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Shattuckite Properties, Powers, Meanings and Metaphysics

Shattuckite Properties, Powers, Meanings and Metaphysics

A little known crystal that looks like blue ice cream, Shattuckite is one of the new minerals discovered roughly hundred years ago. It is a high energy crystal that frees you from emotional conflicts and confusions. You can use it to broaden your mind and talents. It will take you to your destiny and much more. To learn all about the Shattuckite properties and powers, we will look at the blue beauty in detail below.

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What is Shattuckite?

Attribution: Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

First discovered in 1915 in Bisbee, Arizona Shattuckite looks beautiful like an island in its tumbled form. It shows colors such as turquoise, teal, grey and black like the beaches too. Often found as geodes with sparkling shades of blue inside and on the edges, Shattuckite can show orbs and webbed pattern too.

Chemically, Shattuckite is an Inosilicate or copper silicate. One of the rarest of the type of mineral, Shattuckite is named after the mine it was discovered in- Shattuck. The beauty of Shattuckite in green comes from the presence of malachite and the high presence of copper in the gemstone.

Shattuckite Pronunciation

The phonetic spelling of shat·​tuck·​ite is \ ˈshatəˌkīt\. If you’re still wondering how to pronounce the word, head over this video of Shattuckite pronunciation right away.

Shattuckite Meanings

A stone that combines the powers of the Water and Wind Elements, Shattuckite has a perfect cleavage. With a dull to silky luster, it is often used for jewelry too such as Shattuckite beads, pendants and rings other than Shattuckite raw specimens.

The meaning of Shattuckite is enlightenment and guidance. It is a stone that will guide you to your destiny after opening your mind. Shattuckite brings the light of wisdom into your life.

Shadowkite Vs Shattuckite Crystals

Shattuckite is an opaque blue crystal while shadowkite is a chrysocolla known as table mountain chrysocolla. Cuprite, malachite and azurite are also part of shadowkite while copper insosilicate is the definition of Shattuckite. Both look slightly similar to the prominent blue and teal colors beside the black and gray.

Shattuckite Vs Azurite

The true question is what is Shattuckite azurite? While azurite is more sparkly and rich in color than Shattuckite, they exist together too. It exists with chrysocolla in the crystal lattice too. Overall the colors are milder than Shattuckite and more pale blue. You might also come across turquoise and beige webbed Shattuckite in azurite too.

Where is Shattuckite found?

Shattuckite is found in the United States of America. It is a powerful stone that was native to Arizona. Shattuckite is also wildly popular in Congo and Namibia.

Which is the Shattuckite Chakra?

Attribution: Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

Third Eye Chakra is the first power core of Shattuckite. It is the center of your spiritual vision and consciousness. Shattuckite tones your intuition and break free from your narrow minded thoughts.

Throat Chakra is the second chakra of Shattuckite. It helps you gain confidence and find your voice. Inner voice will be empowered once you open the throat chakra with Shattuckite crystal.

Heart Chakra is also awakened by the stone Shattuckite. It opens empathy and love to you. This is where compassion and kindness originates with Shattuckite experiences.

What is the Shattuckite Zodiac Sign?

Libra is the official zodiac sign of Shattuckite. If you’re a Libra, you’ll find Shattuckite as a push to peace and harmony. It will guide you to truth and enlightenment. Your wisdom will amplify, so as your kindness and empathy.

Taurus is the second zodiac sign that Shattuckite is a birthstone of. It will help Taurus born people to relax and calm down. It will erase your laziness and disconnected feel. You will also find you no longer feel possessive once you have a Shattuckite by your side.

Which is the Shattuckite Ruling Planet?

Venus, the Goddess of love is the auspicious ruling planet and God of Shattuckite. Venus will bring you love and charisma. It will help you glow wherever you are. Venus is the origin of beauty and charm too. It imparts a glow to the user of Shattuckite.

Sun and Moon are the enemy planets of Shattuckite. That’s why you need to stay away from sun and moon stones when you’re wearing Shattuckite.

Shattuckite Experiences: Personal Experience with Shattuckite

The first time I touched a Shattuckite was when I was 11. I thought I was spiraling into the night sky I was standing under. My aunt gave a gift box and this beautiful Shattuckite raw stone was present in it. I felt overwhelmed and got visions of my past life and future too.

However, the best thing about Shattuckite is how it changed my friends circle. I was the new girl at the school and as soon as I started talking to the stone as my friend, I started taking the Shattuckite to my classes in my right pocket. It gave me such confidence and support that I found friends for life there.

What is Shattuckite used for?

Do you know the benefits of Shattuckite? It is used for a variety of things since time immemorial. Shattuckite can help you physically, spiritually and emotionally, whichever help you want. It is a gorgeous stone to discover yourself in case you don’t find a use for it from the below five.

·      Intuition with Shattuckite Crystals

When you hold a Shattuckite, you feel the heat above the head. That’s the reason I looked up to the night sky and saw the world unfurl in front of me. You can place it on your crown chakra and meditate under the night sky too. Intuition from Shattuckite will guide you to find your destiny.  

·      Spirit Communication

Shamans once treasured Shattuckite crystals in the raw. It can help you channel spirit and angelic thoughts. Often used for spirit communication, Shattuckite can help you communicate with your spirit guide or guardian angel too.

·      Psychic Protection

Holding or touching the energy of Shattuckite helps you build a cocoon of protection around you. It will power up your aura and make you infallible. Psychic protection of Shattuckite protects you from evil eye and energy attacks too.

·      Courage and Confidence

When you communicate with a Shattuckite, it will fill you with confidence. Your self-esteem will be higher too. Shattuckite brings courage with your inner voice. It makes you stronger and wise in words.

·      Cell Regeneration and Immunity

You will begin to glow by wearing Shattuckite jewelry like a ring or a pendant. It rejuvenates your skin cells and keep you moisturized. It can also prevent you from allergies if you’re on holiday!


Remember that the silky luster stone has an MOHS hardness of 3.5 and can easily break upon fall. Be careful how you handle it.

Have any more questions about Shattuckite? Ask us below!

Featured Image Attribution:

Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

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