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Red Jasper Meanings, Properties, Astrology and Benefits

Red Jasper Meanings, Properties, Astrology and Benefits

Do you know red jasper amulet is believed to prevent you from drowning in the sea? Red jasper is one of the sacred stones that protect your mind, body and spirit. In olden times wearing red jasper prevented kids and adults from harms and hexes of ghosts as well as demons! Learning about the Red Jasper meanings, properties and astrology help you use the stone to its best.

Table of Contents:

Red Jasper Meanings and Uses
Where Is Red Jasper Found? How Does It Look Like?
Red Jasper Worth
Red Jasper Chakra Power Defined
Which Planet Rules Red Jasper?
How to Clean Red Jasper?
Zodiac of Red Jasper
Red Jasper Healing Properties
What Is Red Jasper Used For?
How to Make Red Jasper Elixir?

Red Jasper Meanings and Uses

Red jasper elephant and tumbled stone

Red Jasper is the third heaven that God Marduk made according to Mesopotamian legends. Do you know the legendary dragon-slayer Siegfried? His sword is believed to be made with red jasper. In short, red jasper is a warrior stone of healing that makes a standout addition to any crystal collection. Originating from the old French word jaspre (now jaspe) and Greek word iaspis for its color and meaning ‘blood of mother earth’.

Red jasper meaning is courage. It stands for strength. One of the unique warrior stones, red jasper is also the shaman’s stone of protection according to the native Americans. History of red jasper makes it sacred as it is mentioned quite a few times in the Bible, from old Testament to Apocalypse in the New Testament.

Where Is Red Jasper Found? How Does It Look Like?

Red jasper is found all around the world. Although, world’s most varieties of Jasper are found in the U.S.A. There are jaspers named after regions such as the Owyhee Jasper coming from Idaho and Oregon.

Egypt and India are also prominent locations where red jasper originates. You can also find red jasper in countries such as Australia, Uruguay, Venezuela, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil and Madagascar too.

Red Jasper Worth

It depends on the red jasper quality. It can range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars depending on whether it is a palm-sized cabochon or a bed-sized rough stone. Polishing and cut also determine the worth of red jasper.

Red Jasper Chakra Power Defined

Natural Red Jasper Silver Chain PendantPendant / Necklace

Two chakras are activated when you come into contact with a red jasper crystal. The first and primary chakra of red jasper is the Root chakra.  When your root chakra is open, you feel stable and balanced. Root chakra connects you with Mother Gaia to make you feel positive. How? By ejecting all your negativity into the ground.

Sacral chakra is the second most important chakra opened by red jasper. Known as the origin of your life force energy, sacral chakra in red jasper can transform your energy and dedication towards life. Sacral chakra helps you discover your hidden potential and strength in life.  

Which Planet Rules Red Jasper?

Known as the Stone of Earth, Red Jasper is ruled by Mars, the God of Energy. It is the celestial body that blesses you with courage and will power. When you wear red jasper, you’re essentially pleasing Lord Mars. It gives you freedom and vitality.

The Herbs to use with red jasper are ginger and mint. Red jasper incense is cedarwood. Light this incense or smudge it with the respective herb to charge this crystal.

How to Clean Red Jasper?

  • Take your red jasper in the left hand.
  • Take a cleansing wand such as clear quartz or selenite in the right hand.
  • Circle the right hand with the wand over the red jasper.
  • Circle thrice in a continuous motion.
  • Do it before and after use.

Zodiac of Red Jasper

The chief zodiac sign that red jasper can influence is Aries. That’s because ruler of Aries is Mars, same as Red Jasper. While diamond and clear quartz or bloodstone are often recommended for Aries zodiac, red jasper instils grounding and connection with mother earth.  

Another zodiac sign ideal for wearing red jasper is Taurus. Other zodiac signs where red jasper works as birthstone are Virgo and Leo.

Red Jasper Healing Properties

Wearing red jasper can keep you connected with root chakra, healing your gut and stomach. Besides boosting your immunity, red jasper also relieved anxiety and panic attacks. It is the best stone for those suffering from hypothyroidism and arthritis or anemia. Emotionally, red jasper helps to broaden your perspective and help you feel courageous. Red jasper spiritual healing is balance during astral projection and lucid dreaming.

What Is Red Jasper Used For?

Natural Red Jasper Pyramid for Healing

Wondering how to use Red Jasper? Scroll away …

1.    Grounding With Red Jasper

Red Jasper For Courage is the best antidote for every person suffering from anxiety.

  • Take your red jasper in your palm.
  • Visualize mother nature blessing you.
  • Lay down on the mat.
  • Place the red jasper on root chakra.
  • Meditate for five minutes.

2.    Health With Red Jasper

Red Jasper For Energy And Enthusiasm works by activating your sacral chakra where the kundalini energy of life force rests.

  • Take a silk cloth.
  • Tie it around your waist.
  • Now place the red jasper inside the silk cloth over your belly button.
  • Let it sit for one hour.

3.    Feng Shui Meaning Of Red Jasper

The fire energy stone brings fame and reputation to your house and spirit.

  • Take the red jasper stone.
  • Cleanse it with a clear quartz wand.
  • Place it in the southern area of the home.

How to Make Red Jasper Elixir?

To make red jasper elixir, you have two general ways. As jasper is not toxic in water, you can soak it in for a few hours to create a crystal elixir of jasper stones. Another way to create the elixir of red jasper is without touching water.

  • Take a glass of water.
  • Place a coaster on top of it.
  • Place the crystal on top of the coaster.
  • Let it sit for a few hours.


Red jasper is the courage stone of warriors that helps you wage your battles and conquer your fears. Are you still wondering about red jasper meanings and properties? Don’t hesitate to ask your doubts below.

Stay powerful~

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