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Healing Crystal Handbook: Beryl

Healing Crystal Handbook: Beryl

Renowned as the stone of power, beryl is a gemstone with hidden and mystical qualities. It is mentioned in the Bible as the gemstone kept on the wheels of Almighty God’s Thrones. It was even used to drive away stupidity in the olden times.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Beryl

Egyptian history shows the maximum historical uses of Beryl. It is referred as the gemstone of Golden Light and can help you enlighten your life.

Beryl is a gemstone of many powers including physical and spiritual healing. The fire energy crystal is as seeker energizer gemstone to align the natural energies of the wearer. It is the stone of the sun with a powerful energy to drive away demons and evil spirits.

·        Alternate Names of Beryl

Pricey Beryl, Emerald, Pink Morganite, Heliodor, Goldstone, Beryllonite, Berillo, Beril, Roter Stone, and Berilas;

·        Hardness of Beryl on the MOHS Scale


·        Origin of Beryl

Colombia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Madagascar, U.S.A, Russia, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Pakistan, Baltistan, Namibia, Myanmar, Mogok, China, Germany, Austria, Gerogia, South Africa and New England;

·        Beryl Represents the God

  • Tiamat: Goddess of Chaos, Sumero-Babylonian;
  • Persephone: Goddess of Spring, Greek;
  • Grian: Goddess of Sun Fairy Queen, Irish;
  • Latona: Goddess of Light, Latona;
  • Amaterasu: Goddess of Sun, Japanese;

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Beryl

Taurus and Scorpio;

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Beryl


·        Beryl Color energies

Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Black, Grey, Dull Green, Blue-Green, Pink, Rose, Gold, Yellow and Pale Green/ Olivine;

·        Numerical Vibration of Beryl


·        Beryl activates the Chakra (s)

Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root and Heart Chakras dependent on the colors;

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Beryl

Healing Crystal Handbook: Beryl

A cyclosilicate made from beryllium with aluminum is referred as the expensive stone of Beryl. It originates from the Latin word beryllus or beryllos, meaning, ‘precious blue-green color-of-sea-water stone’.

History quotes that the first spectacles in the world were made in Italy in the early 13th century with the gemstone beryl. Beryl is found from metamorphic and igneous rocks from all over the world. Beryl is not used for industrial uses, but for esoteric and ornamental uses only.

Beryllium in beryl is a metal that leads to the formation of beryl under hydrothermal times. Beryl gem is seen in a wide variety of shades and can be better using heat therapies. The brittle stone must be handled carefully as it is prone to breakage.

1.    Colorless Beryl or Goshenite

The transparent variety of Beryl without any colors is referred as Goshenite or Colorless Beryl. Named after beryl found in Goshen area of Massachusetts, colorless beryl has zero impurities. The clear and transparent variety of beryl gemstone is used for cleansing energy works. However, goshenite is not expensive.

2.    Heliodor

A dull green variety of Beryl that shows colors such as orange, brown and light green, heliodor is a peculiar stone with special powers. When heliodor exists in golden hues, it becomes another type of beryl gemstone for sale.

Heliodor empowers growth energies in the wearer by raising heart chakra energies.

3.    Golden Beryl

Apart from Heliodor, Golden Beryl is the beryl gem in colors pale to dark and bright yellow colors that resemble the sheen of gold.

The unique and pricey beryl gemstone owes its special golden shades to the presence of Iron (Fe2+ and Fe3+). It is a gemstone with flaws and inclusions unlike the colorless variety of beryl. The pure golden beryl is excellent for attracting good luck!

4.    Beryl Eye

When pale green or olivine beryl is seen with chatoyancy, it is called Beryl Eye. As the beryl healing crystal here resembles the slit-eye of a cat, it is revered by many mystic powers too. Cabochon varieties of Beryl Cat Eye gems look gorgeous too.

Aquamarine and emerald variety of beryl exhibits chatoyance while perfect chatoyancy is visible when the healing crystal is bisected.

