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Guide to Using Your Personal Gua Sha Scraping Kit

Guide to Using Your Personal Gua Sha Scraping Kit

The combination of two holistic healing doctrines, Gua Sha is a blend of crystal healing therapy. It is an ancient cosmetic therapy for regenerating cells and making your face soft or plump. Used regularly by people in Asia for pain and joint stiffness or even skin therapy, Gua Sha Scraping Kit is easy to use for beginners.

Today we will discover the working and effects of personal gua sha with step-by-step instructions. You ready?

What is Gua Sha?

An ancient art of beautifying the skin by promoting regeneration, Gua Sha is the art of getting rid of your dead cells to stimulate new cells to grow. Gua sha is performed using a crystal or ox horn board that helps to move the chi energy within each of us. The resonance of ox and buffalo horn makes it ideal for skin massages, scientifically. Gua sha board softens the skin, best with an ox horn to help this energy move through the body without blocks.

Gua Sha promotes lymphatic drainage that leads to anti-inflammatory effects. Gua sha is a unique form of massage that regulates blood in and blood out. It can help in creating a youthful skin.

Components of a Gua Sha Scraping Kit Explained

While gua sha is the technique of massage, there are different props you must use for a good gua sha massage. I am gonna list all the components you see in the picture below.

·      Gua Sha Board

What you see in the picture is a gua sha board. With the flat edge, you can massage or scrape your face cells smoothly. The gaps can help in targeting the curves on your face such as nose and chin. This is an ox horn gua sha board.

·      Tooth Comb

Popular as tooth comb, these raw horns are shaped in combs for doing gua sha on the scalp. An essential for every gua sha user, tooth comb can also be used on the back and on your palms or feet. The curved bottom of the comb is perfect for gua sha on the spine too. It’s a perfect all-rounder when you’re doing Gua Sha for the whole body.

·      Triangle Native Horn

Called the native horn, this triangular horn is made especially for facial massages. The pointy tip is excellent for eye massages as it can firmly scrape the skin without harming it. The recessed bottom of the gua sha triangle native horn is ideal for finger gaps, chin and nose. The straight side is used for acupressure massage besides using to for scraping the back, and limbs.

·      Fish Board

Shaped in a fish, this board is excellent for doing gua sha on your legs and arms. It can be used around your eyes to remove tired eye bags too. Fish tail gua sha board is also best for stimulating blood to your facial muscles or moisturizing it evenly.

Why do Gua Sha?

Traditional Gua sha  Scraping Massage Tools

The many benefits of gua sha cannot fit a sentence. In fact, for over 5000 years Gua sha has been used for restoring the tender youthfulness in China. There are many more reasons to do gua sha. It increases Blood Flow which helps in curing numerous diseases. It enhances your blood pressure and circulation. It can transform the look of your skin where pigmentation is noticed as blood flow cures discoloration of the skin.

Gua sha is also a soothing massage that works deeply on the skin cells. Relaxation is the prime benefit of using gua sha along with your other beauty exercises. Gua sha can stimulate your blood and soothe the sore nerves. It stimulates Cell Regeneration.

Hydration is also a boon of Gua Sha. It helps to moisturize your face. In fact, many Gua Sha users use the gua sha board to spread the facial oil evenly. Gua sha board helps the oil penetrate the pores and exfoliate inside-out. If you suffer from dry skin due to hormonal deficiencies, you need a Gua Sha board. It can restore natural oils to your skin.

Beauty & Cosmetics uses of gua sha are plently. Repeating for five minutes every day or ten minutes thrice a week, Gua Sha works excellently to improve the skin. It helps your skin absorb the nutrients in your face cream, lotion and toners effortlessly. Saves the massage time!

Where to use your Gua Sha Kit on the body?

The art of Gua sha works on your skin cells anywhere. And, as the human body consists of 90% of skin, you can use it all over your body. If there is any particular area of skin on your body that you feel needs care and nourishment, gua sha it there!  

  • Face

You can start from the center of the face and move around to your cheeks, chin and forehead. It can help to clean the dead cells off your face. Your face will become rosy and full of blush. You can remove scars, acne and whiteheads or blackheads on the face with gua sha facial massage.

  • Neck

You can expand your facial Gua Sha to your neck as well. Go down until you can over your breasts. It gives an event toning for your face and neck together. Restore the real color of your neck rather than showing a different color on your neck and face.

  • Back

You can use the gua sha board from the neck to the shoulders and all along the back including your spine for a full body gua sha. Back gua sha relieve sore muscles and relaxes you. Be ready to feel what heaven feels like!

  • Limbs

From feet to palms, gua sha can give you better shine than manicure and pedicure. Gua sha comb on the limbs are exclusive. You can use it along with the gaps of your fingers and toes with the triangle native horn.

How to Use a Gua Sha Scraping Kit?

Gua Sha is a sacred art of beauty. It is better than dry brushing and way more complex than moisturizing. Learn how to do Gua Sha at home in five minutes RIGHT NOW.

Follow the steps below to get started!

  • Take your Gua Sha board in your hand.
  • Add a few drops of oil on the skin you want to massage.
  • At 45-degree angle, move it upwards.
  • You can also scrape outwards.
  • Continue in repeated motions of 2-3 times over one area of skin.
  • Continue until you finish the area.
  • You can use the tooth comb to clean your palm and head.
  • Take the triangle native horn for gua sha on the nose and chin.
  • Use the fish board to work around your eyes.
  • Now, wash with warm water.
  • Moisturize it with a hydrating moisturizer and cool down!

Before you go …

Gua Sha massage can restore the tender suppleness of your face to what it really was, a few years ago. I have a personal routine of doing it every weekday before I go to sleep. It’s a great routine to prevent breakouts on my face too!

Do you like gua sha scraping kit? Tell me all about it in the comments below.

Stay powerful~

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