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7 Sacred Best Crystals for Remembering the Dead and Grieving

7 Sacred Best Crystals for Remembering the Dead and Grieving

Losing someone dear to you is the epitome of grief. It might seem like a sea of pain and hopelessness, but you will overcome it. The strength you generate from winning over this phase in life will make you a better person. What if you could send a tribute, a word of love or a crystal full of bright sunshine to your passed away friend or family? Today we will find out all about the best crystals for remembering the dead and gemstones to help you during the nerve-wracking time of mourning.

If this is you, our heartfelt love and hugs to you. Believe in yourself and the rest, crystals will do!

Let’s find out the right stone to make you feel great once again …

Can crystals help with grief?

Of course, they can! Crystals are one of the best ways to overcome grief. When you’re grieving, your aura energy is muddied with hopelessness. Crystals can penetrate with negative energy and flush it out by replacing it with positive energy.

Grief crystals can help you deal with pain the right way and find grounding. We also have a list of special crystals with how-to use them for summoning the spirits of your near and dear ones or ancestors you would like to meet below.

Scroll away …

How do crystals help remember the passed away spirits?

There are many ways you can meet and greet a passed away spirit with the help of crystals. Although ancient mafic, crystals can help you find many ways to convey your message to the netherworld. What are the advantages of using crystals for remembering the dead?

·      Communication with Crystals for Dead

Can you imagine you can communicate with a passed away spirit? No kidding. This is not Ouija board, but a real thing. Using the right crystal that activates the energy of clairvoyance, you can use a medium to transcribe the messages from the dead. Are there questions you wish to ask to any spirit?

·      Guidance from Spirit Guide with afterlife stones

Have you met your spirit guide? If you haven’t, crystals for the dead can help you meet your spirit guide. It can lead the way to your destiny or the truth you’re seeking in the afterlife. Guidance to life, spirit, and emotions will come naturally once you meet your spirit guide.

·      Offering Tribute with crystals for remembering the dead

Ever wanted to send a little thank you to a person who is no longer alive? Your chance is with the right crystal for sending vibrations that travel beyond the material reality we see around. Such a crystal can send your live energies and vibrations into the afterlife. Healing crystals can send your love and regards across!

When to do rituals with crystals for remembering the dead?

The best time to communicate with spirits that have passed away is Halloween. You can prepare crystal rituals in the month of October to November to create the best sanctity to communicate or remember the dead.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t try any other season or time. New moon is an ideal time to communicate with the dead, just as black-moon or no-moon nights. Do you know any other better time? Share it with our crystal community below!

Which are the best Crystals for remembering the dead?

You need to cherry pick crystals for communicating with the dead because you need high vibration stones that can pass beyond our dimension. Let’s find out the best ways to do so!

Before you start, I suggest you cleanse the entire space with a lavender and sandalwood incense during your cleansing with clear quartz wand. Choose a median stone like black tourmaline or hematite to ensure energies don’t get tainted by each other. Hold it one of your palms tightly (preferable left towards the heart).

Once you’re ready, choose one of the below and start your ritual with crystals for remembering the dead. Don’t hesitate to click on the picture of the crystal you like to add it to your cart!

1.    Celestite Crystals and stones to Connect with Ancestors

Natural Celestite Crystal Cluster

One of the best stones to communicate with other realms, celestite is a stone of wonder. It is a spirit communication crystal that balances your emotions to communicate with angelic realms. Celestite works with your third eye and throat chakras to enhance your ability of clairvoyance. You will be able to hear the messages of your ancestors and communicate with a medium.

How to Use Celestite for remembering the dead

  • Take this celestite in the picture in your right hand.
  • Place the right hand over your third eye chakra.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Meditate while breathing in rhythm while chanting the name of the ancestor spirit you want to meet.
  • You will feel the heat in your hands, hold the black tourmaline in the left hand tighter.
  • The crystal will take care of the rest!

