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Seven Gigantic Influences On Destiny By Healing Crystals

Seven Gigantic Influences On Destiny By Healing Crystals

Ever wondered if you could change your fate or lifestyle RIGHT AWAY? YES you can! And, we will teach you the rituals to attract your fate.

Seven Gigantic Influences Of Destiny Stones and Healing Crystals

Destiny and fate are two sides of a coin called life. Without a doubt, each of us creates our destiny by the decisions we take based on the opportunities in our life.  If you’re ready to take on your life and weave a new destiny by changing your regrets to unfinished dreams, we know the perfect crystals to do just so!

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Seven Gigantic Influences Of Destiny Stones and Healing Crystals

From the law of attraction to prominent philosophies, destiny is a result of our actions in life. From birthstones to lunar stones and astrological charts, there are numerous ways to weave your journey of life to empower your destiny and goals of life.

Working on gemstones for revealing fate can turn toxic if you’re mentally or emotionally weak. You must always understand that gemstones are but a peek into your own subconscious to build our future and destiny with a fuel called the subconscious mind.

For the best effect of gemstone energy, conduct the following healing crystal rituals for influencing the fate-

·         Programming

To program a healing crystal, you must clench it in the palm against the chakra point or on the chakra point and begin affirmative and meditation therapy. Your visualization to the intensity of willpower in the affirmations will catalyze the power of the gemstone. Read more on ways to program your healing crystal.

·         Grid

By building a gemstone grid you organize, order and amplify the power of gemstones with supporting gemstones for enhanced power. A gemstone grid is subjective to your needs and gemstones. Read more on how to make a gemstone grid.

·         Divination

Your powers of divination depend on the gemstones you use to uplift your dreams. Divination powers can be activated by infusing the crystal energy of the gem by soaking it in water under the full moonlight. You can either consume or wash with the gem elixir to enlighten your destiny-revealing chakras.

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Seven Gigantic Influences Of Destiny Stones and Healing Crystals

By kindling your Third eye and Crown chakra, uncovering fate is viable. If uncovering the destiny is your cherished dream, you must start by buying any of the crystals below and bonding with it. Destiny stones uncover your hidden potential to weave a new destiny of opportunities that you take an interest in.

·         Labradorite

An empowering stone filled with powers to open your inner eye to hidden potentials, labradorite works by rewiring your neuroplasticity. Labradorite is a balancing gemstone that grounds the wearer by awakening the Root or Base Chakra.

Labradorite purifies the chakra energy and reveals destiny through dreams.

·         Cat’s Eye Moonstone

Cat eye stones are extremely focused gemstones with the power to attract strength and intuitive powers. Regular use of moonstone on the higher chakras helps in growing clairvision and divination. The feminine energy of heart chakra envelops you with hope and self-belief that shows you glimpses of your cosmic fate.

Wearing Cat eye during meditation fills you with warmth and must be used as an amplifying crystal to other destiny stones.

·         Ruby

A symbol of wealth to passion and commitment, Ruby also empowers the thought energies to attract luck in fate. Ruby dispels the overwhelming negativity from evil and uplifts your financial and social status. Ruby also welcomes abundance, fortune and prosperity in the wearer by activating the Root Chakra. 

Ruby works excellently on revealing destiny to the wearer when infused in the bathing water. You must clean your ruby regularly to shrug off the negativity absorbed through healing work.

·         Blue Sapphire

A powerful and hypnotizing stone, Blue Sapphire also removes the negativity from Lord Saturn or Shani that often causes blockages to positive fate. You must wear blue sapphire on your throat chakra as a necklace or brochette on the collar to make the most of it.

Blue sapphire also attracts wealth and opportunities desired by the wearer. 

·         Tiger Eye

Seven Gigantic Influences Of Destiny Stones and Healing Crystals

A brain sharpening stone, Tiger Eye is an ancient mantra for revealing future, fate or destiny. Tiger Eye is a powerful Third eye gemstone that awakens the divine eye that sees all. Honored by the powers of Hindu God Shiva, the all seeing one, Tiger Eye helps you distinguish reality from passion or placebo.

The eye of the tiger is the sharpest weapon to battle your present challenges and emerge a winner in the cosmic universe. Tiger Eye must be meditated or programmed with, in order to breakthrough into your pineal gland powers.

What we recommend …

Destiny stones activate the higher chakras that govern the body. By combining multiple gemstones in a grid with respect to its color, wavelength, chakra and natural effects, you uncover the authentic powers to tap into divination.

Which stone below gave you a peek into the future rush? Tell us honestly about your experience with gemstones!

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Stay powerful~

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