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Moonstone Ring Meaning

A crystal that invokes your intuition, beauty and awareness, moonstone ring meaning is beyond the ordinary. Dreaming of a moonstone ring means there is a big change coming in your career that can turn your life around. Moonstone opens the inner eye.  

What is Moonstone Ring good for?

Natural Moonstone Ring - 925 Sterling SilverRing10

A stone that can make you see the invisible dimension, moonstone studded rings bring harmony into your life. It can also bring many other benefits. Let’s find out! and

  • Moonstone Ring Intuition

When you wear a moonstone, you hear the inner voice. Moonstone ring means your spiritual eye will be open by awakening your third eye.

  • Spiritual Consciousness with moonstone ring

Calmness using Moonstone Ring is popular among crystal users. You will discover answers to the questions about your destiny and spirit.

  • Moonstone Ring Meaning Sound Sleep

Keeping a moonstone under your pillow opens all your chakras to help in regeneration during sleep. It gives you deep sleep with vivid dreams.   

What Chakra is Moonstone ring?

Vintage Bohemian Big Cat's Eye Stone in Rose Gold Color Oval Crystal RingRing5.5

Moonstone opens your third eye and crown chakras. With an open third eye, you will be able to perceive thoughts around you. To recharge a moonstone ring, keep it in a Tibetan bowl on a full moon night.

Know more benefits of moonstone rings here.

How to wear Moonstone Rings?

Antique Thai Black Moonstone Ring6White

Wearing the moonstone ring on Monday morning on your Pinky finger on your Right hand will work wonders!

Read the Healing Crystal Handbook on Moonstone Meanings.

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