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What is Selenite?

What is Selenite?

Selenite is one of the first crystals that were made by God, way before man was made. An extravagant crystal filled with the energy of love and light, selenite is a rock gypsum. Do you know what is satin spar or sodium selenite? What about the astrology or uses of Selenite? If you’re finding it hard to recollect, just skim through the list made by our experts below. It can help you understand what is selenite in less than 3 minutes!

Selenite Defined

What is selenite?

The crystal selenite is made from gypsum. What is rock gypsum? There are two types of gypsum- selenite and alabaster. Both are calcium sulfate dihydrate. The word selenite comes from the ancient Greek Word Selene, attributed to the Greek Goddess of Moon- Selene.

Selenite translucent meaning is purification and cleansing. One of the most popular variety of selenite is stain spar which gives the crystal a radiant sheen. Also popular as Celenite, the scaly selenite that looks like a brown rose is called Desert Rose selenite.

3 Effective Benefits of Selenite No one Talks About  

Revered as a Prosperity Shard or used in Sto hearts and minds, selenite rock gypsum is a crystal with many metaphysical properties. Let’s find out the best three uses of selenite.  

  1. Purification and Cleansing with Selenite Wand

You can always cleanse a person or place with selenite by circling the selenite wand thrice over the person or area.

  1. Selenite Charging plate

To charge your crystals, use a selenite slab to keep the crystals on it. Take your crystals after 4 hours when they are completely charged and energized by selenite.

  1. Protection with Selenite Candle Holder

Place the candle holder in southwest direction after dawn and meditate for five minutes. Selenite with the fire energy will remove all the negativity from your surroundings!


Selenite has many powers hidden with it. Do you know there is white and orange selenite? Both are powerful crystals for cleansing people, places and surroundings. Ask your doubts about selenite below!

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