Price: $59.99 USD

2.    Moldavite Spirit Mediation Stones

Green Crystal Stone Necklace   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   6

One of the little-known high-vibration stones, moldavite is filled with heart chakra energies of divine love. It can help you define a medium with the passed away spirit if you’re new to this. Stone of connectivity and communication, it can be used by the median person who will be communicating with the spirit, preferably a shaman.

You are going to enter extra-terrestrial communication and moldavite can empower you for the Spirit transformation you need! And, yes it is a 2-person job.

How to Use Moldavite for remembering the dead?

  • Take your moldavite in the right hand.
  • Now place your right hand over the heart chakra.
  • Chant an affirmation that welcomes the spirit.
  • Chant it as fast as you can (you can scat the words)
  • Don’t be concerned about other things that happen.

Price: $22.00 USD

3.    Apache Tears Gemstones for the Dead

An essential gemstone for anyone going through the unbearable morning period over a loved one, apache tears can clear all your hopeless emotions with reasonable solutions. Apache tears is a sacred stone that can bring you the shoulder and support you need to cry or vent out. It can even protect you from evil forces from harming you!

How to Use Apache Tears for remembering the dead?

  • Take the Apache tear in your right palm.
  • Close the right palm with the left palm.
  • Meditate for a few minutes.
  • Place the stone beside your bed and sleep.

4.    Selenite Angelic Communication

Natural Selenite Tower - Raw Gemstone

One of the infamous crystals that have been alive since the dawn of time, selenite is precious and sacred. It gives protection from ghosts and evil spirits from entering your sacred space. It is best to start with selenite for angelic communication so all your protection angels are ready when you call upon the dead.

How to Use Selenite for remembering the dead?

  • Take your selenite in your right hand.
  • Point it at your crown chakra.
  • Chant affirmations with names of your favorite angels.
  • Call upon them, add more incantations until you’re in a trance.
  • You will feel the presence of angels when you’re successful.
  • If unsuccessful the first time, try on a full moon night.

Price: $42.95

5.    Amethyst Crystals to Connect with Spirit Guides

Natural Amethyst  Cluster - Home Decor (100g)

Beautiful with natural terminations, this hexagonal amethyst stone is one so powerful it can connect you with your spirit guide however impoverished your spirit is. Amethyst is the stone of crown chakra, so it will connect you to the etheric realm and you will be directly seeking the answers for your questions.

How to Use Amethyst for remembering the dead?

  • Take your amethyst crystal in the hand.
  • Lay down on the grass, ground or rock.
  • Place the amethyst on your forehead.
  • Close your eyes and let your spirit guide, guide you.

Price: $33.90

6.    Obsidian Psychic Communication Crystals

10 cm Black Obsidian Scrying  Mirror

What you see in the image is a scrying mirror made of purely black obsidian. A psychic protection stone, black obsidian can train your psychic abilities. It can make you intuitive to pick up spirit energies easily. Black obsidian also enhances your spiritual eye, hearing, and senses.

How to Use Black Obsidian for remembering the dead?

  • Sit under full moon night.
  • Take the black obsidian mirror.
  • Find the reflection of the moon on the mirror as best as you can.
  • Keep gazing at the mirror while chanting the affirmation to welcome your spirit or name of the spirit.

Price: $38.99 USD

7.    Lapis Lazuli for Summoning Spirits

Natural Stone Crystal Ring (Resizeable)

One of the best stones for going beyond the earth such as astral travel or inside through lucid dreaming, lapis lazuli also has a good rapport with the spirit world. Lapis lazuli taps into your third eye and throat chakra to help you communicate and summon spirits you want.

How to Use Lapis Lazuli for remembering the dead?

  • Take your lapis lazuli ring and place it in your palm.
  • Charge it with a wand.
  • Wear it on your middle finger.
  • Now close your eyes and rub the ring gently with your right hand.
  • Continue meditating.

Price: $15.95 USD

Before you go …

This is yet another crystal that helps you move on in life. Rose Quartz Healing Crystals for Loss of a Pet is cherished by many and I have personally found it particularly helpful in moving on after my cat Ginger died.

Are there any more crystals for remembering the dead you know? Please share it with our crystal community in the comments below.

Stay powerful~

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