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7 Groundbreaking Lucky Stones and Good Luck Crystals You Need

7 Groundbreaking Lucky Stones and Good Luck Crystals You Need

Do you know people believe in luck more than movies, sports or music? I’m not kidding because lotteries beat video games too! According to the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries, Americans spend more on the lottery than other media. However, believing in luck is not enough to win a lottery right? Moreover, 44% winners end up losing all the money they win. But, what if you had a secret magic item that you can use to up your chances? When I started researching on that ten years ago, I thought I was at a dead-end. A week from that, I found a good luck crystal grid that you can use. I’ve also added all my lucky stones for career, love, business, and health so that you get the total Luck Package! Get on it.  

Good Luck Crystals Explained

There are all kinds of luck in the world. Financial luck, luck in love, lucky in health, luck in fortune, lucky memory and whatnot! That’s why for each, his own luck.

If you want to find luck in your life, you don’t need to toil the tundra. All you need is to find blocks in your aura that is stopping the luck from coming into your life “because luck is everywhere around us”. It’s us who eclipse it out. Luck repels the evil and finds your best. 

So, the first step is to define your luck. Once you do that, good luck will follow.

What are Lucky Stones?

Crystals for good luck are stones and gemstones that contain supernatural energy to attract prosperity and fortune into your life.

These are not stones with the name lucky stones, but crystals that can pull good luck towards you, no matter what your situation is.


7 Lucky Stones and Good Luck Crystals No One Ever Shares

I know how secretive people can get around their investing tactics and tweaks of good luck. The truth is we all believe in luck. We either hide the feeling or overimpose it. I found it the hardest way ever.

Lucky stones do not work in just your direction. Sometimes, they will try to show you how helping another person turns out to be your luck. So start reading the real tweaks of using good luck crystals to #TRANSFORM your life!

1.    Citrine Crystals for Luck

Natural Citrine Crystals

You might wonder, “how exactly does citrine work”. The truth is, this gemstone works your luck by getting rid of all the debt in your life. If you rummage old history textbooks, you will find citrine bearing merchants too. 

Did you know citrine was once the stone of lucky merchants?

The power of Crown, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras make citrine attract luck.

When I was 19 and almost cornered into debt, citrine ring showed me visions and I just followed it”.


Where to Keep Citrine Lucky Stones to Attract Good Luck

The best feng shui area to keep your citrine stone for debt-free life is the center of your home or office to attract good fortune and luck.

2.    Rose Quartz Good Luck Crystals

The mystery of rose quartz is the deity it worships- Astarte (fertility), Venus (love) and Aphrodite (beauty), the goddesses of love.

Tumbled Rose Quartz Stones“You can change anyone with a rose quartz
” and it was the proposal stone that got my lovely husband too.

Try your luck with a pink crystal quartz today!

If you want luck in love, a rose quartz pendant is all you need.

Better yet, gift a rose quartz jewelry before you propose the girl or boy you love to ensure it’s a YES!

Where to Keep Rose Quartz Lucky Stones to Attract Good Luck

The best feng shui area to keep your Rose Quartz stone for attracting love-luck is the southern area of your home or office to attract luck in love.

3.    Tiger Eye Gemstone for Good Luck

An amplifying stone that attracts abundance, tiger eye helps you re-evaluate your perspective and decisions. Point it at solar plexus or sacral chakra to activate the crystal for good luck ASAP!
Tiger Eye Love Bracelet - Elastic Rope - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

You can see the direction of life on a tiger eye. See all the veins on it. Get hypnotized on one to find the answer to the question troubling you”.

It is enveloped by grounding energies that help you understand your reality in clarity and take the right decision with your lucky stones of tiger eye.

Where to Keep Tiger Eye Lucky Stones to Attract Good Luck

The best feng shui area to keep your Tiger Eye stone for attracting lucky decisions is the southern area of your home or office to attract lucky wisdom.

4.    Rhodonite Stones for Success in Career

Sister to rhodochrosite and cousin to rose quartz, Rhodonite is the amulet of ancient Russians. Called ‘Eagle Stone’ by Ural locals were it was first discovered, Rhodonite was the favorite gem of Czars. It is best for Scorpio and beckons the powers of Goddesses of Knowledge and Dreams.

“If you have an unfinished dream or one that needs a lot of luck to happen, a Rhodonite on the heart chakra like a pendant will work the magic you desire”.

It is best for professional dreams that you couldn’t accomplish earlier!

Where to Keep Rhodonite Lucky Stones to Attract Good Luck

The best feng shui area to keep your Rhodonite stone for attracting love-luck is the southern area of your home or office to manifest your dreams.

5.    Red Jasper Crystals for luck and Success

Do you know the gem that lined the most courageous Viking Warrior Siegfried? 

Set of 13 Heart Shape Natural Healing Stones   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   9

It was a Red Jasper that looked bloodier than the blood rushing through our veins. In other Legends, heaven is filled with red jasper or should be worn only on the right side.

Red Jasper is the key stone for finding success in your business.

It will part the world to find valiance in you”.

With a red jasper, the best thing is that you will find and recognize your voice of luck from within.

Where to Keep Red Jasper Lucky Stones to Attract Good Luck

The best feng shui area to keep your Red Jasper stone for attracting success and luck is the southern area of your home or office.

Before you go …

BONUS LUCKY STONE: Labradorite Gems for Good Luck in Health works because it is a bridge of higher and lower chakra energies.

Luck comes every way, it is us who do not recognize its face because luck is always disguised in hard work. The gems above will help you find luck by spotting the opportunities that will change your mind and life.

When I began writing this post, I was afraid it will be hard to write down the correct inspirations that brought me to these stones.

Though, I’ve tried each of the above and lucky myself, I want you to realize your horizons on your own.

You will see the wonders that you only saw in fiction, in front of your eyes because these stones can all give you clair-vision and clairvoyance individually.

So, hold any of the crystals above and tell me what you see in the comments below.

Stay powerful~

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