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Ocean Jasper Meaning, History, Benefits and Uses

Ocean Jasper Meaning, History, Benefits and Uses

A selective special stone, ocean jasper is not good for all zodiac signs. It needs to kept on a specific chakra to activate the properties. Ocean jasper is a calming gemstone. Do you know the history of ocean Jasper? From ocean jasper meaning to history, its uses and benefits, we have created the complete information so that you can start using it every day from TODAY!

What Is Ocean Jasper?

A stress relieving stone that became popular during the last century, Ocean Jasper is a unique and breathtaking stone featuring multiple colors. It is also called orbicular jasper due to the spherical orb patterns seen on the stone. Ocean jasper meaning is to flow. It relieves your emotions and fills you with tranquility. Ready to learn more?

One of the unique gem that is also a multicolored stone, ocean jasper is a Mineral chalcedony with a spherical pattern. It also contains agate bands and druzy quartz that sparkles.

Ocean Jasper Meaning

A Spherulitic chalcedony stone, ocean jasper is unique with a dynamic design.  Meaning of Ocean Jasper is the harmonious flow of life, like that of the Ocean. It is a relaxing stone full of powers to calm even the angriest devil.

Ocean Jasper is the trademark of the Gem Shop. Ocean jasper was named by the owners of Gem Shop- Paul Obeniche and Eugene Mueller. We’ve requested permission via their contact form to use it here. Ocean jasper is thus named due to the shoreline it was first discovered on.

Where Does It Come from?

Originating from Madagascar, ocean jasper comes from a collection of mine, not just a single mine. It comes from two mines- Marovato and Kabamby (not to be confused with Kambamba Jasper with eyes). If you’re going to Madagascar in search of ocean jasper, go to Analalava district in the province by the name of Mahajanga. The main difference between the two mines is its location. Marovato is located on the shore while Kabamby is inland.

What are the varieties of Ocean Jasper?

In Marovato, there are Four veins of different ocean jasper varieties.

  1. First Vein: largest vein mined from 1999 to 2006 with prominent colors such as pink, white and green.
  2. Second Vein: smaller than the first mined from 2005 to 2006 with prominent colors of ocean jasper such as red and yellow colors.
  3. Third Vein: used for merely six months, third vein shows ocean jasper colors such as white, green and pink with yellow eyes or orbs.
  4. Fourth Vein: last vein mined in 2014 where mining lasted less than three months and found inland with prominent shades of colors white, green and pink with yellow as well.
  5. Ocean wave jasper is a totally different ocean jasper variety. Kabamby jasper is the origin on ocean wave jasper. It looks like ocean jasper, but instead of orbs it has waves. Ocean wave jasper was mined for four years from 2002 to 2006.

What Chakra Is Ocean Jasper?

Ocean jasper is a special jasper that activates two chakras. Base chakra or root chakra is the first chakra that is activated by Ocean Jasper. It grounds the wearer and stabilizes the thoughts of the user. By opening your root chakra, ocean jasper controls your emotional and physical balance.

Heart chakra is the second chakra activated by ocean jasper. Using heart chakra crystals such as ocean jasper makes you relaxed and empathetic. You become a better listener to others, besides transforming into a lovable person.

Which Feng Shui Direction for Ocean Jasper?

Water energy stone ocean jasper feng shui is powerful. When you place the ocean jasper in the Northern area of your home or office, it brings calmness and harmony to your home. Ocean jasper is a stone of tranquility that helps you flow. It is the stone of rebirth and reincarnation. The energy of regeneration exists within ocean jasper.

What God for Ocean Jasper?

The first goddess who rules ocean jasper is Bona Dea. She is the Roman Goddess of Fertility. Bona Dea is also revered as the Goddess of Women in the Greek stories. Bona Dea is also the symbol of chastity and protection of women from abusive people.

The second goddess ruling Ocean jasper crystal is Mother Gaia. She is the Greek Earth Goddess who was born from chaos and represents purification and grounding. Mother Gaia is the first of creation itself.

Another goddess who empowers ocean jasper is Elektra, the Greek Goddess who rules over the Sea. She is the goddess of Storm Clouds that gives life. Praying to Elektra will help in manifesting desires.

Callisto is the Goddess who brings moon blessings to those who use Ocean Jasper. Besides Callisto, Ocean Jasper beckons the powers of Chirakan-Ixmucane and Clota.

Which Is the Ruling Planet of Ocean Jasper?

Venus is the ruler of Ocean Jasper. When you acquire the powers of Venus, you will transform into a beautiful and charming angel. Venus blesses you with charisma. It will make you glow with an inner light.

How to Cleanse Ocean Jasper?

Cleaning ocean jasper removes the bad mojo from it.

  • Take a selenite wand.
  • Circle it thrice over the ocean jasper stone.
  • Do it before and after using ocean jasper.

Benefits of Ocean Jasper Crystal. What is it good for?

Do you know ocean jasper resets your biological clock? It does so by regulating your circadian rhythm and bringing your tranquility. It gives you peace of mind by relaxing you. A stress-relief stone, Ocean Jasper is one for deep calmth. Spending time with ocean jasper will also give you deep sleep. It is a natural painkiller that heals your chronic fatigue.

You can recharge your aura with ocean jasper as it is a Zen meditation stone. Ocean jasper connects you with nature.


The power of Ocean Jasper is limitless. It is an energizing stone that connects you to Mother Gaia to ground you and heal you. If you have an ocean jasper, touch it with your right hand and close your eyes for five minutes. You will feel a new energy rising in your root or heart chakra. Meditate for five more minutes. Do you know any more ways on how to use ocean jasper? Share it with our crystal community.  

Love and light~

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