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11 Opal and Fire Opal Ring Suggestions for Ladies

11 Opal and Fire Opal Ring Suggestions for Ladies

Everyone who has set eyes on an opal, knows its iridescent beauty that captivates the eyes and the soul. Opal is a beautiful gemstone that has been known to man since centuries. We’ve used it in magic to jewelry and healing throughout our knowledge. Opals and fire opals bring with them the blessing of many stars and planets. There are varied colors of opal and fire opal ring options you can choose from that looks fabulous from every angle.

Let’s find out all about it!

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11 Stunning Opal and Fire Opal Ring Designs for Ladies who Adore Crystals

Looking for the best crystal ring that can shimmer with a zillion colors inside? It’s not Labradorite or moonstone that can give you the most spectacular colors, but an opal. Even better are fire opals with a blazing outburst of colors popping on the surface every now and then.

Opal and fire opal ring designs are mesmerizing as they add the powers of lower chakras apart from style. What’s our list of favorite fire opal and opal rings?

1.    Rainbow Opal Ring for Intuition

100% Natural Ethiopian Rainbow OpalRing

Shimmering with thousand rays of lights, this Rainbow Opal ring is studded with green and white round stones in prong setting. It is a powerful stone that aligns with your higher chakras to make you intuitive. Rainbow opal can attract wisdom and wealth into your life.

The central rainbow opal stone from Ethiopia is set with 2.5 carat stone in round shape. Designed to sparkle and add beauty to your finger, rainbow opal ring for ladies works like a charm!

2.    Blue White Fire Opal Ring for Chakra Therapy

Blue & White Fire Opal Silver RingRing

A fusion of four fire opals, blue, pink, green and white, this blue white fire opal ring is one to light up your looks. It is versatile to go with every attire or personality because the ring comprises of multiple colors signifying multifaceted powers.

Blue fire opal on the ring empowers your throat chakra to make you charismatic while pink fire opal makes you empathic and green fire opal makes you wise. White fire opal, on the other hand, is a stone of intuition that awakens your crown chakra, featured in the center. Together, this is a crystal pairing of fire opal fit for the Goddess as it aligns with all your chakras.  

3.    Red Fire Opal Ring Solitaire for Courage

Red Fire Opal Ring - Sizes; 6/7/8Ring6

Bright and flaming with the crimson blaze, red fire opal solitaire ring is a trendy statement piece. It is filled with the life force energy of kundalini fueled from your sacral chakra that the ring awakens. Red fire opal is a stone of courage and strength. It is a bold fire opal ring for ladies with natural opal.

An opal stackable ring with red fire opal for solitaire, this ring connects with your root chakra to make you feel grounded. It eliminates negativity and makes you feel energetic.

4.    Australian White Fire Opal Ring for Etheric Connection

White Fire Australian Opal RingRing10White

A three stone ring made of white fire opal, this natural Australian opal ring stands for the past, present and future. It is filled with the energy of crown chakra to make you clairvoyant. White fire opal makes you intuitive with psychic abilities of clairvision too. It can clear muddy thoughts and guide your path.

White Australian fire opal ring is a gorgeous addition to your stylish wardrobe, thanks to its artisanal construction. This white fire opal can connect you with the etheric realm and the angels or your spirit guide.

5.    Blue Fire Opal Gold Ring for Self Confidence

Blue Opal and Diamond Ring Set in 14K Solid GoldRing

Looking akin to a druzy stone ring, this blue fire opal ring fills you with self-esteem and vigor. It is a stone to find your true destiny and purpose. It is believed that blue fire opal triggers your throat chakra to make your communication skills flawless.

If you were an introvert, wearing this blue fire opal ring can transform you into a confident person. Blue fire opal is a timeless treasure that soothes your mind and calms your nerves.

6.    Black Opal Ring Meaning

100% Genuine Black Opal - 925 Sterling SilverRing

A character-building gemstone, black opal is a meditative stone. It is believed that holding this black opal fills you with calmness by emitting theta brainwaves. Black opal means clarity and cleansing. It eliminates negativity and protects you against the evil eye.

Black opal derives fire energy from nature to fill you with energy. It is a strength stone that can uplift you in times of frustration and failure. Black opal attracts positive opportunities into your life too.

7.    Radiant Blue Opal Ring for Charisma

Classy Opal Ring- 925 Sterling SilverRing

Iridescent and spectacular, this radiant blue opal ring is a lucky charm. It empowers multiple chakras as you can see multiple color energies blazing within the stone. Blue opal is a stone of freedom and truth as it empowers the chakra of the throat.

Designed to fit snugly without compromising on your sophisticated style, this radiant blue opal ring makes you the center of the attention. Wear it on your next party or date outta town, you’ll look like a mystic diva.

8.    Star of David White Fire Opal Ring for Protection

David Star White Fire Opal 925 Sterling Silver RingRing10

The 6-pointed Star of David represents protection. It is a talismanic ring that will combine with your aura to make hexes and evil eye or dangers away from you. Star of David in white fire opal connects you with the etheric realm to seek help from your guardian angel or spirit guide. It is an exquisite ring that looks stylish all the while protecting you from evil.

9.    Wood Opal Ring for Harmony

Black Acacia Wood Opal RingRings

Combining the fire and wood energy, this ring is a symbol of peace. It emanates soft vibrations that can make you calm and composed. Acacia Wood opal ring is a stylish design that empowers your lower chakras. It grounds you when you feel dizzy and disoriented. Wood opal made in Tungsten is carefully constructed for the opalescence of the gemstone to pop. It adds a sophisticated glow to whatever you wear!

10. White Fire Opal Ring for Divination

White / Blue Fire Opal RingRing7White

Yet another beautiful ring for training your psychic abilities, white fire opal ring can make you prophesize. It is a five-stone ring that sparkles with a soft yellow and pink with green iridescence within. Filled with powers to energize you and connect with the higher medium, this white fire opal keeps you spiritually aware every moment you wear it.  It is studded with white stones around the huge five white fire opals in round shapes to beautify your fingers even more.  

11. Pink Fire Opal Flower Ring for Love

Pink Fire Opal Flower RingRing

A gemstone that emanates soft and loving vibrations, pink fire opal is a mystic stone. It is filled with heart chakra energies to attract love towards you from others and yourself. Wearing this flower opal ring makes you empathic and compassionate. It is as set with six pink fire opals and dozens of shimmering white stones to add to the glamor. Beautiful and dainty, this pink fire opal ring can attract friends and true love towards you when programmed with heart chakra.

Before you go …

Did you find your dream opal and fire opal ring? Tell us about your opal love in the comments below!

Stay powerful~


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