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Why Are Healing Crystals For Actors and Performers So Famous?

Why Are Healing Crystals For Actors and Performers So Famous?

Want a healing crystal that will attract fame to you as an actor? Use these #CelebrityCrystals right away!

Healing crystals for Actors

If you’re a celebrity of any kind and want to steer your acting career in the entertainment industry, start with gemstones that has a history of delivering just that! Today’s post is about the gemstones that actually introduced luck to wealth, abundance, fame and fortune to Film and Television Actors from around the world!

6 Actors or celebrities who also Wore Gemstones

Healing crystals for Actors

There are famous actors who battled cancer to stage fright and petty feuds with gemstones and reaped a great deal of success to wealth and fame. Moreover, with many gemstones known for increasing popularity to influence, fame and appeal, anybody can use a dab of the gem elixir for a feel of the sky-high feeling!

·         Patrick Swayze

Healing crystals for Actors

An avid fan of Agate, the dirty dancing superstar used agate to prolong his lifespan. Contracted with a life threatening cancer is when Patrick turned to gemstone therapy. He wore gemstones on the waist, neck and hands keep the healing energy close-by.

·         Katy Perry

Healing crystals for Actors

According to the singer celebrity and gorgeous actor Katy Perry, Rose Quartz is a real man magnet. She claims that carrying rose quartz jewelry to crystal trinkets in her bag or wallet always attracts potential dates to her.

The story goes that, Madonna inspired Katy about Healing Crystals and introduced to a gemstone healer.

·         Amitabh Bachchan

Why Are Healing Crystals For Actors and Performers So Famous?

A prominent Indian and International Film Actor (The Great Gatsby) with a great fanbase, Amitabh Bachchan claims that he always wore a blue sapphire which kickstarted his stardom in World Movies. Blue Sapphire is the main magnet for wealth and fame if you analyze his half a century of an acting career!

·         Robert Downey Jr

Healing crystals for Actors

The iron man of Hollywood Superheroes claims that Gemstone therapy helped him through his rehabilitation from substance abuse. For celebrities and actors, drug abuse also creates a balance in the celebrity lifestyle. Only by walking away from addictions can you truly chase your passions than dragons. Rober Downey Junior used Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli to break free the abusive traits of his past.

Today we know that gemstones were the reason he attained success and true freedom after the abusive traumas!   

·         Aiswarya Rai

Healing crystals for Actors

Amitabh Bachchan’s daughter-in-law and an infamous Indian and Hollywood Actress, known for the roles of Mistress of Spices, Pink Panther Two and Bride & Prejudice wear Red Coral. Aiswarya Rai was also Miss World and Miss India in the past decades.

Red Coral is a passion and beauty enhancing stone that works excellently on women too.

·         Victoria Beckham

Healing crystals for Actors

Infamous celebrity wife of David Bekham also publicly claimed the power of Black Tourmaline giving her strength and support. Victoria Beckham emphasizes that she is a strongly spiritual person with extravagant varieties of Black Tourmaline and Rose Quartz on her since her L.A debut.

6 Best Gemstones for Actors and Celebrities

Healing crystals for Actors

Acting is a profession that requires your intelligence, charisma, beauty and performance in addition to stability in mental, emotional and physical balance. As healing crystals also boost your spiritual consciousness, celebrities also attain a new dimension of vent out.

·         Aquamarine For Envy

Healing crystals for Actors

When infused with the power of moonlight, aquamarine becomes a gem elixir by calming the wearer and dispelling negativity. If you think negative vibes are influencing your productivity, you must use aquamarine to dispel the evil eye or curses from your foes or ill-wishers.

·         Emerald For Success

An ideal stone that improves one’s memory and thoughts, Emerald is a higher chakra crystal that works well when programmed before bed. Emerald must be worn at all times to renovate your chakra and charge it for attracting success.

·         Pearl For Fame

Why Are Healing Crystals For Actors and Performers So Famous?

If popularity is your giant log blocking industrial success, Pearls are ideal for dazzling the people around and making them feel a divine aura. Pearl is the gemstone of Goddess and Goddesses and often used to display and attract opulence by charging the divine heart chakra.

·         Citrine For Wealth

Why Are Healing Crystals For Actors and Performers So Famous?

A bright stone that brings fortune and money, citrine was the merchant’s stone for fortunate trade in the earlier days. By keeping a wallet in your wallet or safe, you will see new opportunities for expanding your wealth via the acting career.

·         Rose Quartz For Beauty

Why Are Healing Crystals For Actors and Performers So Famous?

The most vital trait of celebrities is the skin-deep beauty. Rose quartz activates the heart chakra and glows the skin from inside. Using rose quartz infused water becomes a gem elixir that conditions the skin and smoothens it to look younger and healthier!

What we recommend …

Healing crystals for Actors

To emphasize the belief in gemstones, even Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India wears gemstones as a leader of a nation where gemstones were a vital part of the sacred scriptures. As a bonus tip, use amethyst to balance in your love and professional life.

Which Acting Crystals sparked Hoffman in you?

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