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Watch Out For These Of Crystals For Halloween

Watch Out For These Of Crystals For Halloween

It’s such endless fun to be spooked and then, get those sweet-sweet candies on Halloween. We have a tight-knit culture here Atperry’s on Halloween every year. Instead of using props to scare, we use healing crystals to connect with lurking spirits and honor them. All Hallow’s Eve is the best time to connect with spirits, we follow a disciplined ritual through and through. Find out how to use crystals for Halloween below!

Halloween Crystals Explained

The first mention of Halloween or the day of the spirits dates back to a religion from 200 B.C. Sorry, folks, it’s not Christianity, but the druid religion. Beginning their New Year on November 1st, druids believed the souls of people who died the year before would rise on the night of October 31. They would be beckoned to the netherworld by the God of Darkness Samhain.

For the same purpose, the passageway that separates life from afterlife will be thinned at this time. That’s why it becomes easy to communicate with spirits during this time.

What is the connection between Halloween and Crystals?

Have you ever wanted to see a spirit that passed away? Perhaps you wanted to communicate with your guardian angel but always found a thick wall separating you. Well, all your dreams about angelic communication to astral travel are about to come true!

Honoring all Hallow’s eve in a fun way is Halloween, period. But, it is also the day of the dead. Almost all religions consider October 31, the passage of the dead.  It was Pope Gregory II who transferred the Christian holiday to honor the souls from May to October 31.

How to do angelic communication? It’s easier at the midnight of October and that’s why you should try it too. The experience opens your mind and eyes.  

Why use Crystals for Halloween?

So, you got the part about thinned veil or passageway that makes it easy to communicate and even enter the spirit world, right? That’s why Halloween for crystal lovers is like the ultimate gig. We love the new energies and there are so many, folks.

Before I rant out my excitement, listen to the nine voices of the reason why crystals for Halloween are the best!

Celestite To Connect with Spirits

2" Celestite Crystal Polished Stone

For all those who want to connect with a specific spirit, All Hallow’s Eve brings luck to you.

Use the celestial healing crystal of celestite, ruled by Mercury. It empowers your communication skills and intelligence as the ‘messenger of gods’.

As the gemstone from strontium ore activates triple chakras, that of the crown, third eye and throat, you will feel ungrounded and dissociated, almost dangling onto your body.

Don’t worry, within a few flashes, you will meet the spirits you beckoned!

Seek Help from Guardian Angel with Angelite

Celestite is for spirits. What if you want to call upon your guardian angel to ask some serious questions on Halloween 2018? As the job of a guardian angel is to silently and invisibly guide you, they are often shy or withdrawn from revealing themselves.

That’s why you need a gemstone such as Angelite that awakens the powers of the distant planet Uranus and chakra points at your heart and throat. Uranus brings helps to surface your deepest thoughts easily on Halloween.

Use Larimar To Visit Your Past Lives

We have all heard about karmic debts from the things we did in the past lives. What if I tell you’re star-crossed from your soul mate in this life because of the same karma? There’s one answer to do penance with the energy of Larimar.

As many of you know Larimar is called the dolphin stone. You don’t have to worry how to know about your past karma when you use a Larimar. As it awakens the throat and crown chakras, you will be able to see visions of your karmic debt easily when you meditate with a Larimar stone on Halloween night!

Travel the Cosmic World with Labradorite

Natural Crystal Labradorite Raw GemstoneIf you ever wanted to travel across the fascinating shimmers of our galaxy, you don’t have to wait light years or travel at the speed of light. Labradorite can belt you up and take you for the best ride of your life.

The Aurora Borealis stone pulls out the shaman inside you to enhance your intuition and psychic abilities. You will commune with the netherworld easily using a Labradorite on the Halloween light as it can lighten your body for extra-terrestrial voyage!

Ametrine To Increase Creativity and Energy

Renowned for being a unique crystal that can balance the dark and the light, amethyst during Halloween can steady your steps to cross the thin veil. It is important to the Samhain feast on the night of All Hallow to protect you against falling into the dark side.

How does Ametrine do that?

It flushes out the negativity from your aura as well as excess-positivity when you’re in a vulnerable zone.

Popular since the 70s, Ametrine controls solar plexus, third eye and crown chakras, your imaginative ability and enthusiasm will spike too.     

Protect yourself from Evil Spirits with Smoky Quartz

Natural Smoky Quartz Gemstone Ring - 925 Sterling SliverWant to protect your spirit when you roam around the edge of the afterlife on Halloween 2018?

As the veil separating mortality and immortality is thin during the time, evil spirits can hijack your mind quickly. You can do so by wearing a smoky quartz pendant while trying to call upon your favorite spirits. It grounds away from the fears and curse upon you with the power of Saturn that can bring luck or harm to your life.

Before you go …

Almost everyone likes to go for ghost Hunting on Halloween, why don’t you take a clear quartz to read energies this time. As the quartz is a purifying crystal, it can warn you against new energies too. Remember to start with your crystals for Halloween with a grounding ritual. Infuse the Earth energy with Red Jasper to start with and use Calcite to bid Goodbye to Past when you’re done.

Stay powerful~

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