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Crystals for Chronic Back Pain

Crystals for Chronic Back Pain

Back pain is a result of bad sleep or sitting posture and lifestyle faults. When used concurrently with crystals have unique ways of healing blocked energies in your body, one of which leads directly to heal pains including Arthritis, Sciatica and Fibromyalgia.  

What Is Chronic Back pain?

Any pain that lasts longer than 12 weeks or 3 months is called chronic pain. When you have a chronic back pain, the typical symptoms are pains, cramps, fatigue, low mobility and high stress. If you have low back pain occasionally, there’s a 20% chance you will develop chronic back pain.

While most back pain is age-related, long-term back pain can come due to injuries and bad posture or disorders too. Disc problems also add to back pain. When it goes untreated, chronic back pain can create debilitating problems.

Why Use Crystals for Chronic Back Pain?

Healing crystals have a lot of powers inside it. That’s because they are magic crystals made by mother nature in her womb. When you use crystals for chronic back pain, they help in healing your problems. Do not EVER replace crystals with medicines. Always take crystals as a support prop to amplify the power of medicines.

Let’s find what back pain crystals can do for you.

·      Flush Out Toxins

Depending on the crystal you are using for your back pain, you can use it to flush out the toxic energy's sediment in your chakra points. Gemstones can produce energies within chakra points with immense pressure that when they flow to different chakra points, your body will be detoxed.

·      Repair and Regeneration

Another important power of crystals is repairing and regenerating. It can repair your back to resolve the problems over long-term use. When you use crystals for repairing the back, we suggest using crystal patches. By doing so, you increase the exposure to the crystal and energize your back. It’s a recharging ritual for chronic back pain.

·      Empower Lower Chakras 

You might’ve already guessed that chakras have a lot to do with back pain. That’s because your back is around the solar plexus, sacral and root chakra. If you have upper back pain, choose a solar plexus strengthening crystal and sacral chakra crystal for middle back pain. Root chakra crystals are the perfect solution for lower back pain. It can also aid other crystals during recovery.

Collect lower chakra stones to power it up!

·      Relaxation and Pain Relief

A little known benefit of crystal for chronic back pain is the pain relief. You wouldn’t have to be depending on pain therapies when you have the right crystal by your side. It will unwind your tensed knots and relax your muscles. You will feel calm and grounded with healing crystals for back pain.

·      Resolve Underlying Issues

Wondering if there are other problems in your body resulting in the back pain? You might be right!

If your back pain is caused by other disorders, many crystals can help you realize that. It is the best solution to find the root cause of chronic back pain.

8 Crystals to Heal Stubborn Backaches

Your Crystal Prescription For Chronic Back Pain

Healing crystals are excellent for the mental and physical distress that begins at your chakra points. When rubbed on your back or on the Sacral Chakra, healing crystals with powerful color energies such as indigo, black, yellow and green can mar the pain with a soothing pain as well.

·         Lapis Lazuli

Prescribed as the best natural cure for chronic pains, especially upper back pain, Lapis Lazuli reduces inflammations and blocks all kinds of the evil eye, directed at you. Ideal for virility and rejuvenation, Lapis Lazuli must be rubbed on your area of pain every day in the morning as well as before night.

Try our bestseller Lapis Lazuli healing crystals to put a permanent end to your spasmodic pain in the back.

How to use Lapis Lazuli?

  • Take the lapis lazuli in your right hand.
  • Close your right hand snugly.
  • Chant your affirmation to detect the underlying disorders.
  • Now smudge lapis lazuli softly around your back where the pain persists.
  • Do it for 30 minutes before sleeping.

·         Hematite

If the sporadic pain in the lower and upper back is your key culprit of worry, hematite is ideal for people in pain after surgeries in the back too. A balancing energy with intense grounding powers, hematite stimulates the body with revitalizing crystal energy and clears the toxins heaped in your Sacral Chakra.

Program your crystals by this hematite pendant over your area of pain during Crystal Programming for effective cure of chronic back pain.

How to use Hematite?

  • Take the hematite in your hand.
  • Sit in a comfortable pose on the yoga mat.
  • Place the hematite in your lap.
  • Repeat your affirmation for healing.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Meditate for ten minutes.
  • Rub the sacral chakra with the charged stone.
  • Proceed to area of pain.
  • Do it after waking up.

