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11 Sacred Crystals for New Homes and Apartments

11 Sacred Crystals for New Homes and Apartments

So, you got a new place. Congratulations! Do you like it? Before you settle in, do you want to clean it off the leftover energy of the old remnant or workers who built the home? I have a few dozen tips to help you out. As I have moved across two countries and 3 dozen apartments, I know just the crystals for new homes or apartments. I have added directions on how to use each crystal to cleanse and charge your new home. Reading references follow at the end.

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Which Are The Sacred Crystals For New Home Or Apartment?

Which Are the Sacred Crystals For New Home Or Apartment?

When I moved into my first apartment alone, it was a mess. I thought I had cleaned it well with Dettol, but there were spiritual evil energies I didn’t know about. The truth is, every new space, even if it is new to you, comes with remnant energies from past inhabitants or workers and ancestors who used the land.

Applying the directions of good feng shui, you can bring good vibes to your apartment. But before you start anything, you need to cleanse your crystals. That’s what the first point is about.

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1.    Clear Quartz Crystals For Cleaning New Apartment

Natural Crystal Clear Quartz Stonesraw stonePolishing

The crystal that can clean other crystals and itself, clear quartz is ideal for all those who are moving into a new place. It has purifying energies that connect with the higher realm using powers of crown chakra and third eye chakra. Clear quartz crystals can absorb all the evil energy in your apartment and eject it away.

How to Use Clear Quartz for Cleansing your New Apartment

  • Take your clear quartz wand in the right hand.
  • Circle it thrice around you from the center of the room.
  • Keep it for a day in every room of your apartment.
  • Keep programming the crystal every day by circling it around the corners of the room.

2.    Aragonite Crystals For A Happy Home

Aragonite Crystal Cluster

One of the unique crystals for your lower chakra energies, Aragonite is believed a freeing stone. It can open your life force energy by fueling the sacral chakra located in your abdomen. Aragonite crystals can be placed in your new place to fill the space with positive and good vibrations. The orange crystals also ground the space and eject the negative energy via the ground.

How to use Aragonite for a Happy Home

  • Take the aragonite in your right hand.
  • Chant ‘happiness, energy, peace’ and so on.
  • Now meditate with the aragonite cluster for five minutes visualizing happiness.
  • Place the aragonite cluster in the Eastern direction of your house or bedroom.

3.    Shungite For Purifying New Home

Shungite Tumbled Stoneraw stone

Considered a miracle stone that cleanses old energies, shungite works on the energy in your space. It can dispel evil energies or curses held onto the old inhabitant or their bad karma. Shungite must be used to left in the space on its own to work. It takes time, but shungite can purify the old energy of your new home easily, especially if you’re renting.

How to use Shungite for Purifying your New Home

  • Take all the shungite crystals.
  • Place it in a Bowl.
  • Now place the bowl in the northwest direction of your house.  

4.    Rose Quartz Crystals In Your Bedroom

Rose Quartz Engraved Pyramid for Reiki Healing

If you’re a newly married couple or friends, you need rose quartz to emanate vibrations of harmony and love in the bedroom. It will make the room inviting and the slumber deep. Rose quartz is the queen of love and she can bring intimacy and closeness in your relationship if you use the symmetrical rose quartz pyramid in your bedroom for feng shui.

How to use Rose quartz Crystals in your New Bedroom  

  • Take your rose quartz pyramid.
  • Take a crystal wand and touch it on the pyramid.
  • Meditate with your intention for five minutes.
  • Place the rose quartz pyramid under the bed.

5.    Black Tourmaline To Absorb Negativity Energy

Black Tourmaline Healing Stonesraw stone

Do you know black tourmaline is a crystal that dispels hexes back to the sender? Black tourmaline can protect you from a creepy to noisy neighbor. It cleanses the energy around your house by creating a cocoon around it. Black tourmaline must be placed like pillars for the new house.

Black Tourmaline can cleanse the bad mojo left behind by previous residents.

How to Use Black Tourmaline to Absorb Negative Energy  

  • You can take four black tourmaline stones.
  • Bury the stone around the four corners of the house
  • Or, place it in a bag around the corners of your house.