5.    Bixbite

Prominently called red beryl, bixbite is also popular by the name red emerald. Mined solely from the Wah Wah Mountains located in Utah, Bixbite is a precious gemstone revered by gem collectors across the world.

The rarest beryls of all time, bixbite is second only to diamonds. Popular as scarlet emerald, bixbite owes its spectacular colors to the presence of manganese.

6.    Maxixe

The blue variety of Beryl, Maxixe is found in a variety of blue colors. Darkest blue beryl is maxixe, known to empower the wearer with higher self-confidence. Maxixe is often mined from Madagascar. The dark blue beryl gem is a unique crystal that fades into white hues when kept too long under the sunlight. Mined solely from Minai Grais, the color comes back when you irradiate it.

Moreover, irradiation also lets you change the colors of maxixe into the red, pink and yellow or green, which is also a beryl.

7.    Pale Green Beryl

Portraying a brighter green shade than heliodor, green beryl is another unique stone. It is a stone of mid chakras and can help people realize their flaws quickly. Green Beryl is different from Emerald due to its prominent grey color. Moreover, green beryl has lesser flaws or inclusions within it, giving them more brilliance, than the greenish yellow shade of heliodor.

When iron is present in beryl, it leads to the grey green beryl, considered best for the zodiac of Scorpio.

8.    Yellow Beryl or Yellow Emerald

When beryl occurs with chromium, it bears the color yellow. Also referred to as Yellow Emerald, Yellow Beryl is a unique stone that helps you sharpen your cognition. It is also seen in fluorescent yellow color, a prominent variety of the Beryl gem. The solar plexus and mid-chakra stone were often mistaken as topazes throughout history.

9.    Pink Beryl or Morganite

The purple and lighter pink type of gem are called morganite. It is a beautiful gem with a wide variety of metaphysical powers. Ranging from pink to rose and even yellow, morganite owes its colors to the presence of Mn2+ or manganese ions.

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10. Precious Beryl

Ideally referred to as the transparent variety of Beryl Gem, Precious Beryl is a unique variety of healing crystal. It is a clear gemstone often used to cleanse the inner turmoil and aftermath of traumatic situations.

Precious Beryl is an equivalent of clear yellow topaz and represents the transparency akin to pure beryl. Emeralds are a type of precious beryls!

11. Aquamarine

A motherhood stone often used to disperse negativity due to physical and spiritual disorders, aquamarine is a Serpentarius/ Ophiucus gemstone. It awakens the powers of Neptune by awakening the throat, third eye and heart chakras. Aquamarine portrays the greenish blue color of marine waters.

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12. Bazzite

When the aluminum in Beryl is displaced by Scandium, it leads to the formation of a unique beryl called bazzite. The silicate beryl gemstone is a type of beryl, yet considered a special gemstone on its own as well. Bazzite is seen in the deepest of blue shade or blue-green colors. It is a rare healing stone to boost your courage, passion and confidence.

13. Pezzottaite or Raspberry Beryl Healing Crystal

The raspberry red type of gemstone, Pezzottaite comprises of lithium unlike usual beryls. It was discovered recently, almost 15 years ago and approved by the IMA. Crystal experts recognized pezzottaite as an independent species of gems even though it is partially a beryl to most of the crystal users across the world.  The blue beryl variety of gemstone is rare too!

14. Cesium Beryl

When beryl occurs with the presence of cesium, it is referred as cesium beryl. Seen in pale red to pink colors with transparent and translucent nature, cesium beryl is a priced commodity amongst crystal users. Morganite is also termed as cesium beryl by older crystal texts.

15. Rosterite

Mined from Pakistan, Rosterite or Vorobyevite is a unique gemstone with unusual morphology. When roseterite beryl was discovered, it was considered a different stone than in the category of beryls. With a nominal amount of cesium, Rosterite Beryl is alkali-rich gemstone with powers to give you strength and stamina.

16. Red Beryl

Often mined from Utah, Red Beryl is a unique stone bearing the darkest shades of red. It is most expensive gemstone after diamond. Red beryl is considered excellent to activate the powers of the root chakra. Deeper the redness, higher its price. Moreover, Red Beryl is a collector’s gemstone, so treasure it if you already have one.

