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Brecciated Jasper Properties, Uses and Metaphysical Powers

Brecciated Jasper Properties, Uses and Metaphysical Powers

Known as the stone of recovery, Brecciated Jasper gives you power and strength. The beautiful type of jasper sharpens the clarity. Stone of detox and rejuvenation, Brecciated Jasper works wonders on the lower chakras. It is the best natural cure for depression and karmic debts. If you’re fascinated by Brecciated Jasper properties, you need to explore the complete uses and powers of this jasper in detail.

Get ready for out of the world powers of breccia jasper!

What Is Brecciated Jasper?

Scoring a hardness of 7 on the MOHS scale, Brecciated Jasper is a stone used for support and relief. With a numerical vibration of 6, Brecciated Jasper is composed of hematite, which contains iron, a cause for its red and dark banded patterns. You might also see inclusions of red and brown on the stone too. The stone called as chemically silicon dioxide with iron is also the same stone for Earth Healing and karmic therapy. It can cure anxiety too.

What does Brecciated Jasper Mean?

Brecciated Jasper Meaning is Strength and Vigor. It stimulates you and ejects the laziness out of you. When you touch a Brecciated Jasper, it will help to resolve the confusions within your mind.

Meaning of Brecciated is to break down into fragments, speckled or spotted. The jasper is named thus for its dynamic pattern. This variety of jasper resolves emotional problems and guilty mentality. Acquaint with Brecciated pronunciation.

How is Brecciated Jasper formed?

Upon weathering, breccia forms on a steep slope area or a cliff. First type of breccia is Cataclastic breccia, followed by volcanic breccia and pyroclastic breccia. When lava fills with ash, igneous breccia is formed. When the cavern collapses, collapse breccia forms and impact breccia upon meteor impact. Another type of breccia called hydrothermal breccia is formed when fluids lead to the fracture in a rock.

What is Green African Brecciated Jasper?

Seen in colors of cream, yellow, pale green and brown hues, Green African Brecciated Jasper has spots and veined patterns in beige. It is a grounding stone with composition of quartz chalcedony, promoting wellbeing and communication skills.  

Where Is Brecciated Jasper Found?

The chief source of Brecciated Jasper is Africa. You can also find this type of jasper in areas of Brazil and China. Another source of Brecciated jasper in the world is U.S.A.

What Is Brecciated Jasper Chakra?

The first power source of brecciated jasper is the Sacral chakra. When you touch this jasper, your kundalini energy is awakened. It is the seat of your passion and sexuality. Sacral chakra gives you the power of your life force to fill you with will power and enthusiasm. It is the chakra located over your pelvic region.

The next power chakra of brecciated variety of jasper is the Root chakra. Located at the end of your spine, jasper brecciated contains root chakra powers that connect you to Mother Gaia. It is source of your balance and support. Root chakra ejects the negativity from within you and fills you with positivity.

Which Is Brecciated Jasper Zodiac?

Aries is considered the official zodiac sign for using Brecciated Jasper. If you’re an Arian, you need the power of this Jasper because it calms you down. It is the sign of composure and strength. When you hold a jasper brecciated, it will give you patience and decrease haste inside you. Nature of manipulation will change and you will be more passionate.

Scorpio is the next sign that resonates well with the stone brecciated jasper. This winter sign will find calmness and peace sans aggression when with jasper brecciated variety of crystal. It will hone your creativity and intuition. Your stubborn nature will change and you will be more open to ideas.

How to Clean Brecciated Jasper?

Is brecciated jasper toxic? Can you make elixirs out of it? It is a stone that helps you release your inner toxins. So, how do you clean it?

  • Take your brecciated jasper in your hand.
  • Take a damp cloth.
  • Scrub the jasper from all sides.
  • Do it once in a month.

Do you want to cleanse your jasper brecciated spiritually?

  • Take a clear quartz or selenite wand.
  • Circle the wand twice in a clockwise direction over the jasper breccia.
  • Do it before and after using the stone.

What Is Brecciated Jasper Good for? What Does Brecciated Jasper Do?

You’ve got a brecciate jasper. What next? Are there things you need to do to activate this healing crystal? How to use it for personal uses? Can you channel the energy of this jasper for positivity. Yes, yes and yes.

Today we will learn all about the uses of Brecciated Jasper in detail.

·      Detox and Clarity of Mind

The first effect of a real brecciated jasper is detox of the mind and body. All the negativity and toxins within you will be ejected out of the body. For this, you can keep the breccia jasper on you or around you while lying on the ground.

Your earth connection is the medium of eliminating toxins. You need to be connected to Mother Gaia. Once you are, the crystal breccia will help you release the fears and ill thoughts or energy lurking around you.

·      Dream Recall and Karmic Debts

Do you want to recall your dreams? Better yet, get to know your older self and karmic debts through dream recall so that you can start doing penance in this life!

Dream recall works with incarnations and past life spirit recalls. It helps you recall your karma and past incarnations without forgetting the dream when you wake up. Interesting right? You will find it way more interesting when you will start to see the positivity heap up in your life once your karmic debts are getting cleared. To do so, place the brecciated jasper stone under your pillow before you go to sleep.

·      Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Tension and Worries

It is because of the grounding effects of breccia jasper that you will experience light-weightiness. Your stress hormone will flood out and anxiety will disappear. To do so, use breccia jasper as a worry stone. Grab onto it in moments of despair and angst. You will feel that your tensions and worries dissipate in a heartbeat.

Are you a worried mother? Perhaps your worries have to do more with the office or your work at home. Whatever be your tension, breccia jasper can help you once you hold it in your palm and meditate.


Knowing brecciated jasper properties is not an easy task. It takes years of experience to unravel all its powers. Who knows, you might find more powers too!

If you do, share it with our lovely crystal community in the comments below.

Love and light~


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