6.    Selenite Candle For Cleansing Your New Place

Selenite Crystal Candle Holderdecoration

Wonder what fire does? Cleanse the negativity. Do you know what selenite does? It is a cleansing stone. Together, selenite and the magic of fire can help to dispel evil energies from your new home. Selenite candle can be placed in any room for purifying the space. It is a completely ready crystal to be charged for your cleansing intentions.

How to Use Selenite Candle for Cleansing your New Place  

  • Take your selenite candle.
  • Place it in the north corner of the house.
  • Light it
  • Change it to a second room next day.
  • Light it in all four corners of the house.

7.    Smoky Quartz Elixir For Clearing Negativity

Crystal Elixir Water BottleSmokey Quartz

To get rid of the confusions and energy attacks, smoky quartz can protect you by infusing with your chakra. You can wear these earrings and walk around the house to feel energy clearing up. Smoky quartz is a powerful stone that cleanses bad vibrations and feng shui that can harm your home and the productivity of the people in it.

How to Make Smoky Quartz Elixir for Clearing Negativity

  • Take your smoky quartz elixir bottle.
  • Fill it with water.
  • Place it in the Eastern direction.
  • Let it charge the water for 5 hours.
  • Sprinkle the water around the house after. 

8.    Dream Amethyst For Charging Positive Energy

Natural Rough Dream Amethyst Crystal Raw Gemstoneraw stone

Considered a therapeutic stone, amethyst crystals can charge your new house with good vibrations. Dream amethyst opens the crown chakra and opens the door to the etheric realm. In simple words, it will invite angels into your house. Amethyst dream stones can be placed around the house to generate positive vibrations around your space. Amethyst also makes the inhabitants intuitive and respectful towards each other.

Where to place Amethyst in your Home?

You can keep the dream amethyst in a bowl in the Northeast direction for spiritual awareness and enlightenment.  

When you keep the dream amethyst crystals in the South directions, it attracts Fame and Prosperity.  

9.    Yellow Topaz For Wealth And Abundance

Natural Hexagon Yellow Crystal Topaz Wandraw stone

A peace giving stone that can attract prosperity towards your home, this is a crystal to use once you have cleansed the place. You can make a crystal grid with yellow topaz and set it up in the southeast direction. Yellow topaz connects with your lower chakras to ground you. It attracts wealth and fame towards you and the people who live in the same house with you.

How to Use Yellow Topaz for Wealth and Abundance

  • Take the yellow topaz wand.
  • Aim the corner of the first room.
  • Chant ‘cleanse’ thrice and circle the wand in a clockwise direction.
  • Continue to program all the corners of the room in the house.
  • Do it at dusk.

10. Mookaite Jasper For Harmony

Mookaite Jasper Crystal Pendant 1 PCSNecklaceFI901

One for balance and resolving family problem, crystal for harmony mookaite jasper also brings peace to your mind. It can cleanse bad or negative private speech inside your head. Mookaite jasper boosts your self-confidence and removes self-pity. It is a stone that guides you on your destiny.

How to Use Mookaite Jasper for Harmony  

  • Take the mookaite jasper in the right hand.
  • Aim or Focus at the southeast direction of every room one after another.
  • Wear it and walk around the space of all the rooms thrice.

11. Tiger Eye For Protection of your Home

Fashionable Natural Flower Stone PendantPendant / NecklaceTiger Eye

Do you want to protect your home from evil energies? Tiger eye is what you need. A crystal for boosting alertness and focus, tiger eye also builds a cover of protection around your house. Use it to protect yourself from bad neighbors. If you want to create a ring of protection around the house, hang tiger eye at every entrance.  

How to Use Tiger Eye Stones for Protection of your Home

Hang it on the window of your living room or verandah to keep bad energies out.

Before you go …

You don’t need to pick just one crystal. Do this- get your pick of cleansing, energizing and good vibration crystals in a Tibetan bowl. Place it in each direction or room of your house for 5-6 hours. Let the crystals do the work on their own.

If you’re new to crystals, type your DOB with the place you were born in the comments below. We will find the right crystal for your new home.

Stay powerful~

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