·         Fluorite

Recommended as a detoxification crystal, all that you need is a fluorite crystal is pointing at your distressed area. Fluorite crystals amplify the effect of crystal healing, thereby, alleviating even the longest chronic back pain. If stiffness in the joints is preventing you from walking or even catching enough shut-eye, use this fluorite wand. Point it in the direction of your pain and conduct a crystal charging ritual.

How to use Hematite?

  • Take the hematite in your hand.
  • Sit in a comfortable pose on the yoga mat.
  • Place the hematite in your lap.
  • Repeat your affirmation for healing.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Meditate for ten minutes.
  • Rub the sacral chakra with the charged stone.
  • Proceed to area of pain.
  • Do it after waking up.

·      Malachite

Placing a healing crystal on the area of pain is effective. Hence, most crystal aficionados tape the crystal at the pain area throughout the day. Malachite is an excellent crystal that relieves pains of arthritis by creating a crystal massaging medium in and around your spine.

Malachite wearers are blessed with relief in their joints faster than most crystals. Veteran crystal users advocate that these malachite beads are excellent to relieve pain in older pets too.

How to use Malachite?

  • Take your malachite in the right hand.
  • Place the hand over the heart chakra.
  • Close your eyes and visualize the pain going away.
  • Do it for as long as you can.
  • Smudge the stone softly on the area of pain.
  • Do it whenever you feel pain.

·         Smoky Quartz

Muscle cramps are the specialty of Smokey Quartz, however, Smokey Quartz also heals chronic upper back pain. If you wake up with a cramped back every morning, Smokey Quartz can transform your peace!

For corporate workers who tend to work in a crouched or sitting posture throughout the day, back pain is inevitable. Excellent for healing undue tension in the back as well as the head, this Smokey Quartz pendant is ideal for comfort during mental distress as well.

How to use Smoky Quartz?

  • Take your smoky quartz with both hands.
  • Raise it to the heavens.
  • Now bring it back to eye level.
  • Look into it.
  • Chant your affirmation thrice.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Meditate for ten minutes.
  • Place the smoky quartz under your bed before sleep.

·         Sunstone

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A rare crassly used for a variety of ailments such as obesity to creativity blocks, sunstone alleviates back pain by activating the Sacral chakra. Self-esteem loss and self-doubt are two other bonus-cures if you use Sunstone on your body during back pain. Wearing this sunstone heals your back by passing the healing rays of sunlight and undoing the stress blocked in your lower back.

This Sunstone crystal has a strong healing energy that straightens your back and relieves the tension knots from your spinal cord.

How to use Sunstone?

  • Hold the sunstone against your sacral chakra.
  • Chant your affirmation and circle the stone thrice.
  • Place the stone on the back.
  • Leave it for 30 minutes.
  • Do it at the break of dawn.

·         Black Onyx

A shielding cum grounding crystal that keeps psychic attacks away, Black Onyx works best when used adjacently with hematite crystals. Make a crystal grid with Black Onyx in the middle and chant your desires and woes to the crystal. Black Onyx has special powers to heal knee joints by increasing the rate of synovial fluid.

Wear this Black onyx pendant always on you for keeping back injuries out of your way.

How to use Black Onyx?

  • Take your black pendant in the left hand.
  • Cover it with your right hand to enclose the energy.
  • Close your eyes and chant the incantation for back pain you made.
  • Circle the pendant thrice over your back in anti-clockwise direction before wearing.
  • Do it when you can’t find any other solutions because black onyx is a little overwhelming.

·         Aventurine

Wearing aventurine regularly heals the back as well as your heart. Aventurine wearers throughout history claim that the crystal increases their stamina and provides virility to the back. If you’re starting a new fitness routine to muscularize your back, Aventurine is your best gym-buddy.

Try this Aventurine Egg for a quick and hasty relief from upper and lower back pain.

How to use Green Aventurine?

  • Lay down on the morning grass.
  • Take the green aventurine egg.
  • Place it on your heart chakra.
  • Hold both the palms over the stone.
  • Breathe deeply for 10 minutes.
  • Get up and place the stone on your area of back pain.
  • Tie it with a silk or cotton cloth for 30 minutes around the back.

Before you go …

Your Crystal Prescription For Chronic Back Pain

When neglected back pain not only worsens but imparts the pain to other parts of your body. The best trick to eradicate back pain ASAP is by combining the above crystals for a crystal grid as shown in this article.

Tell us how it worked in the comments below.

Stay powerful!

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