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 Simplest Tricks To USE Crystals for Finding Lost Objects Easily

by Ceida Uilyc September 01, 2018

 Simplest Tricks To USE Crystals for Finding Lost Objects Easily

Losing things is easy. You can misplace it or even forget where you kept the object. Then there is stealing too. So how do you actually use powerful crystals for finding lost objects?

Did you know there is a real angel called Chamuel who can find lost objects for you? Kinda like St. Anthony, but Chamuel helps to reveal everything that is lost. This includes a feeling of love, compassion, forgiveness, charity, and faith in addition to material things like a diamond ring, gemstones and anything of value to you. Incredible right?

The best part is when you ask for the mediation of Angel Chamuel using crystal for finding lost objects, the power increases substantially. It will take less than 2 hours to find a lost item with crystals and power of Chamuel!

Crystal Guide For Finding Lost Things

When you lose things, a kind of sadness comes over you when you imagine what will happen if you don’t find the object EVER. Most of the times, it is this irreparable feeling that nags even when you remember an important clue.

All it takes is one misfired connection to forget where your safest hiding place is, right? Crystals help in reconnecting your neural wiring but also signaling towards the right direction.

How to use a crystal pendulum to find lost objects?

Do you know how a crystal pendulum works? Once you create a language of communication of Yes and No through vibrations of the crystal pendulum to read your mind and spirit, finding answers becomes easy. Before you start you need to find out how the crystal pendulum vibrates to ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to read the language it is trying to communicate.

Essentially, a crystal pendulum exercise must not be stopped unless the vibration stops itself. Today I will show you 5 crystals for finding lost objects that people forget to use. It takes 1 minute to use and 6 minutes to work out. You ready for a swirl?

Questions to Find the Lost Object with a Crystal Pendulum

  1. Is the ‘lost object’ in the bedroom? Is it in the Kitchen? Is it on the Veranda? Is it in the Bathroom? Is it outside the house or inside the house?
  2. Did the object fall into the river or ocean when swimming?
  3. Is the ‘lost object’ wet? Is it dry? Is it on buried on the shore?
  4. Did anyone find my ‘lost object’? Is it still lost?
  5. Was the item lost today? Was it lost yesterday afternoon?

For each question above, keep asking your crystal pendulum more questions, if the vibrational answers are not satisfactory.

Crystals for Finding Lost Objects Quickly WITH AFFIRMATIONS

If you just lost your precious ring, pen or even paper receipt, getting one of the crystals that can lead the way and it will substantially reduce the time you go on a wild goose chase.

As I’ve lost everything from diamond pendants to white gold bracelets, earrings, and even my wedding band, it is common for me to request the power of Angel Chamuel while using any of the stones below. It saved me time, stress and money in restoring the lost object and I hope it works ASAP for you too!


A variety of pyrite that is darker than Fool’s Gold, chalcopyrite is like a compass for finding lost items that were precious or dear to you. The patron stone for finding rings and even papers that are precious to you, chalcopyrite works by drawing into your Earth element.

As chalcopyrite gemstone can be used to ignite Third Eye and Crown Chakras, you can gain insight and premonitions while wearing it on your higher chakras.  It is best for the zodiac of Capricorn.

“The meditation stone worked on finding my lost item by clearing the mind chatter at first. Next, it cleared the blocks to my crown or third eye chakra energies. The revised energy in my chakras can be used to seek the help of angels to find the lost object too”.


Frosted Amazonite Bracelet (with OM, Lotus or Buddha Pendant)

A gentle energy stone filled with the power of the Gods of Ocean and Sea (Poseidon and Neptune) Amazonite reveals the deepest darkest secrets behind lost things.

“What I do is hold it the center of my palm, parallel to the throat chakra and say the name of the object I’m trying to find. In 3-10 seconds, I get a short vision that lasts for 1 second or less of where the lost object is at currently”.

The soothing stone of amazonite awakens the powers of the throat and helps the angels communicate the location of your missing object through clairvoyance. According to history, amazonite can also reveal hidden truths inside your heart if you wear it on a lower chakra!


The purification stone is the fruit of Gaia and Latona, the Goddess of Light. While America called it the cosmic serpent Atlantis history says clear quartz was a rejuvenating stone in the hidden paradise. But, did you know it can communicate with angel chamuel and reveal how to find lost items?

