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Finding ways to embrace and enhance the autumn season using gems, crystals and more

Finding ways to embrace and enhance the autumn season using gems, crystals and more

As I sit, snuggling my comfy fairy throw and sipping my pumpkin spice latte, I can't help but feel overjoyed by the approaching seasonal changes... How I long to see the tides of changing leaves... The ambers, golds and vibrant reds that signify the slowly approaching slumber of the natural world... It's colorful signal that soon winter's cold grasp will be upon us. Even the chill is a welcome friend... I long for the peace that only winters stillness brings... A world of winter's solace covered in a seemingly eternal layer of cold white glitter.

But let us not forget that with the duality of darkness and light this season brings we must prepare spiritually for the coming changes.
People often find themselves drawing inside for deep reflection and personal growth. During this transition we need to surround ourselves with tools that will enhance this process and help us to remain positive through even the darkest nights of winter.

Few stones replicate the fall changing of the leaves, as well as the bright, vibrant reds of carnelian. The stone seems to call out the sound of spices from distant lands. With its glowing amber hues, carnelian is a centering stone. It provides spiritual grounding and a rooting connection to the earth's energy. As a way to incorporate carnelian in your everyday life please check out our lovely Carnelian Teardrop Inlaid Flower Pendant Natural Healing Crystal Necklace.

As well as our 12 Pieces of Wisdom Tree of Life Gemstone Pendants

Fall and the dormancy of nature can sometimes lead to a darkening of spirit. With our inward inflection , we must always remember to surround ourselves with light. The perfect stone to help promote this light is none other than fluorite. Fluorite was given its name due to the fluorescence of it, and its special characteristic of absorbing and emitting light. In addition to that it is thermal-luminescent meaning that when warmed it will re-emit previously absorbed light. Thus making it an excellent source of light and transference of energy. To best facilitate the transference of light and energy I suggest wearing the fluorite to allow your skin to warm the stone to release previously stored light. Here is the perfect wearable pendant that also includes opal and amethyst helping maximize fluorite's power with many color choices - The Talisman Pendant.

Or by using a healing wand which will keep releasing light while performing massage. For an ideal healing wand please check out the Fluorite Crystal Wand.

Given the solitude that some feel with the changing of seasons, it is important to keep a focus on positivity, spiritual well-being & karmic awareness. White topaz stimulates the etheric and crown chakras emitting high-frequency vibrations that dissolve negative mental attachments and help purify our emotions, in essence, healing one's soul. White topaz has been prized through antiquity and is commonly mentioned in historical text. It can help alleviate feelings of hopelessness, sadness & melancholy. These rings would be a beautiful and functional way to incorporate White Topaz into your fall tool kit.

Sandal wood is the perfect incense to usher in autumn's brilliance. With its earthy, woodsy tone even as the trees begin to slumber, their aroma will linger within helping to warm your home and your spirit. It helps purify the home expelling negativity, increasing positive energy in the environment & promoting spiritual well-being. In buddhism it is believed that sandal wood is a sacred scent of the lotus and can help strengthen ones connection to the physical world. Sandal wood is associated with the seventh root chakra, at the base of the spine. It can help alleviate tension in that area. It can also be used as a tool in spell work by writing your intent on a piece of paper and smudging it with the smoke of sandal wood incense. For one of the highest quality sandal wood incense I've come across take a look here: High Quality Sandalwood Incense

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope the coming of the changing of seasons finds you and yours surrounded by glorious colors, smiling faces & the smell of pumpkin spice filling the air.

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