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Unlock Superior Wisdom With 12 Wisdom Crystals

Unlock Superior Wisdom With 12 Wisdom Crystals

Certain crystals are known to make you fill with overwhelming memories, emotions and vibrations while wisdom crystals steer your destiny towards maturity, experience, nobility and judgment. When used or worn regularly, these 13 superior wisdom crystals magnetize knowledge and life-tests of your wisdom towards you.

12 Wisdom Crystals for a Sharper Mind

Unlock Superior Wisdom with 12 Knowledge Crystals

When trying to activate the chakra energy of wisdom from within you, place the below crystals on your Third eye or Crown Chakra during meditation or at the centre of the crystal grid.

·         Iolite

Wisdom Tree of Life - Handmade 7 Natural Stones Pendant - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

A little-known treasure of wisdom, iolite spreads the soul of experience from traveling multiple lands across vast seas. Iolite wearers experience enlightening inner paths within the subconscious after wearing the stone. Chase your destiny and do not look back, if knowledge is your quench for life.

Wear this Wisdom tree of Life Iolite Pendant to recognize about the gray and black ends of your psyche.

·         Quartz

Hexagon Crystal Quartz Healing Point Reiki Chakra Pendants (No Chain) - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 5

A remarkable crystal with potent power for purification, Quartz is a shaman’s stone. Prominent for awakening the dormant powers and spirit within you, Quartz can be overbearing to weak or soft people. Quartz wearers experience enhanced enthusiasm to achieve their goals without resting.

Try this Quartz Healing Point Reiki Pendant today while sleeping or after waking up for setting a new milestone for life of wisdom!

·         Sunstone

Bulk Rough Stone Mix - Over 25 Stone Types [USA SHIPPING ONLY] - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 2

A rejuvenating stone known as the crystal for guidance, Sunstone opens up new quests and curiosity in its wearer. Regularly wearing sunstone can also lead to workaholic nature in the wearer. Revitalizing the wearer with strong intentions to achieve the goal is the result of sunstone meditation.

You must try this lovely Sunstone Crystal to check how well your psyche matches with the enlightening healing crystal!

·         Lapis Lazuli

Natural Stone Crystal Rings Size 8 - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 2

A sweet indigo color energy that soothes and leads the wearer to spiritual enlightenment, Lapis Lazuli is an energizing stone too. Renowned as the ‘Quintessential Stone for Wisdom’, Lapis Lazuli can even summon your spirit guide or guardian angel.

Give this lovely crystal ball of Natural Lapis lazuli Ring a try for a superior learning cum spiritual experience.

·         Morganite

Multi Gemstone Ring - 925 Sterling Silver - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 2

Another little-known stone of knowledge, morganite drives your action in a just path, to keep you always on the right. A symbol of divine love and emotional freedom, morganite brings clarity and boosts your intuitive powers too. The soft color energy of morganite builds a kind-at-heart nature besides intelligence in the wearer.

Wear this Morganite Ring if you want a makeover to tone your attitude into a respectable variation.

·         Pearl

Resizable Black/White Pearl Choker Necklace - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 5

An uncommon healing crystal in the past, pearl possesses crucial powers that can transform your past self into a pristine epitome of wisdom. Embracing the divine power of pearls also brings forth integrity, judgment-skills and charisma or attracting similar moral lessons.

If you want to be respected by your comrades and family alike, wear this Pearl Resizable Necklace to shine a light on your special side with crystal magic!

·         Jade

Malay Jade Stone Oval Vintage Retro Silver Ring - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

Representing the five virtues of humanity, jade is known to be the stone of the wise man. The softer energy of jade is also popular for being the learning vibrations. Wearing jade helps in keeping you engrossed in comprehensive learning.

Try this Jade Malay Ring to see a whirlpool of change happen in your career, interview, exam or business.

·         Moonstone

Rain Drop Cat's Eye Moonstone Pendant - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 3

A credible crystal famed for being the all-seeing-power, moonstone teaches its wearer diplomacy and respect for others. Moonstone wearers inherit traits of humility and kindness. If you begin wearing this Rain Drop Moonstone Pendant every day, your softer side will gradually surface.

·         Amazonite

Crystal Quartz Healing Amulet Pendulum Necklace (Including Chain)

A soft colored crystal powered with the healing of mind and body, Amazonite attracts harmony and the greater good. Amazonite wearers develop infinite calmth and composure, which helps in bettering their perception as well.

Wear this Amazonite Amulet to turn around your life once again!

·         Onyx

Chakra Chip Bracelets

A shielding crystal worthy of being your guardian angel, onyx is a powerful stone with the potent power of attracting wisdom and power. Onyx helps in keeping negativity and trouble out of your way and converts the same into positive vibrations.

If you’re a person focuses on the means than the end, this Onyx Chakra Chip Bracelet will open up new realities for you!

·         Peridot

Assorted Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Peridot Bracelet - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 2

A growth crystal capable of attracting abundance, peridot wearers are blessed with luck, success and knowledge. If life and work are taking a toll on you, pick a peridot that bonds with you and meditates to awaken your spiritual eye.

Wearing this Peridot Bracelet amplifies your aptitude.

·         Turquoise

Vintage Jewelry Natural Stone Bangle - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 6

A beautiful shade of blue that integrates with the happiest memories within you, turquoise also possesses the power to open your mind, inner eye and expand your comfort zone. If you’re looking for life changing experiences, this Turquoise Natural Stone Bangle is all you need!

Before you Go …

Sharpening your spear of knowledge is not child’s play. From endurance to longevity, decision-making and logical reasoning, wisdom amasses multiple traits in its wearer.

Stay powerful!

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