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Ten Most Expensive Crystals in the World

Ten Most Expensive Crystals in the World

Crystals, unlike general consensus are one of the most expensive baubles, valued for their rarity. Metaphysically, each crystal contains high powers of healing and Chakra Activation. Although, the virginity of a gemstone depends on how rare or unique it fares from the mine to your hands.

From Politics to quality, origin, discovery and size, there are many parameters that make an expensive crystal.

10 Most Expensive Crystals in the World

When we think of precious gems, we restrict to diamonds and Sapphires. The fact is, magical properties of a stone are 9/10 times present in healing crystals or gemstones. A symbol of wealth, abundance, power and beauty, rare Crystals has always been revered throughout human history.

Sit back and take a look at the costliest Crystals seen by mankind-

·         Tanzanite

Ten Most Expensive Crystals In the World

Found at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, one Tanzanite is marked throughout history for being the most brilliant. The eponymous Stone is rare to Tanzania and as of today has no mining operations as the ore depleted 20 years from the start of mining.

Price Per carat: $600- $1000;

·         Taaffeite

Ten Most Expensive Crystals In the World

With just a few of the precious gemstone found, Taaffeite is a rare crystal found in Sri Lanka and Tanzania. If you can find it, you never know the cost a Taffeite can fetch today. Found by an Australian Geologist, Richard Taffe in 1945, taaffeite has not been found ever since.

Price Per carat: $1500- $2500;

·         Opal

Ten Most Expensive Crystals In the World

Yet another magical yet common crystal, Opals are mystic in its metaphysical properties too. Black Opal is the rarest variety of Healing Crystal variety of Opal. Found in the mines of New South Wales in Australia, Black Opal is a gorgeous stone dotted with sparkling colors.

Price Per carat: $2300;

·         Benitoite

Ten Most Expensive Crystals In the World

Even though Benitoite is mined in Japan, it is a real American Jewel. The extremely rare variety of stone has a unique blue to its hue and is really hard to find. Benitoite was first found near San Benito River in California.

If you’re smitten by this blue beauty, be warned that no more than one carat loose stones are available of these healing crystals.

Price Per carat: $3000- $4000;

·         Red Beryl

Ten Most Expensive Crystals In the World

Yet another one of the American Gemstones, Red Beryl was first mined in Utah on the Wah Wah Mountains. The red beryl is the rarest and the most expensive crystals, roughly thousand times more expensive than gold.

Red Beryl is also famous as Scarlet Emerald or Bixbite among the crystal aficionados. The precious gemstone is also found in Mexico other than the United States.

Price Per carat: $10,000;

·         Alexandrite

Ten Most Expensive Crystals In the World

One of the most common healing crystals, Alexandrite is named after the Tsar Alexander II of Russia as it was first found in the Ural Mountains in Russia. The rarest and unique crystal also has a dumbfounding trait of changing colors, spanning from red to green and yellow based on the absorption of light on it.

Recently, Alexandrite has been mined from Brazil, Sri Lanka and East Africa.

Price Per carat: $12,000;

·         Jade

Ten Most Expensive Crystals In the World

Popular as Jadeite, Jade is naturally available and abundant, although varieties of Jade can be excruciatingly rare to find. Found in minimal quantities in Myanmar, Jadeite premium stones are known as Imperial Jade, which is translucent in its energy and color.

Price Per carat: $20,000;

·         Musgravite

Ten Most Expensive Crystals In the World

The divine looking healing crystal is a lump catch as it was found only in certain parts of South Australia when first discovered. It is named after the place it was discovered in- The Musgrave Range of South Australia. Currently, Musgravite is mined from Tanzania, Madagascar, Greenland and Antarctica. Even though there are multiple mines, very few musgravite are available at each ore.

Price Per carat: $35,000;

·         Painite

Ten Most Expensive Crystals In the World

A beautiful shade of pink plus red, Painite has been discovered just twice. One of World’s rarest healing crystals, Painite was found by Arthur C.D Payne in Myanmar six decades ago and depicts a pale brown hue.

Price Per carat: $50,000- $60,000;

·         Pink Star Diamond

Ten Most Expensive Crystals In the World

The most valuable gem in the world, Pink Star Diamond weighs 59.6 Carats and was found from South Africa in 1999. The pale pink diamond, nicknamed ‘Fancy Vivid Pink’ was sold at Sotheby’s for $1,395,761 per carat. There is no other gem in the world that has fetched a higher price ever!

Before you go …

Based on how many people have touched a crystal to the processing or polishing conducted on it, the metaphysical powers can change too. Read more on what happens to crystals treated with light and cutting processes here.

If you’re crazy about crystals, you know why certain crystals are rarer than the other. However, the true power of a crystal is how it bonds with its wearer or user than the lack of availability.

Stay Powerful!

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