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Mystic Topaz Jewelry, Origin, Costs And Uses

Mystic Topaz Jewelry, Origin, Costs And Uses

If you’ve been suddenly smitten by mystic topaz jewelry, it’s not just you. This beautiful and iridescent topaz variety is trending since it was discovered 20 years ago. Now is mystic topaz same as rainbow topaz? What’s the price of a good quality mystic topaz stone? How long does a mystic topaz last? We have the answers to all your questions about mystic topaz.

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What Is Natural Mystic Rainbow Topaz?

Wondering what is a mystic topaz stone? Well, natural mystic topaz is the same as mystic topaz. It is part natural and part manmade gemstone. To make a mystic topaz, you take a white topaz and coat it with metal vapors of titanium. That’s it!

Mystic Topaz Fine Stud Earrings
Mystic Topaz Fine Stud Earrings; $42.95 USD

Where Does Mystic Topaz Come from?

Where is mystic topaz from? Anywhere you can make it! While mystic topaz is a derivative of white topaz, you can find the PVD process to create mystic topaz jewelry anywhere. White Topaz comes from U.S.A, Africa and Brazil in the world. Do you know topaz is the official State gem of Utah?

What Is Mystic Topaz Worth?

White topaz is costlier than mystic topaz; meaning, mystic topaz in its natural variety is pricier than the iridescent man made version. You can find mystic topaz for $4 to $30 to $100 or even more depending on how beautiful it shines and sets in the jewelry.

Mystic Topaz & Blue Fire Opal Heart Ring
Mystic Topaz & Blue Fire Opal Heart Ring; $32.90 USD

Why Are Double Heart Mystic Topaz Rings So Cheap?

As mystic topaz is a man made stone, worked upon the natural gem white topaz, the price of mystic topaz is cheap. If you’re seeing mystic topaz double heart ring, remember it is the stone of magic in love. It is powerful yet less in monetary value today.

How to Make Mystic Topaz?

You can make mystic topaz by Chemical Vapor disposition (surface coating) or PVD (physical vapor disposition) by using titanium metal in the processes. If you’ve ever made a mystic topaz before, be sure to ping us below!

How To Tell If You Have A Real Mystic Topaz?

All you need to look out for the hardness of mystic topaz. It is softer than quartz at 5-7 on the MOHS scale. Look for the iridescent flashes in the stone. It is like no other stone!

Another fact about mystic topaz is that when cared for, the rainbow sheen on the stone can last a lifetime easily. Don’t subject it to steam.

Rainbow Mystic Topaz 925 Sterling Silver Ring
Rainbow Mystic Topaz 925 Sterling Silver Ring; $29 USD

Which Crystal To Wear With Mystic Topaz Jewelry?

If you’re wondering about the best crystal pairings and combinations to wear with mystic topaz jewelry, let us help you out.

·      Blue Opal

By toning your throat chakra, blue opal makes you confident besides boosting your self-esteem by working with the rainbow chakra of mystic topaz.

·      Amethyst

A crown chakra stone, amethyst brings out the purple sheen in mystic topaz. It sharpens your intuition.

·      White Fire Opal

Another stone for crown and third eye chakras, white fire opal can tone your inner vision and spiritual eye.  

How To Store Mystic Topaz Safely?

Always store mystic topaz in an airtight box or silk pouch as you received. Ensure that you physical clean it without water at least once a month.

Square Shape 925 Sterling Rainbow Mystic Topaz  Ring
Square Shape 925 Sterling Rainbow Mystic Topaz Ring; $37.95 USD


Which is your favorite mystic topaz jewelry? We love mystic topaz pendant with bracelet and earring combos. Do you? Tell us in the comments below!

Rainbow Mystic Topaz Set - Pendant, Earrings and Bracelet
Rainbow Mystic Topaz Set - Pendant, Earrings and Bracelet; $79 USD

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