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Healing Crystals For Pets

by Ceida Uilyc December 05, 2019

Healing Crystals For Pets

A flower or plant like antidotes to influence your pet’s mood positively, healing crystals should be always safely placed in a toy or out of danger such that your pet cannot choke on. When used for enhancing relationships, healing crystals can transform your perception as well as deepen your wisdom.

Why Healing Crystals for Pets?

Never Mess With Healing Crystals For Pets And Here's Why

From curing a common cold to marital friction, healing crystals were once a mate for every man alive. Today, we live in an age where our ancestors used to use healing crystals ardently, but seldom do we. 

When you use healing crystals on dogs, cats or other pets, you can actively console, comfort and touch them in a new language!

When using gemstones for pets, try out a few prior to finalizing, before deciding what gels the best with your fur baby. You can place a sleeping crystal stitched into the sleeping mat of your dog, next to the crate or even around the neck on a collar.

How to Choose the Right Crystal for your Pet?

Trying to find the best crystal for your baby? Search no more because we have five ways on how to find the best healing crystals for pets.

Ready? Let’s find that magic for your furbaby.

·      By Birthday

Do you know the birthdate of your pet? Check it up with the people you took the pet from. If it’s a rescue, the day you found him or her, is the birthday. Just like humans have zodiac signs, pets do too. Find the zodiac sign of your pet by his or her birthday and choose from the many birthstones.

Or leave us a comment below with the birthdate. We will help you!

·      By Aura

If you know how to detect aura with healing crystals, you can find out the right crystal to match your pet’s energies. It can also help in recognizing stressors ahead of time. Aura crystals are easy to choose and they bring hidden skills to the surface. Your pet will feel their best balance when aura crystal is around them.

·      By Weakness

Is there a weak chakra on your pet? Find out the best stone for strengthening the chakra and start working on your pet with it. The best crystal for strengthening each of the chakras can be found under chakra crystal articles.

·      By Strength

If you want to improve the strength of your dog, you need to find their key strengths. Now, use the chakra crystal associated with the body part of the skill. That’s it! You can start chakra strength training for your pet easily then.

·      By Intention

Another way to choose the right crystal for your dog is by the intention or desire you have. If it is for healing certain disorders, choose the right crystal for that disorder. If it’s for courage, seek the help of red jasper. If it’s for protection, embrace grounding stones. It’s that easy!

8 Healing Gemstones Effective for Pet Care

Never Mess With Healing Crystals For Pets And Here's Why

Mother nature has created everything that man needs to nourish, grow and live on joyfully. Crystals are nothing but the elixir from Mother Nature. When used appropriately, a crystal that bonds with your dog can nurture your baby unlike any training, toy or treat.

If you ever felt that your dog needs a taste of the spiritual elation that you practice, this is your best chance!

·         Schorl Tourmaline

An exceptional crystal with extraordinary powers, Black Tourmaline is for all those dogs who are often too weak to protect themselves amidst bigger dogs in the park or at the neighbours. Placing this tourmaline pendant snugly on or around your pup’s toys will also cure bone sickness, a common terminal illness in dogs.

·         Black Agate

A flawless stone with omnipotent powers, Black Agate is a communication stone that deepens the bond between a parent and his fur baby. Black Agate wearers are excellent to restore the circadian rhythm of your dog. Moreover, if your dog or cat is suffering from anxiety and separation disorder, a black agate session or collar will heal him through and through.

Try this black agate pendant if your dog or cat is new and showing no signs of adjustment during obedience training.

·         Sodalite

A crystal efficient on man and his best friend, sodalite calms the nerves and stress in your dogs. Advocated as the best stone to take when you’re RVing or Caravanning with your pets, Sodalite can also emotionally connect the parent with the pet.

A purifying stone, dogs that wear this sodalite heart crystal will never attack or go into a violent rage and history guarantees that!

·         Tiger Jasper

A unique jasper stone to train, improve or hone your dog’s behavioural attributes, Tiger Jasper attracts pink of health in your pet. Ideal stone to introduce to your pet during an ailment, Tiger Jasper is a uniquely therapeutic stone with the power to heal organs and infections steadfast.

This Tiger Jasper stone is magical and as vouched by our customers that after sharing two similar tiger jaspers with his dog, the customer began seeing visions of what food his dog might like.

·         Green Aventurine

Best to heal physical ailments in your dog, cat, rabbit or goat, Green Aventurine is a purification stone with ideal traits to heal the organs from within. Crystal aficionados advocate that green aventurine befits senile dogs.

The soothing color energy of green aventurine palm crystal is better with the rate of darkness it has.

·         Fluorite

A vital stone to remove all sources of negative energy in its wearer, Fluorite frees your dog from chronic illnesses and allergies easily. If a recent flea or bug breakout has been bothering you, clean your pet in water infused with fluorite, provided it’s not freezing in your area.

We recommend this fluorite talisman pendant for best effects on your lovely fur baby.

·         Turquoise

Revered as the master healer stone, turquoise prevents nervous system disorders as well as depression, anxiety and stress in dogs that spend one-third of the day in a flat alone to themselves while dad or mom goes to work.

Also an excellent stone to fill your dog with love and compassion, this turquoise charms bracelet makes any pit bull calm within a wink!

·         Amber

Yet another unique stone attractive to the good spirits as well as pets, this amber pendant when kept in around your dog’s play area (securely) can energize and make your dog friendly. Amber is also excellent to treat flatulence in dogs, one of the serious causes of death in most too.

