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Selenite Lamp Benefits, Uses, Meanings And Powers

Selenite Lamp Benefits, Uses, Meanings And Powers

The all-new Himalayan Salt Lamp is the Selenite Lamp now. It is powerful, beautiful and above all a crystal with magnificent powers. Selenite lamp information is simplified so that you can apply this at your home smoothly. It is cleansing, recharging and calming at the same time. Do you know selenite inhabits the powers of Goddess Selene, the Moon Goddess? More on selenite lamp benefits below.

What Is Selenite?

Selenite Lamp Benefits, Uses, Meanings And Powers

Gypsum by chemical nature, selenite is a soft crystal defined as liquid light crystal lovers. If you’re drawn to selenite lamp, it means great changes are headed your way. Whenever I fall in love with a new selenite lamp and I get it, I get a promotion and immensely good vacation.

Selenite is a beautiful crystal with when added with the power of light, combines the power of purity and wisdom together. It fills you with the light of positivity and tranquility.

What Is a Selenite Lamp or Selenite Tower?

Natural Selenite Tower

Natural Selenite Tower; $42.95 USD

When a selenite is hollowed out at one portion and added with an LED bulb and switch, a selenite lamp is made. It has omnidirectional illumination without any heat radiation. The special crystal tower is illuminant and radiant from every angle.

Is Selenite Toxic?

No. Selenite is a gypsum that can break off or chip off into shards when immersed/ soaked in water. Please avoid cleaning selenite in water. At most, you can use a damp clothes to lightly rub off the dirt. In any case, Selenite is not toxic. However, breathing sodium selenite is toxic. Keep away from shattered selenite shards or powder too.

Do Selenite Lamps Melt?

Although Selenite lamp has the tendency to dissolve in water, it does not melt if you do not subject it to water. You can even clean them under running water without any damage. Soaking is the killjoy. It does not melt during the change of seasons like a Himalayan Salt Lamp. Rest assured!

How Long Can Selenite Lamp Be Left On?

As long as you like. As a selenite lamp is not a Himalayan Salt Lamp, it can be used as night light or for ambiance too. It is best not to overheat the bulb too. Enjoy your liquid light!

What Are the Benefits of Selenite Lamp?

Selenite Crystal Candle Holder

Selenite Crystal Candle Holder; $59 USD

Now that you know so much about lamps made of selenite, let us find out its uses that you can apply at your home. These lamps are metaphysically powerful and charged when they combine with light or fire. Selenite candle holders are equally beautiful with the power of fire flowing through it.

·      Mood Enhancing Stone Selenite

When you switch a selenite lamp on, the light emanating from it will touch your aura. It will boost the secretion of happy hormones to make you jubilant. If you’re fighting depression, anger or loneliness, Selenite can fill your life with warmth.

·      Selenite for Sleep

You can also sleep with the light of selenite lamp soaking all over you. It will cleanse your chakra points and guide you to deep sleep sans any nightmares. Lamp of selenite or candle holder is a pristine way of setting direction to your spirit inside.

·      Purification Lamp Selenite

The best benefit of a selenite lamp is cleansing and purification. It can repel the negativity and evil energies off the space and the person covered in the radius around the lamp. Selenite can cleanse other crystals besides giving you psychic protection.

·      Selenite for Peace

If you’re troubled or agonized, selenite is also popular as a tranquility stone. On a full moon night, meditate with your selenite lamp on. You will meet the fairies and explore your bliss. Lamp of selenite fills you with relaxation and calmness.

·      Pregnancy Protection Lamp Selenite

Are you expecting? Perhaps you know someone who is expecting. In that case, get a selenite candleholder or lamp as a gift to protect them from accidents and evil eye. It is an important stone that creates a cocoon of defense around the mother and the baby.

How to Clean Selenite Lamp?

To clean a selenite lamp, take a soft cloth and rub it softly from all sides. It is not advised to clean your selenite lamp with water. Do it once a week, preferably with the moon in the sky.

Difference Between Himalayan Salt Lamp and Selenite Lamp

Natural Selenite Crystal Lamp
Natural Selenite Crystal Lamp; $51 USD

Selenite lamp is made from gypsum with a fibrous composition unlike Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp composed of salt.

A Himalayan Salt Lamp attracts moisture unlike the lamp of selenite. The former can melt with the change of the seasons while selenite does not. Both are powerful cleansers but selenite also recharges and revitalizes you besides purifying the energy in and around the lamp. HPS and Selenite lamp is important and unique in their own ways.


Do you have a selenite lamp? Perhaps you have a Himalayan Pink Salt lamp and you want to invest in selenite lamp. Good choice! Now explore, how to use selenite. 

What are you waiting for? Ask your questions in the comments below!

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