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How to Use a Seven Matrix Crystal Ball?

How to Use a Seven Matrix Crystal Ball?

Crystals are available in all shapes and sizes. Not just naturally, made by artisans too. The diverse symmetry of crystals helps you achieve many things. The crystal ball symmetry is unique and powerful for chakra training. This seven matrix crystal ball set is a crystal grid essential for beginners to healing crystals.

If this is the first time you’re learning about crystal balls, you need to take a step back and read the below in the next 5 minutes. We’ve added all the details you need to make use of your seven matrix crystal ball AT YOUR HOME!

What is a 7-Matrix Crystal Ball Set?

The seven matrix crystal ball set you see in the picture is a beginner’s kit if you’re new to crystsal healing. It comprises of seven different colors of topaz stones according to the chakras. This is a set of seven crystals for awakening your chakras. You can also use these crystal balls individually or together to create energies to manifest your desires.

The hexagram matrix shows the importance of love in life. It is a union symbolizing the togetherness of sky and ground. Seven Matrix Crystal Ball is a unique set of topaz stones in the symmetrical shape of a ball to help you communicate effectively with the universe.

Why use a Seven Matrix Crystal Ball?

Are there any drastic uses of the Seven Matrix Crystal Ball? Is it powerful? Can you attract new energies towards you with Seven Matrix Crystal Ball? Is it possible to make a grid from Seven Matrix Crystal Ball? All your questions are answered below in detail.

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·      Chakra Training with Seven Matrix Crystal Ball

When you feel like your chakras are weak, you can use this seven matrix ball. Each chakra point in the body is associated with physical and spiritual organs. It can align multiple chakras at once, giving you the maximum potential you’re capable of.

You can strengthen your weak chakras and even cleanse energy blocks in your chakra points with Seven Matrix Crystal Ball. It helps to align multiple chakras at once without having to train each one at a time.

·      Seven Matrix Crystal Ball As Worry Stones

You can also use these crystal balls as worry stones. If you feel heartbroken, use the pink crystal ball. If you feel confused, use the lilac purple one. For confidence, use either of the blue stone. Black crystal ball in the matrix protects you and brown gives you balance. Red will hold your life force or kundalini energy, so use it when you feel lost. For specific worries, crystal balls can help specifically. If you don’t know why you are out of mood, you can use the whole matrix by touching the balls with both hands.

·      Crystal Grid using Seven Matrix Crystal Ball

Do you see the symmetrical round circle the seven crystal balls are set in? It’s a crystal grid on its own. Change the position of the crystals however you want, but they will emanate energies that get amplified together. You can place it under your work table or bed to keep your chakras charged. The crystal grid can also be placed according to auspicious directions in different parts of the same house.

·      Seven Matrix Crystal Ball Feng Shui

Often used for evil eye, this Seven Matrix Crystal Ball is full of Chi energy. It can help you cultivate positive energies in a space. When you follow the feng shui directions chart, keeping this Seven Matrix Crystal Ball in the northeast direction gives success in career while the southeast is the direction for wealth and northwest for travel and miracles with southwest direction for cultivating love. East keeps health and west harmony in the family.

·      Meditation with Seven Matrix Crystal Ball

This Seven Matrix Crystal Ball is also ideal for meditation. As it contains the energies to calm down every one of the seven major chakras in the human body, it can align multiple chakras at once. The meditative spirit of Seven Matrix Crystal Ball is immense. It can actively generate theta brainwaves when you touch it.

You can hold the matrix and meditate with open or closed eyes too. It will awaken each of your chakras in order and help you see your destiny.

How to use a Seven Matrix Crystal Ball?

Are there different ways to use a Seven Matrix Crystal Ball? Of course there are! Crystal users are very creative about channeling their powers. You can use the list below I’ve made to find the right way to use your Seven Matrix Crystal Ball.

·      Place it under the Bed or Bedroom

The Seven Matrix Crystal Ball is a special crystal of topaz. The powers of topaz can affect different chakras one by one. With all the color topaz balls at your disposal, you can use it restore health and spirit. All you need to do is place it on your bedside or under your bed. It will automatically connect to every chakra and charge it while you’re sleeping.

·      Meditate with the Seven Matrix Crystal Ball

You can always use any crystal by just touching. All you need to do is concentrate your focus on the crystal with your fingertips. You can hold each crystal or place it over your chakra while meditating. Doing let it fall down; as crystals are fragile, they can break easily. All you need to do is sense the unique vibrations of the crystals in your meditative area.  

·      Program Jewelry with your Seven Matrix Crystal Ball

You can also touch the crystal ball matrix or individual balls on the crystal jewelry you’re going to wear. It charges the jewelry with amplified crystal energies. The matrix is a good way to create energies of charisma and charm in your crystal jewelry.

Before you go …

Are you ready to use the Seven Matrix Crystal Ball? These are amazing symmetric crystal balls filled with energy to amplify any crystal energy you’ve ever seen!

Don’t hesitate to ask any doubt below about Seven Matrix Crystal Balls!

Stay powerful~

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