aluminum impurities withing the quartz, producing the characteristic hues.

4. To protect the color of your smoky quartz, keep it away from direct heat. Heat can bleach the stone of its beautiful, smoky color.

5. Rating a 7 on the MOHS scale, smoky quartz is among the hardest of common minerals.

Natural Smoky Quartz

Before You Go:

Smoky quartz is a beautiful stone that offers amazing physical, spiritual, and emotional benefits to those who wear it. What better way to surround yourself with positivity than by wearing an artful piece of jewelry featuring this beautiful stone. We offer smoky quartz in all the designs you’re looking for. Have questions or comments? Don’t be shy anddrop us line in the comment section below.

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