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Septarian Geode Meanings, Properties and Benefits

Septarian Geode Meanings, Properties and Benefits

Did you know Septarian stone was called the Dragon stone? It is a loving stone that likes company. Septarian geode is an exclusive find filled with meanings of harmony and love. For those of you who are smitten by Septarian geode, let us teach you the metaphysical attributes and Septarian geode benefits today. It is a stone for purification and communication. Fit for a leader, septarian geodes make you wise and charismatic.

What Is a Septarian?

Formed 70 to 50 million years ago, septarian is a stone named after the septum seen on it. The latin word septum meaning seven and saeptum meaning divisions are two different etymologies of the septarian stone. On natural real septarian stone, when the balls shrink, they create seven pointed sections in every direction. When you hold a septarian, it emanates energies of connection. Septarian is a stone known as Septeye and Dragon stone. It can tame your fears and discover the hidden potential within you.

What Is a Septarian Geode?

Septarian Geode Meanings, Properties and Benefits

Attribution: Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK [CC BY 2.0 (]

Found in England to Spain, Madagascar, U.S.A and Australia, septarian geode is different from septarian. When a septarian rock is seen as a ball enclosing a cavity of sparkling crystals inside a hollow space, it is called a septarian geode. Such a rock is beautiful from the outside, unlike quartz geodes.

Septarian geode purifies the place where it is kept besides tuning your manifestations with the energy of the universe.

What Is the Septarian Geode Chakra?

Base Chakra is the first chakra awakened by a Septarian geode. When you hold a septarian geode, it connects with the chakra located at the end of the spine. Root chakra grounds your tensions and negativity away. Septarian geode is also the best stone for calming anxiety and hot temper. That’s because septarian geode also opens your Heart chakra to make you relaxed. Opening your heart chakra attracts love and passion into your life.

The next chakra point awakened with the use of a septarian geode is the Throat chakra. It gives you the power of communication such that you will find it easy to communicate with nature, birds and animals too.

When a septarian geode is placed in between your brows, it opens the Third Eye Chakra. The chakra of insight and premonitions, septarian geode can help you communicate with your spirit guide and guardian angel too.  

Which Is Septarian Geode Zodiac Sign?

Aries will find septarian geode one to guide you. It is a stone that will calm you down and attract wisdom towards you. Septarian geode can also purify the sins and karma of an Arian.  Use it to reach your destiny.

Gemini is the second zodiac sign that cultivates the good vibrations of Septarian geode. The crystal septarian will help you be rational in your thoughts. It helps you become aware of your reality, thoughts and decisions. Cancer is another zodiac that gains many benefits by seeking the help of a septarian geode. It makes you think straight and tone your will power.  

Capricorn will find the optimism and charisma they need with a septarian geode. It is excellent for courage and passion too. Capricornians will find truth and integrity with it.

Pisces will find their creativity doubled with the presence of septarian geode. It helps you think with clarity and reason. It is a protection stone that guides your path to success. You will find luck with a septarian geode.

What Is Septarian Dragon Egg?

Different from a septarian geode, septarian dragon eggs are formed when septarian nodules are polished into the shape of an egg. You can always find cheaper septarian dragon egg than a septarian geode.  Septarian nodules are a type of septarian geodes.

What Good Is Septarian Geode?

When you’re learning about septarian geode, you need to know the benefits of touching, using and working with a septarian geode. I have had the personal luck of working with three different kinds of septarian geode and each one amazed more than the other. It’s a beautiful energy to hold and work with if you like to connect with nature. Let us find out how you can use septarian geode in the best way.

·      Spirit Communication with Septarian Geode

You can use a septarian geode to help you communicate with your guardian angel. It can help you find your spirit animal too. All you need to do is hold the stone and chant your request, it will tell you how to proceed next. Septarian geode has the memory of the earth since 70 million years ago. Ask it anything!

·      Geode Septarian Charisma and Leadership

If you want to lead your team at work or succeed with a promotion, septarian geode will help you. It can tone and polish your personality to feel great. Septarian geode is incredible for taking control of your destiny. It helps you find your way when you’re lost. The charm of a septarian geode at your workplace will help you win and conquer the career you’ve always wanted.

·      Patience and Courage using Septarian Geode

Septarian geode is also the best stone for instilling courage in you. It makes you feel good as septarian is capable of increasing your self-esteem. If you’re depressed or perpetually anxious, septarian geode can help you out. It will teach patience too. Septarian geode is the stone for assimilating wisdom and knowledge into your life.

·      Septarian Geode for Emotional Strength

When you’re feeling low or down, just get a septarian geode and touch it with your closed eyes. Septarian teaches you how to make peace with yourself. It makes you emotionally intelligent to better cope with your reality.

·      Self-Healing Meditation using Geode Septarian

When you touch a septarian geode, it calms you down. It is ideal for meditation as septarian has the power to keep distractions away by repelling it. Septarian geode can also accelerate self healing by opening your root chakra grounding energies.   

What to Look for When Buying Septarian Geode?

Seen in grey color with divisions of black all around it, a septarian geode also displays calcite yellow color at the edges inside the geode. The sparkling inside of the geode can be brown, black, grey, yellow or pale green too.


In love with septarian geode? What do you use it for? Share it with our crystal community!

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