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Complete Guide to Rainbow Quartz (Angel Aura Quartz)

Complete Guide to Rainbow Quartz (Angel Aura Quartz)

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced crystal user, you have come across the rainbow crystals in white, pink, blue and many other colors. Is it natural? Is rainbow quartz same as spirit quartz? How does it look? Can I make angel aura quartz at home?  I was as excited as you the first time I touched a rainbow quartz. If you want to discover the bright and blessing potential of aura quartz, you need to know about it in detail and today I am going to answer all your questions. Are you ready to discover the crystal that will introduce your spirit guide to you?

Rainbow quartz meaning

Rainbow quartz pink aura quartz

The Angel aura quartz meaning is mystic. A manmade crystal that exhibits powerful high vibrations to connect with higher realms, rainbow quartz is a stone to call unto the spirits. Want to find Titanium quartz for sale? We’ve got a huge variety. Spirit quartz is different from rainbow quartz. Rainbow quartz opens your mind to the spiritual realm of higher powers. Meaning of aura quartz is purifying your aura too.
We will learn all about it in detail below. Start scrolling …

How is Aura Rainbow Quartz Made?

Want to know How to make angel aura quartz? Angel Aura Quartz is made by a process called vapor deposition. First, the quartz is taken. It is then heated to 871-degree Celsius or up to 1600-degree Fahrenheit in vacuum. Next, gold or titanium vapors are added to the quartz, which in turn fuses into the crystal surface. The angelic and mystic sheen that shimmers on the aura quartz is a result of this metallic infusion on quartz.  

Aqua aura quartz is not natural. Crystals with rainbows in them form due to the presence of titanium, silver, gold or platinum vapors. Angel Aura Quartz properties are mystical!

Best Way to Make Rainbow quartz gemstone Elixir

Making your own elixir from rainbow quartz can help you create concoctions infused with crystal energies. We will create the elixir without touching the crystal directly in the water. This way, you don’t have to worry about the toxins. You can consume the rainbow quartz elixir or sprinkle it around your meditation room to enhance angelic communication.

  1. Take your rainbow quartz in your hand.
  2. Fill a glass with water.
  3. Place a coaster on top of the glass.
  4. Now place the angel aura quartz on top of the coaster.
  5. Let the crystal stay on top of the glass of water for 1-4 hours.
  6. Your angel aura quartz elixir is ready!

How to cleanse angel aura quartz?

Whether it is gold aura quartz or aqua aura quartz, you need to clean it.

  • Take the rainbow aura quartz in the left hand.
  • Take a sage and smudge the aura quartz.
  • Or, take a clear quartz/ selenite wand and circle thrice over the aura quartz.

How to Charge Aqua Aura Quartz?

There are many ways to charge your aura quartz. Let’s find out a few.

  • You can place it under the full moon light for 4-6 hours
  • You can keep the aura quartz on your windowsill to absorb sunlight.
  • You can place the rainbow quartz in a Tibetan bowl and acoustically program it.
  • You focus a crystal wand on your aura crystal to charge it.
  • You can chant your affirmations gazing into the rainbow aura to charge

How to Use Rainbow Quartz?

Blue Aqua Aura Quartz Rainbow Quartz

Which are the best ways to use rainbow quartz? Is it a powerful stone now that I know it’s not natural? There are many things that are not all organic or natural that we still like. Manmade stone opalite and goldstone are still favorites of crystal users. Some gemstone collectors invest in dyed stones for their vivid colors too. So, how can rainbow aura quartz help you?

1.    Aura Cleansing with Rainbow Quartz

The auric color of rainbow aura crystal gave it the eponymous name of aura quartz. But, little did the naming party know about aura quartz’s power to cleanse the aura. If you have a muddy or pale aura, aura quartz can absorb the negativity and harness positivity around you by grounding you. It can align multiple chakras at once.

2.    Spirit Communication Stone Aura Quartz

The next best thing to use the aura quartz is for communicating with your spirit guide. Holding the angel aura quartz and meditating will help you open your spiritual eye to the vibrations of spirits around you. You will be able to communicate with spirits using your aura quartz.

3.    Rainbow quartz necklace

Take the rainbow quartz jewelry in your right palm. Point it towards your root chakra and move to sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. Hold Angel aura quartz necklace for 5 seconds or circle it thrice over each chakra.


Rainbow quartz steven universe is familiar to those of us who keep a track of crystal shows on TV. But, there’s more to rainbow quartz than the cartoon. Have you ever touched an angel aura quartz? Tell us about it in the comments below or post your doubts.

We’ll get back to you in 12 hours, promise!

Love and light~

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