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How to Polish Stones and Crystals?

How to Polish Stones and Crystals?

Ever wanted to polish your raw crystals? While it does take a bit of time and investment, we can give you the pro tips to get started right away. Our quick DIY methods to polish stones and crystals are easy to do at your home. Perfect for beginners!

Let’s get started!

What Does Polishing Mean?

Rocks and minerals are nature’s gifts for plants, animals and human beings. If you have a raw stone, you know the feeling of wanted to polish it to fit your hands. Well, now you can.

However, before we get started on the technical jargon, it is best to understand what polishing stones and crystals actually mean. We’ve simplified it so that you can get the basics right.

·      Cleaning Crystals

The first step is to research about your crystal and its properties in detail. Next, clean your crystals. If the crystal is toxic in water, do not rinse it with water. Check up toxic gemstones, before you start.

·      Removing Stains from Stones

You now have to remove stains that were acquired during use or transport. Vinegar removes lime carbonates, barite and calcite. Soak it for up to 10 hours. Next, soak it in washing aluminum for the same time. If it doesn’t work once, repeat it to remove the stains.

·      Smoothening Crystals

The next stage is known as sanding the crystal among stone polishing experts. It is essentially the stage to process the stone through a machine or sand paper to polish the surface.

·      Cleaning to Polish Stones and Crystals

Once you’re done with sanding, polishing last stage is cleaning the stone properly with a soft cloth or brush.

How to Polish Stones and Crystals?

How to polish stones and crystals

Are you ready to start polishing your raw crystals? Get some safety goggles and we will get started. Before that, make sure you research enough about your stone and ways to polish them because it differs for every stone.  

·      Rock Tumbler

Let’s tackle the hardest way to polish stones. You invest in a pricey rock tumbler, put the stone, wait and watch. Remember that not all the gemstones are perfect for polishing in a tumbler. Check it up before you start!

·      Sand Paper

The best and the easiest way to polish your stones at home is with sand paper. You need different grades of sand paper depending on how rugged your raw crystal is.

The best way to start is with

  • 50 Grade: With equal consistency scrub the sides of your gemstone.
  • 150 Grade: Continue the same as above until you see no more can be done.
  • Up to 600 Grade: Remove the blotches and blemishes with a fine sand paper with soft surface.

·      Fabric Polishing

Do you know you can use denim to polish stones? If your stone was not polished because it was interrupted, you can smoothen the surface by scrubbing with a hard fabric like denim. It adds the gleam just like buffing your nails!


It’s so easy right? Do you have any doubts about how to polish stones and crystals? Ask us below!

Love and light~

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