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Pink Opal Benefits, Powers, Meanings and Uses REVEALED

Pink Opal Benefits, Powers, Meanings and Uses REVEALED

Do you know opals are not crystalline because they are up to 10% water? Enough about opals because the star of our post today is the enchanting pink opal. Known as the Stone for Renewal, Pink opal is a gentle energy stone that alleviates your fears and brings peace to you. It can trigger luck and positivity too. Today we will learn all about Pink Opal benefits, uses and metaphysical attributes so that you can use it to the fullest.

What is Pink Opal?

Pink Opal Benefits, Powers, Meanings and Uses REVEALED

Peruvian pink opal rhodonite necklace by Becky Haner under CC BY 2.0; Source:

A hardened silica seen in the color pink is called a pink opal. It scores about 5.5 to 6.5 on MOHS Scale that rates the hardness. Hence, pink opal is not a highly-durable stone. It can break upon fall easily. You must take care when you’re using your pink opal loose gemstone.

Pink Opal is the gorgeous princess jewel among the opals. While the dull pink fetches low and affordable prices, rich pink opal can fetch up to $1000 USD per carat!

·      Is Pink Opal rare?

Not all pink opals are rare, but a special category called Mexican Pink Opals are very rare. They have a unique mix of white in pink to distinguish from opals from other mines in the world.

·      What does Pink Opal Symbolize?

The true meaning of pink opal is freedom from fear. It releases your stress and anxiety. Pink Opal helps you cope with life easily. It reduces the burden and confusion of life when you keep it close by. Pink opal symbolizes divine love and harmony. It is a crystal for resonating the humane qualities that adorn our character.

What is Pink Opal Chakra?

Pink Fire Opal Flower Ring

Pink Fire Opal Flower Ring; $35 USD

Heart Chakra is the foremost power core of the Pink Opal. It is the center of the source of pink opal power. It helps you clear your heart from toxicity. Pink opal chakra of the heart is known to help those suffering from panic attacks and seizures too.

Root Chakra is the second powerful chakra of Pink opal stone. It helps you ground your fears and insecurities away. Base chakra power of pink opals helps you find balance and peace in life with this crystal.

Which is Pink Opal Zodiac?

Aquarius is the first official zodiac sign of the gemstone pink opal. If you’re an Aquarian, pink opal teaches you the lesson of empathy, kindness and love. It will transform you into a sensitive person, always connected with the nature.

Cancer is the second official zodiac of pink opal. If you’re a Cancerian, you will find happiness and joy with pink opal. It will revitalize your body, mind and spirit. Pink Opal for cancer works by enhancing your heart functions.

Pisces is also the best zodiac sign for Pink Opal crystal. Wearing pink opal on your dominant hand will invite success and luck into your life. It will be a charm that protects you from evil eye and energy attacks too.

Where is Pink Opal found?

Peruvian Pink Opal is the most famous variety of pink opal. Other than that, pink opal is also found in Mexico. If you’re going to Western Australia, make sure to stop and check for authentic pink opals. The last place you can find pink opals are in the Slovak Republic.   

How to Clean Pink Opal?

As opals are not toxic in water, you can rinse or clean it under lukewarm water with a soft cloth san any worries. Repeat it once a week if you’re using your opals frequently. It is important to prevent dust, dirt and grime from damaging the surface of the precious stone.

How to Cleanse Pink Opal?

To remove the bad energy sediment on pink opal, you need a powerful cleansing stone for cleaning. The new pink opal you ordered or received should also be cleaned this way.

  • Take a clear quartz or selenite wand in the right hand.
  • Circle right hand thrice over the pink opal gemstone.
  • Do it before and after use of the crystal opal pink.

Healing Powers of Pink Opal REVEALED

Pink banded opal (Western Australia) 3 by James St. John under CC BY 2.0; Source

Want to know the ancient guarded secrets that make pink opal more than just a pretty stone? Our experts have come together to reveal all the uses and pink opal benefits you never knew about!

·      PTSD, Pain, Fear, Sleep and Pink Opal

Karmic debt will be cleansed by the pink opal if you spend time with it. You will no longer remember abuse or nightmares. Pink opal will remove roots of fear and opportunities that make you anxious. It will uproot the problems with dream recall. Pink opal can help with insomnia and waking in the middle of the night too.

·      What are the Australian Pink Opal Benefits?

One of the sacred stones that is believed to contain the powers of Mother Gaia, Australian pink opal is a grounding stone. It balances your emotions and ejects the negativity out. Australian pink opal jewelry is stunning and powerful at the same time.

·      Love, Kindness and Compasion with Pink Opal

If you’re searching for empathy and generosity in this cruel world, take a pink opal with you! It will help spread a charm around you that attracts kind people towards you. The stone will help you transform into a lovable person.  

·      Where to Wear Pink Opal Bracelet?

It is always best to wear your powerful gemstones on the dominant hand so as to bless everything it does. You should wear it on a Wednesday if you want to attract the full potential of your pink opal gemstones. After twilight is the best time to meditate with a pink opal.

·      Aura Cleansing and Nourishing using Pink Opal

Another little-known power of pink opal is the ability to remove toxicity from within you and fill you with optimism and positivity. It is a stone for removing the doubts and evil thoughts you have as it cleanses your aura. It revitalizes you with the healing and nourishing energy of the nature from around you. That’s why its recommended to bond with a pink opal in the nature.


Have any beautiful memories or experiences with Pink Opal? Share it with us in the comments below!

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