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How to Make a Healing Crystals Altar That Spins Magic

How to Make a Healing Crystals Altar That Spins Magic

A persona healing crystals altar can be used for many reasons from manifesting desires to feng shui. If you’re looking for quality methods to use healing crystals, a crystal altar will change your life. Listen to the pros and make a powerful healing crystals altar right NOW!

What is a Healing Crystals Altar

How to Make a Healing Crystals Altar That Spins Magic

A special place designed to keep the healing crystal energies alive is referred to as a crystal altar. It can be used for crystal energy and healing works. Although in the olden times, these altars were used for extreme magic and healing works, today crystal users make gemstone altars for a variety of reasons.

Whatever you use Healing Crystal Altar for, it is important to ensure that the altar is position at a sacred place in your home. It could be in the prayer room or somewhere totally invisible to the guests at your home!

How Make a Healing Crystals Altar

How to Make a Healing Crystals Altar That Spins Magic

You don’t need any special instruments to set your healing crystals altar. If you have five minutes, we will show you how to set up a healing crystals altar.

1.      Cleanse the Space

The first step to make a healing crystals altar is by choosing your sacred space. Once you’ve chose the space, it is time to cleanse it. Use water and aromatherapy to cleanse the space. Next, use a clear quartz crystal to remove the negativity and evil eye on your sacred altar for healing crystals.

2.      Arrange the Crystals Based on Intention

Now, you can pick the healing crystals you want to add to your altar. Next, arrange the crystals based on your intuition and personal bond with the gemstones. This way your crystal arrangement on the altar will be responsive too. It is important to form your own arrangement system instead of following someone else’s.

3.      Chant the Affirmation when Setting the Alter

For each crystal you add to the altar, also chant a positive affirmation to charge the crystal. It must also make sense with the healing crystals beside it. Hence, use crystal combinations that best fit with each other to place them besides one another.

4.      Choose to Set your Healing Crystals Altar on a New Moon

The best way to supercharge your healing crystal power is by choosing a full moon or new moon night to set your healing crystals altar.

5.      Change the Crystal Arrangements on the Altar with Time

Once your intention is fulfilled, it is time to change the crystal grid for new intentions. You can set new crystal arrangements on the altar in the same manner as you set it for the first intention.

Which Healing Crystals to Keep on the Altar

How to Make a Healing Crystals Altar That Spins Magic

Wondering which gemstones to use for your crystals altar? We’ve got the right combination that works miracles. All you got to do is choose your type of healing crystals altar and you’re done!

·        Elemental Altar

One of the most commonly used crystal altars, elemental altars are magical and powerful. Based on the Elements- Earth, Air, Water and Fire, crystals are arranged on the altar. You can accept an arrangement based on what applies best to your intention.

·        Focus Altar

A crystal altar used for meditation to affirmations and intentions, focus altar help you manifest your ideas. Healing crystals altar is arranged based on your intention or focus, in this case. Use higher chakra crystals in this crystal altar arrangement for better effects.

·        Chakra Altar

Another intelligent way to arrange healing crystals on the altar is based on chakras. You can determine the chakra of healing crystals with our healing crystal handbook. It will help you focus on specific chakra points for manifesting your intention.

You can either place the healing crystals based on a specific chakra arrangement or one that is universally followed. Refer to our chakra healing crystals for more information.

·        Seasonal Altar

If your intentions and dreams change, you can use a seasonal altar. Based on the nature, climate, weather and changes in the environment, celebrating seasons is an ideal way to arrange healing crystals on an altar.

You can specifically use healing crystals for spring, fall, winter and summer to enhance the feng shui of your house as well.

·        Grid Altar

When you arrange healing crystals based on a grid of energies, it is referred to as medicinal altar. Programming to affirmations, crystal grids are powerful to manifest any intention. Grid Altar is also called the goals altar as you arrange the crystals based on your goals.

·        Remembrance Altar  

Another special healing crystals altar is referred to as Remembrance altar where you offer healing crystals to remember someone else. You can use crystals based on your relationship with that person for conceptualizing your dreams.

Before you go ...

How to Make a Healing Crystals Altar That Spins Magic

Healing crystals altar is a powerful way of arranging your healing crystals to power up your intentions. Pick an altar of your choice from above and start using the healing crystals altar energy right now!

Stay powerful~


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