Clear quartz can dissect the world into petite parts and display the beauty to you when made into a crystal ball and seen through as it is a seer stone.

“Take a clear quartz and keep it on the crown chakra. Now retrace your steps from the last time you saw the object you’re searching for. I end up seeing where the item got lost in visions, thanks to clear quartz crystals to find lost things”.


Green Crystal Stone Necklace   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   6From family, friends, and classmates, moldavite can help you find people you lost in life.

Even if you lost a dear one to death, moldavite energy can find similar people and pull it towards you.The stone of heart chakra, moldavite helps you find the bonds that got severed long back.


“It’s a sophisticated tugging war, but the point is moldavite cleans your heart, finds the deepest desire in there and makes it real for you”.

Once you get hooked to the happiness that a moldavite brings into life with nostalgia, warmth, and freedom, it is the most natural happiness and peace you can get.



Assorted Healing Crystal Earrings and Pendant Set (PENDANT ONLY NO CHAIN INCLUDED) - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Yet another calming stone for those prone to stress and worrying when an object is lost, unakite can make you feel at ease. It is a heart chakra stone that gives clairvoyance too. You will start talking about the place where your lost object is hidden from view.

“When my daughter lost her cutesy doll Stella, I used the same technique with a unakite wand. She loved it and I was thrilled too”.

Unakite being the stone of clairvision, it is unique to see visions with unakite during stress. If you’re a Sagittarian like me, it will work on your goals too.  If you lost a dear item precious to your spouse, use a unakite to search for it.

Before you go …

Tried all the methods above, but still can’t find your lost item? Send us a detailed mail with

  • Picture or Description of the Item
  • Your Date of Birth
  • The date that you bought it
  • The date that you lost it

Then, wait patiently and I will get back to you with a clear response in a day!

Stay powerful~

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Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc


Ceida Uilyc (Geo Maria George) is an avid crystal user since 10 years past. Ceida believes Crystals are elixirs from the Mother Nature's Womb gifted to protect the humanity, its spirit, soul and voice for ages ahead ... 😁 When she is not hypnotized by gems, you can see her wandering around in search of Buddha. When she is not with crystals, she wonders and wanders about a million ways to Save The World!

23 Responses


June 25, 2020

My kitten has picked up my Morganite & Dimond ring I leant it on the coffee table last night and now it’s missing
We are the only 2 people my apartment I have been looking everywhere today with no luck
Could you please be able to help me


June 15, 2020

My cat has been missing for a week and I can’t find him.He is called Muffin,is 3years old and a tabby.we rescued him and his mum when he was a few days old and are desperate to find him.I am heartbroken and would be very grateful for any help you could give🙏


June 15, 2020

My cat has been missing for a week and I can’t find him.He is called Muffin,is 3years old and a tabby.we rescued him and his mum when he was a few days old and are desperate to find him.I am heartbroken and would be very grateful for any help you could give🙏


March 05, 2020

Hi, i Lost my tigerstone pendel. I bought it 15.24.19 and lost it 04.03.2020. I really need it. please help me:)-Sunniva

Keri Cowart
Keri Cowart

December 22, 2019

Please help me find my labradorite palm stone. I’ve tried using the methods above and I’m having no luck. I bought it May 23, 2014 and it has been lost since April 2019. Thank you!


November 21, 2019


On the day of my anniversary (11/10/19) with my significant other, he bought me a moon-shaped amethyst pendant and a lovely piece of smoky quartz. On 11/14/19, I went to visit my mother in the hospital and noticed that it was missing when I tried to show her. Being that I was stressed out from that, I decided to keep that same piece of smoky quartz in my pocket, but noticed that it was missing when I left my class yesterday (11/21/19). I’m a little desperate and worried to find my crystals and have tried using some clear quartz, but nothing has worked. I’d really appreciate the help! Thank you!


October 21, 2019

Picture or Description of the Item My husband’s driver’s license it is an Illinois license says Illinois all over it, with our home address. He was wearing an red shirt. He has black hair blue eyes.
Your Date of Birth 08/02/1987 (his date of birth)
The date that he bought it 08/02/2017
The date that he lost it 06/02/2019

Please help!


