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Healing Crystal Handbook: Aquamarine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aquamarine

Commonly appraised as the stone of life, breath and memories, Aquamarine is also an exceptionally calming stone best for teachers to orators. Long back, Aquamarine balls were used as a forecasting stone according to the phases of the moon. From shouldering your woes to erasing your fears, Aquamarine behaves as a mirror stone, oftentimes projecting your moods and detecting your enemies.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aquamarine

Also renowned as the Stone of Justice, Aquamarine also helps immensely during confrontations, feuds and heated arguments. The marine stone dissolves unrest and boosts honesty amongst people around the stone by resonating with the energy of the ocean.

·        Alternate Names of Aquamarine

Aqua marinus, Ocean Stone, Blue Beryl, Seawater Stone and Mermaid’s Stone;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aquamarine

·        Hardness of Aquamarine on the MOHS Scale

7.5 to 8.0;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aquamarine

·        Origin of Aquamarine

Brazil, China, Pakistan, Russia, USA, Burma, Zambia, Kenya and Mozambique;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aquamarine

·        Aquamarine Represents the God

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aquamarine

  • Akna: Goddess of Motherhood, Mayan;
  • Kupala: Goddess of Water, Slavonic;
  • Kuan-Yin: Goddess of Mercy, Chinese;

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Aquamarine

Scorpio and Ophiuchus;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aquamarine

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Aquamarine


Healing Crystal Handbook: Aquamarine

·        Aquamarine Color energies

Pale blue, sky blue, ocean blue and blue-green;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aquamarine

·        Numerical Vibration of Aquamarine


·        Aquamarine activates the Chakra (s)

Third Eye, Heart and Throat Chakras;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aquamarine

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Aquamarine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aquamarine

Belonging to the beryl species of stones, Aquamarine holds many similarities with a variety of other healing crystals and is a silicate mineral too. Aquamarine is available in its natural variety and rarely found in synthetic forms. The blue green color of Aquamarine is a result of the presence of iron oxides, which is also the reason why Aquamarine is seldom made synthetically.

Aquamarine derives its name from the mix of two Latin words Aqua and marinus which translates to sea water owing to the captivating sea-like hue of the stone. Other popular beryl stones are emerald and morganite with blue topaz being the commonest misnomer of Aquamarine having names such as Siam and Brazilian Aquamarine. Spiritually, Aquamarine brings focus to a soothing form of inner healing.

1.      Aquamarine Floater

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aquamarine

Mined from Minais Grais in Brazil, Aquamarine Floater exists without any attached matrix within. Aquamarine Floater features a schorl-like crystal in pale blue color, often used for meditation and divination purposes.

2.      DT Aquamarine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aquamarine

Mined from places such as Brazil and Namibia, DT Aquamarine is a double terminated healing crystal.  With both the ends existing in a mix of smooth and rough, DT Aquamarine is known as an elestial crystal due to its high energy.  

3.      Cluster Aquamarine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aquamarine

The commonest crystal variety of blue beryl is found as Cluster Aquamarines with opaque to translucent natures.

4.      Cat’s Eye Aquamarine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aquamarine

An aquamarine stone that displays asterism is known as Cat’s eye Aquamarine. A rare stone that is revered as a forecasting ball, Cats Eye Aquamarine can show future events when you look deep into it. Also called the Star Aquamarine, Cat’s Eye Aquamarine is untreated and occurs naturally.

·        Physical Effects of Aquamarine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aquamarine

Aquamarine was known most efficient on disorders of the eye, especially when infused with water under the moonlight. Keeping aquamarine under sunlight fades it and when solarizing the stone, you must lookout for full moon days for maximum effects. Keep the ocean stone underneath your pillow to find a cure for tired eyes through overnight therapy.

When used as a Third Eye or Throat Chakra Crystal, Aquamarine also heals the jaws, cavities, gums, teeth and neural disorders in the wearer. An extraordinary healing crystal that also stops cluster headaches, Aquamarine also works on lower organs such as intestines, liver and the endocrine system.

Additional benefits of using Aquamarine are relief from GERD and healing from lung disorders including chronic coughing. Aquamarine works with the heart chakra to stabilize thr hormones as well as blood circulation in the wearer.

·        Spiritual Effects of Aquamarine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the stone of equality to justice and protection to a wide variety of people. It was known that Aquamarine is excellent for soul travel by igniting the frontal chakras to generate clarity and clairvision. When stared into the stone, aquamarine induces powers of communication with the dead and beings on the other side. A vital part of ancient Ouija Boards, Aquamarine helps the wearer to purify the heart and grow psychic ears.

Aquamarine is best to keep off harm’s way when traveling as it embraces the wearer in a motherly hug of protection throughout the ride. Aquamarine balances the other chakras and promotes the powers of intuition.

Aquamarine crystal when used repeatedly with the heart and third eye chakra also connects the wearer to the Divine Feminine, helping in connecting with Mother Nature.

·        Emotional Effects of Aquamarine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aquamarine

History relates to aquamarine as the stone given to the bride morning after the first night or night of consummation. Aquamarine is a stone of anger management and often imbibes the vibes from the surroundings around it. Moreover, the healing crystal is known to absorb young love and emanate positivity.

Aquamarine also signifies the hangman card of Tarot.

It is ideal for those seeking inner peace, self-resolution, expression and meditation. Aquamarine also empowers a person to speak out their mind by building tranquility from within. It is ideal for that in rehab or living with conflicts. As Aquamarine calms the nerves, it also energizes the throat chakra to speak the mind out fearlessly. The blue green sea stone is also ideal to treat chronic procrastination in children and adults.

From calming the ego to anger, Aquamarine works excellently on over-conscious parents in addition to kids with over-attachment to parents. From dispelling emotional baggage to helping through change, Aquamarine is calmer than the sea!

·        Five Facts About Aquamarine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aquamarine

1.      If you dreamt of Aquamarine, it means that your fate is ready to welcome new friends into your life. Be amiable around you for the next day!

2.      Aquamarine is given as a gift to couples celebrating their 19th Wedding Anniversary as well.

3.      Kuan-Yin is a Chinese Goddess of Motherhood, often represented by Aquamarine. One of the favorite goddesses in Chinese Culture, Aquamarine also stands for the weaker sections of society.

4.      Being a water stone, Aquamarine is an excellent crystal that must be kept in the Northern areas of your house or office, enhances purification through Feng Shui.

5.      First named as the sea stone by the Roman Fisherman, Aquamarine is often referred to as the Stone of St. Thomas who travelled to India, crossing the seven seas to preach the gospel of Christ.

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aquamarine

The milky healing stone is prized based on its clarity and cut. Oftentimes, Aquamarine is regarded for its luster and color signifying the calmth it is going to attract to the wearer. Known for working excellently in situations of unrest or commotion, Aquamarine also clears blocked chakra. By renewing your mood and emotional stability, aquamarine also revitalizes the wearer!

Does this bestseller Aquamarine Crystal smite you? Tell us your experiences with Aquamarine below!

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