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Prasiolite or Green Quartz Meanings and Properties

Prasiolite or Green Quartz Meanings and Properties

Do you know most of the green quartz in the world is Heat Treated Amethyst? If you thought HTA only made fake citrine, you are wrong. That’s why green quartz is often called as green amethyst too. Not all amethyst can be treated to make green amethyst or prasiolite. Wanna know what green quartz can do? It can bring you good fortune if you read this article till the last. All our secrets and prasiolite meanings are revealed below …

What Is Green Quartz? Define Prasiolite

Attribution:  Quartz Prase by Didier Descouens under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

When there are iron ion particles in quartz, Prasiolite or Green Quartz is formed. There are three ways of getting green quartz.

You can use Heat treated amethyst that is heated at 500-degree Celsius. The obtained green quartz is mellow green in color.

The second method to make green quartz is by the method of making irradiated amethyst. It is made by irradiating natural amethyst. However, such a green quartz can fade into colorless pretty quickly at 150 degrees Celsius.

The third way of creating green quartz is by the method of naturally heated amethyst. When a natural amethyst is heated by a younger lava flowing over it, natural green quartz is formed.

Green Quartz Meaning

Derived from the Greek words- prason meaning leek and lithos meaning stone, green quartz means harmony and prosperity. Commonly called Praesolite and Prazeolite, color in green quartz owe it to the iron inclusions present in it. You must remember that the color of a green quartz can change further if it is heated up. After 450 to 500 degree Celsius, the green amethyst can change to yellow or orange.

Is Green quartz natural?

Green quartz is a natural stone that is often artificially colored due to its rarity. It is sometimes called as Green Amethyst among traders of quartz too. Green quartz is totally natural and forms when amethyst crystals are naturally heated by lava over it. A natural crystal like blue quartz, green quartz is powerful too.

Where Is Green Quartz Found?

The natural deposits of quartz are often heated organically to create green quartz. These are found in Susanville, California and Poland (Kaczawskie, Sokolowiec, and Lower Silesia). Montezuma and Arizona are other sources of Green Quartz.

What Is the Green Quartz Chakra?

Prasiolite Or Green Quartz Meanings And Properties

Heart Chakra is the center of Green quartz powers. Prasiolite stone empowers your heart chakra to boost your health and happiness. It will make you feel enthusiastic and energetic. Green quartz opens your heart to erase your emotional scars and welcome peace into your heart. It will help you forgive and find forgiveness besides empowering your aura glow.

Which Is the Green Quartz Zodiac?

Aries is the official zodiac sign of green quartz. If you’re an Aries, Green quartz will help you conquer your challenges and failures in life. It is an enlightenment stone that teaches you gratitude and penance. If you’re an Arian, you will find hope with green quartz and the ability to love others around you.

Pisces is the second zodiac sign for green quartz. It will guide you to take wise decisions quickly. You will no longer feel vulnerable for scared. Prasiolite for Pisces brings rational thinking and logical reasoning too.

What Is Green Quartz Good for?

Prasiolite Or Green Quartz

Do you know the green quartz properties? We are going to describe five important healing powers of Prasiolite you can use with your stone too. Let’s find the best way to use green quartz for you!

·      Immune System Strength

Are you suffering from low immunity or autoimmune disorders? Green quartz can help you accelerate the work of medicines. It will make you strong and balanced.

·      Green Quartz for Prosperity

When you place a Prasiolite in your purse or safe, it will amplify your wealth and finances. That’s because green quartz is the stone for attracting good fortune and monetary luck into your life.

·      Joint Pain and Arthritis

Do you suffer from cringing joint pain? Perhaps it’s your broken heart that needs care. Take a prasiolite and hold over the affected area and the pain will disappear.

·      Pain, Stress And Cramps

From tension to worry, grief and physical pain there are many challenges every day waiting for us. Take a prasiolite with you to avoid pain, stress and cramps in your life.

·      Creativity Using Green Quartz

Do you want to hone your talents? Keep a green quartz in your pocket and go learning!


Any experiences with green quartz properties? Tell us below!

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