17. Chrysoberyl

Being the aluminate of beryllium, chrysoberyl is the crystal of Beryl. Mined from Brazil and Sri Lanka, Chrysoberyl even shows cat eye effect in stones by the name of cymophane. Alexandrite is another variety of chrysoberyl. The crystal of beryl gem is excellent for enlightenment and astral travel in the wearer when bonded close.

18. Habachtal Beryl

When beryl gemstone occurs with double colors, it is called habachtal beryl. The unique variety of bi-colored beryl is seen with the colors of green and orange on white shades. The rare stone blends multiple chakra energies into one stone. It is also recommended for lower chakra troubles.

19. Emerald

An incredible gem known by its hypnotic powers, emerald is renowned for raising the heart chakra energy. Emerald works by activating the higher heart chakra to melt your heart. It is a stone of superior powers to connect with the nature and cosmos around us.

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20. Trapiche Emerald

When emerald exists with six black stars in it, the beryl green gem is called trapiche emerald. It is considered excellent for people going through extreme changes, physically, emotionally or spiritually. Trapiche emerald is a higher heart chakra stone with the power to protect the wearer as well. Wear it to disperse negativity heaped within your mind.

·        Physical Effects of Beryl

Healing Crystal Handbook: Beryl

A strong immune system strengthening stone, Beryl is a stone of many benefits. It helps your eyes to boost the strength of vision by working on both myopia and hypermetropia (short sightedness and long sightedness).

The immune building stone is also considered ideal for jaundice and many other liver diseases. You can also cure vision disorders as well as GERD and SAD (seasonal affective disorder) with Beryl gem therapy.

Beryl is recommended for healing the pancreas as it triggers smooth digestion. It can also cure your stomach diseases including intestinal health. Beryl is considered ideal for constipation as well as bilious attacks. When used for seasonal influenza and cough, Beryl gemstone works excellently.

It also cures cold and numb palms as well as feet. If you have stiffness in the joints or chronic chills, beryl can help. Additional healing powers of Beryl are on liver and spleen, intestines.

·        Spiritual Effects of Beryl

Healing Crystal Handbook: Beryl

By tapping into the energy of your will power, beryl helps in quantum leaps. It is an astral travel gemstone with many higher chakra powers to offer to the common man. Beryl also helps you discover your true destiny by clearing negativity from your path ahead.

It is a winning stone that helps in overcoming the evil in life. Beryl stones promote success when you become fearful. It is a ceremonial stone as golden beryl is used widely for Christ consciousness. It helps you clear confusions be bridging your mind with that of the guardian angel or zodiac deity.

Depending on the Beryl color you choose, the deity you worship will change as well.

·        Emotional Effects of Beryl

Healing Crystal Handbook: Beryl

A soothing multichakra gemstone, beryl affects the overall energy of your relationships. It is an astral stone that connects with the etheric bodies to vent your excess energies and negativity. Beryl clears disappointments by helping you understand the world around you.

It is a stimulant stone that activates your productive and creative vibes as well. Beryl healing crystal is a treasurehouse of infinite powers. It boosts oneness with your supreme god as well as adaptability to situations.

Yet another emotional healing power of Beryl gemstone is its power of will. The courage giving stone is often used to uphold strong convictions for manifesting it!

·        Five Facts About Beryl

Healing Crystal Handbook: Beryl

  • A fire energy stone, beryl must be kept centripetally to your home for attracting harmony to your house.
  • Beryllium found in Beryl is not a common substance as it is found in not more than 100 other minerals!
  • The earliest historical account of healing crystal balls is all made from Beryls.
  • In folklore, the Celtic Druids used Beryl gemstone for crystal gazing!
  • The biggest Beryl healing crystal ever found is from Madagascar with a width of 3.5m!

Before You go …

Beryl shows a vitreous and greasy texture unlike most gemstones. Often confused with apatite, Beryl is a gemstone filled with many mystic powers. It is expensive owing to its powers.

Try a beryl gem NOW!

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