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9 Healing Crystals that Bring Love among Couples

9 Healing Crystals that Bring Love among Couples

Are you in a committed relationship? Perhaps you’re married to the love of your life, but the same love is drying up, day after day. Is that you? You need crystals that protect your love, repair your relationships and emanate good vibrations around. That’s why today is not about crystals for finding your soulmate but attracting more love into your life. Let’s find out more about it.

Table of Contents:

9 Crystals That Bring Love Among Couples
1. Rose Quartz To Attract Love
2. Green Aventurine Best Crystal For Love
3. Moonstone Crystal For Good Relationships
4. Rhodonite Crystals To Bring Back A Lover
5. Jade Crystal To Attract Soulmate
6. Pink Sapphire Crystals For Love And Luck
7. Peridot Crystals To Repair A Relationship
8. Shungite Crystals For Love And Marriage
9. Kiwi Jasper For Faithfulness


     9 Crystals that Bring Love Among Couples

    9 Healing Crystals that Bring Love among Couples

    When in a relationship, you come across frictions and hurdles almost every day. Sometimes it feels as if a mountain is falling and other times the friction adds to the cold air between couples. Don’t be trapped in a loveless relationship because once I was too. That’s when I started decorating our room with healing crystals and the air between us totally changed.

    You can transform your relationship using crystals too. Let’s find out the perfect crystal to repair your relationship.

    1.    Rose Quartz Angel Crystal To Attract Love

    Natural Rose Quartz Angel Shape Reiki Stone

    The divine epitome of love, rose quartz among couples spread love and harmony. It opens both your chakras when you hold it together in your palm, facing one another. Rose quartz angel can protect you from making grave mistakes. It can also guide you to go the extra mile in your relationship for your partner.

    Wearing or holding rose quartz every night before sleep makes your bond stronger and more intimate. Do you know rose quartz angel in the southwest corner of your room for good feng shui? Try it today!

    2.    Green Aventurine Best Crystal fo Love

    Natural Crystal Chakra Pendulum WandPendant / NecklaceRhodium Plated

    Crafted with care, this Green aventurine 7 chakra crystal wand is another heart chakra stone that spreads love and harmony. When couples use or do pendulum session on their heart chakra with the stone, all the hatred and friction between you will disappear.

    Green aventurine meaning is love. It spreads loving energy all around you if you wear it as a pendant to keep your heart chakra open all the time. Wearing green aventurine also protects you from saying hurtful things to your partner.  

    3.    Moonstone Crystals for Good Relationships

    Heart Grey Moonstone Charm- 925 Sterling Silver (CHARM ONLY)Bracelet

    Are you feeling bored in your relationship? Perhaps you’re both busy or things are just not working out for good. If you’ve tried everything else, crystals can be the best remedy for you. Wearing this moonstone bracelet can infuse with your chakra and guide your way.

    Moonstone opens your crown chakra to make partners respectful towards each other. Wearing moonstone brings the light of the moon to make you both more romantic and intimate with each other. Wear moonstone to light the fire in your relationship!

    4.    Rhodonite Crystals For Love and Marriage

    Mookaite Jasper Crystal Pendant 1 PCSNecklaceFI894

    One of the little known crystals to bring back a lover, Rhodonite also instigates thoughts of marriage amongst couples. If your girlfriend or boyfriend is not agreeing to marriage or delaying it ruthlessly, you need a crystal to put the right thoughts in her or his brain about marriage.

    The perfect crystal for leading couples into marriage is Rhodonite. It is a stone for marital fidelity and bliss. Wearing Rhodonite crystals can be relaxing as it supports your decision. The spiritual stone can change your perspective and make you more committed in your relationship.

    5.    Jade Crystal to Attract Love into your life

    Stylish Jade Crystal RingRings8

    Wearing this jade ring brings luck into your life. It will increase your passion and romance in the relationship. Jade is a stone for opening the heart chakra powers. It awakens your deepest desires and telepathically communicates it with your partner.

    Jade can also remove ill feelings of envy or possessiveness in a relationship. It is a crystal for preserving the love in your relationship. Jade blesses you with prosperity too!  

    6.    Pink Sapphire Crystals for Love and Luck

    Pink Sapphire Ring - 925 Sterling SilverRing5Pink

    The light pink stone for couples works excellently because pink sapphire repairs your love life. If you are disturbed or frustrated that love is not working for you, pink sapphire can change all that. Wearing pink sapphire make you intuitive in love. It helps you read others emotions clearly and respond with love and care.

    Pink sapphire is a stone for removing the negativity encircling your bond. Get it today!

    7.    Peridot Crystals to Repair a Relationship

    Peridot Luxury Ring - 925 Sterling SilverRing

    If you want success in your love life, you need the higher heart chakra stone peridot. The olivine stone changes the heart of the couple who are fighting with each other. Peridot is a crystal of peace and love that helps in eradicating doubts and failures around your relationship.

    Peridot can make you wise and responsible towards your relationship. It is a great stone for those lovers who are closed and reclusive in a relationship.  

    8.    Shungite Crystals for Love and Marriage

    Shungite Tumbled Stoneraw stone

    The ultimate cleansing stone you need to eliminate pessimism and friction from the bedroom, shungite also remove bad vibrations. Wearing shungite grounds couples and help them think straight. A crystal of logic and sense, shungite can repair your marriage too. It can remove the questions and speculations your partner has about you.

    Keep a bowl of shungite stones in the southeast direction of your bedroom to rekindle the fire in your marriage. If you feel your marriage is suffering from jinxes and hexes or evil eye from others, shungite can cleanse your mind, body, and space.

    9.    Kiwi Jasper for Faithfulness

    Mookaite Jasper Crystal Pendant 1 PCSNecklaceFI900

    A little known stone that adds spice into the relationship, Kiwi jasper is a sensitive stone. It cleans the chakras and gives us energy to face our challenges. Kiwi Jasper balances your emotions to make you calm and composed. It will prevent angry outbursts and hurtful talk in between couples going through issues.

    Kiwi jasper is like your personal therapist. Use it together to meditate and find solutions to your problems.  

    Before you go …

    Found the right crystals that bring love among couples? Share if you have new ideas with our crystal community.

    I am going to share an article that talks about crystals for broken hearts. Is your heart broken? Find the right crystals for heartbreak so that you can start healing. Here is the article, and when you click on it, a new page will open on the same website with the content you’re looking for.  

    Stay powerful~

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