September 09, 2019

Please help my find:
My new IPhone X Max, black top, gold/brown sides & bottom cell phone in a pink folding case with my credit cards and Drivers Licence inside.
My DOB: Dec 12, 1968
The date that I bought it: Friday, Sept 6th, 2019
The date that I lost it: Friday, Sept 6th, 2019


May 18, 2019

I lost a Pusheen stuffed animal just about a month ago. It is very small, and I think it’s in a community center, a place where I was last at before I lost it. I went back to check the next day but it wasn’t there. I keep on going back to check but it still isn’t there. It was a gift from my friend and I really need it back; I’m getting quite depressed. Please give me some tips. Also please give me some tips on how to use CITRINE to find lost items, because it is one of the only stones I have. Thank you and have a blessed day.

Nidhi Rane
Nidhi Rane

April 18, 2019

I have lost my mobile phone on 16-4-19 what can I do to find it.
My DOB is 7-3-1991


March 23, 2019

I lost my moonstone ring two days ago and I lost my clear quartz today. I bought my ring about a year ago (I don’t remember the exact date).

My date of birth is 08/07/1995.

The moonstone ring is sterling silver and is shaped in a round cut.

The clear quartz is raw and is double terminated. I’ve had it only for a few months. It was gifted to me by my Dad.


March 08, 2019

Hi, Please help me I lost my dark blue topaz stone, for ring. It is so small that I searched everywhere in our shop but still can’t find it. I hope you can help me 😟


February 22, 2019

I am desperately trying to find my car keys, I lost them last night, purchased April 2017, dob 22/7/89

vicki van Loon
vicki van Loon

February 21, 2019

lost car keys x 2 joined together BMW 316i E36 1995 model

last seen kitchen bench approx 6 months ago

vehicle purchased 2015

DOB 26 july 1973

please help , i have turned the house and garage upside down trying to find the keys.


January 29, 2019

We have lost a cockatiel a week ago. Being using rose quart but some one said to use Amazonite. Any suggestions please. Thank you


January 22, 2019

My sons father went missing 11/5/18
My son is really taking it hard can u help ?

Ashika Choonilall
Ashika Choonilall

November 24, 2018

I have tried the methods above but I am not having any luck. A few months back I went to india with my family and I had emptied a suitcase I had with important paperwork like my daughters birth certificate and clinic cards and so on so I could use the su it case for the trip. Since we have come back I cannot find those papers anywhere. I really need to find my daughters birth certificate and clinic card for her readmission form for school. It’s in a clear plastic folder pocket. Please help me to find it. My clear quartz pendulum says it’s in my sisters rooming a corner by the cupboard but I have looked there several times now, I have even looked inside the cupboard and in between the clothes. My date of birth is 30/07/1990.

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

October 08, 2018

Have you tried any of the above steps, Heidi?


September 29, 2018

Please help me. I lost my labarodite ring. Just purchased Sept 24, lost Sept 29 at my home. My dob is 1/11/77. No way to upload a picture.

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

September 06, 2018

@Gosiaorlowska- We are happy to serve you. Do you use crystals often?


September 06, 2018

Very nice blog and information, you are sharing with us!

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

September 06, 2018

Oh, Cherry. You poor thing. I totally get you. Did you try a crystal pendulum? Tell me what answers you got and i will do my best, I promise. Hoping to hear soon from you, Cherry.
Peace and light!

Cherry Blackmore
Cherry Blackmore

September 05, 2018

Ceida, please can you help me? I bought a Tanzanite pendant on Amazon, ordered July 30th 2018, received August 9th 2018. It is one of my most beloved pendants, and one that really helps with my RA, particularly for eradicating the lethargy my medication can bring on. On August 30th, I was feeling that lethargy quite badly, but I urgently needed to buy groceries, so I wore my Tanzanite out grocery shopping.

To my absolute devastation, when I got home and got the shopping indoors, I found the chain lying on the kitchen floor with the clasp broken (it was a lobster clasp, rather than the proper spring ring) and the pendant nowhere to be seen. I’ve turned my flat and car upside-down but to no avail. I miss it so much it physically hurts, and I’d really like it back if it’s possible. Please, could you help me to find it? I’m not having any luck, probably because I haven’t done a pendulum divination in over 20 years.

I can’t find a way to attach an image to this comment, but if it’s necessary, I have one immediately available to email to you, which I took on the day it arrived for my product review. I’ve scaled it down to a sensible size, but it was taken in my flat in natural light. The chain doesn’t feature, but then, I still have that, albeit that it’s now useless.

Thanking you a million times in advance for anything you can tell me!

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