How to Use Crystals for Pets?

Never Mess With Healing Crystals For Pets And Here's Why

You know which are best crystals for your pet. Now, what is the right way to use crystals for pets? Remember that pets are sensitive to energies, unlike us. Hence, before introducing any crystal, make sure you introduce the crystal energies softly to them.

Let’s find the right crystal ritual for your pet.

·      Crystal Pendulum Communication

One of my favorite methods to help my cat is by adding an amethyst crystal pendulum to your collar. It helps me communicate with her via crystals. It’s amazing for keeping her thoughts open too. I feel like we have a telepathic connection now.

·      Psychic Protection Ritual

When my cocker spaniel was scared for the first few days, I introduced a rose quartz to him. After he was acquainted, I placed the rose quartz (stitched) under his bed. After one night’s sleep with rose quartz energies, he was so warm. All his fears dissipated.

·      Crystal Grid for Your Pet Health

You can also set up a crystal grid using all the favorite stones and crystals of your pet. Arrange the crystals in circular or square direction around a selenite tower. Activate it with a clear quartz wand and set your intention to heal your pet!

·      Wand Programming for Crystal for Pets

You can also focus the energy of a wand on your pet (if they are warmed up to the crystal). All you need to do is focus the wand and chant your intention. When done, circle the wand thrice in clockwise direction to program the manifestation crystal.

·      Reiki Healing for Pets With Crystals

You can also do reiki on your pet to alleviate all the physical and emotional problems. It is an alternative healing with gemstones using energy transfer from the palm of the practitioner.

·      Crystal Elixir For Your Pet

Make a crystal elixir that rejuvenates your pet. Take the crystal you want to infuse and place it atop a coaster. Keep the coaster on top of a glass of water for 8 hours. Add the crystal elixir in her bowl of water, little by little.

How To Cleanse Healing Crystals For Pets?

Removing the bad energy that has been absorbed by the crystal on your pet is important to ward to keep your fur baby healthy and happy. To do so, you need to cleanse the negativity of the crystals on your pet every day. All you need to do is, remove the crystal from the accessory and circle it thrice with a selenite or clear quartz wand. That’s it!

Do it in the morning and before bed.

Before You go …

Incredible, isn’t it? Do you want to give the best treat for your pup on his birthday? This is your brightest chance!

Wearing revitalizing crystals is the significance of healing crystal but when used on pets, you will see the most effects as the positivity-negative balance is pets are clear, based on the love you have given them.

Try the above crystals and tell us all about it below.

Stay powerful!


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Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc


Ceida Uilyc (Geo Maria George) is an avid crystal user since 10 years past. Ceida believes Crystals are elixirs from the Mother Nature's Womb gifted to protect the humanity, its spirit, soul and voice for ages ahead ... 😁 When she is not hypnotized by gems, you can see her wandering around in search of Buddha. When she is not with crystals, she wonders and wanders about a million ways to Save The World!

4 Responses


July 15, 2020

@Chanin, that’s beautiful! Cats do seem to like crystals. I can’t have a cat myself – cat hairs trigger my Asthma even though I grew up with multiple cats (eight at one point) – but one of my new neighbours has two. One is skittish and doesn’t like people, but the other really likes my step-faceted Rose Quartz, my Black Tourmaline tetrahedron and my gift from the Universe, a princess-cut Sky-Blue Topaz. Any time I’m wearing any of them (and I rarely take the Black Tourmaline off), she runs up to me meowing, which few cats do… I’m more of a horse person. No need for crystals with those guys; they’re among my spirit animals. I guess they feel as easy with me, as I do with them. Plus, horses always know which of the people around them, love and care about them.

On another note, have you considered having a Clairsentient (most people call us Clairvoyants, but Clairsentient is the correct term) check your home over? Sage smudging is always excellent for clearing unwanted or foreign energies from a space – I worked part-time in a crystal shop in the early 90s, and the owners smudged with White Sage after closing time every evening – but if you’re doing that a lot, then (though obviously I don’t know the background circumstances) maybe there’s something in there you’d be better off without? I don’t smudge myself – again, my airways don’t like it one bit, and neither would my landlord – but I have a marvellous Clear Quartz which it seems was born to clear away foreign energies. I’m pretty territorial, don’t like strangers and their energies in my home one bit, but my beautiful baby fixes the problem for me every single time.

Love and Light.

Geomaria George
Geomaria George

July 04, 2018

@Channin: Wow, awesome. Your furball is lucky to have you. Thanks for the share.


March 27, 2018

My cat sees and hears a lot, I regularly sage which he loves and finds very calming. But I have to say I had to give him my Appache Tear because he was so drawn to it and would cup his paw around it immediately and hold it to his chest ever time I put it out, unlike all my other crystals. Now he sleeps peacefully with it and when he is agitated it’s his go to stone, and ours to calm him. When I sage he loves to follow me thru the house only after I sage myself and him. Instantly his mood changes, just becomes so relaxed and happy. He loves when I bring the sage and crystals out. It’s pretty interesting to watch his reaction and behaviours to the crystals. There are a few others I have had to make a little collection for him of, that he sleeps with under his pillow, and boy he knows if they are out of place, or if I move one from there. It’s really amazing to see animals take to them. It really makes a difference to them as well.


March 04, 2018

Along with crystals it’s sooo important to keep your pets chakras and energetic bodies strong! Chakrafix.com can help! Affordable and honest!

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