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Your Steps in How to Clean a Mercury Mystic Topaz

Your Steps in How to Clean a Mercury Mystic Topaz

What is the mystery behind mercury mystic topaz? Is it the same as mercury mist topaz? Perhaps you’re wondering if there is mercury in mercury topaz made with titanium vapors. Why is it called like that? What is its meaning? Is it a powerful stone? Where can I buy mercury mist topaz online? Hold your horses because we are going to define everything about mercury mystic topaz you need to know. Let’s find out!

What Is Mystic Topaz Gem?

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When white topaz is processed through PVD or physical vapor deposition, the gemstone attains the iridescence from the metal. Such a stone is a manmade, yet rooted from a natural stone of white topaz. Mystic topaz is also called mystic fire topaz.

What is a Mercury Mystic Topaz? What is a Mercury Mist Topaz?

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Both mystic topaz and mercury mystic topaz are same. The same is true for mercury mist topaz too. All of these are trade names used to identify the beautiful nuances between varieties of mystic topaz. In fact, mercury mist topaz was first named after stones that had a blue to brown or yellow iridescence inside.

Mercury Mystic Topaz Meaning

The meaning of mercury mist topaz is light and way. It can guide you to light and lead your way to your destiny. Mystic topaz is a stone of many powers as it commands three core chakras of your crown, third eye and throat chakras. It has control over aligning all your chakras at once too.

How to Dry Off a Mercury Mystic Topaz After Cleaning?

As there is aluminum in white topaz, which is typically used for making mystic topaz or mercury mist topaz, you must not rinse it in water. Keep it away from water for longer life. Moreover, cleansing mercury mystic topaz is better with a dry cloth.

What are Mercury Mist Topaz properties?

Considered the best stone for commanding balance, mystic mercury topaz is a stone of many facets. It can help you feel courageous with a high self-esteem. Best gift for introverted people, mercury mystic topaz is also good for increasing your communication skills and charisma. You will find your audience more patient while wearing this stone.

Steps in How to Clean a Mercury Mystic Topaz

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How Are Mystic Topaz Cleaned? Let’s find out!

·      Cleaning Mystic Topaz Physically

As mercury mystic topaz contains aluminum, water is a BIG no-no for cleaning this stone. Instead, rub the stone jewelry with a soft bristle brush once or twice every month.

·      Cleaning Mystic Topaz Spiritually

For removing the bad energy that your mercury mist topaz has picked up, you need thorough cleansing.

  • Take a clear quartz wand in the right hand.
  • Place the mystic topaz in front of you on a table.
  • Circle the right hand with the clear quartz wand thrice over the mercury mystic topaz.
  • Do it before and after use.


If you’re a beginner, trade names of crystals can confuse you. Instead, talk with a community of crystal users to clear your doubts. You can also leave us a comment below and we will help you identify mercury mystic topaz.

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