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Pick one of these 11 Crystals for Travel Right Now

Pick one of these 11 Crystals for Travel Right Now

If you’re a crystal lover since long, you have your own little bag of crystals for travel, right? We all do. But, today we are going to find out which are the best crystals for travel that everyone agrees on. Crystals for traveling will help you stay focused on the road wherever you go to.


Table of Contents:

9 Crystals For Travel You Need In Your Bag Right Now
1. Selenite: For Travel And Detox
2. Moonstone: The Crystal Of Spiritual Guidance
3. Malachite: The Traveler’s Stone
4. Smoky Quartz: The Focus Stone For Travelers
5. Labradorite: The Destiny Crystal For Travel
6. Rhodonite: The Protection Stone For Travelers
7. Amethyst: The Spiritual Protection Stone
8. Shungite: The Purification Stone For Travelers
9. Black Tourmaline: The Psychic Protection Stone For Travelers
How To Travel With Your Crystals? 


9 Crystals for Travel you need in your Bag Right NOW

Pick one of these 11 Crystals for Travel Right Now

Rocks for travel are a great idea to stay safe and relaxed on your dream vacation, holiday or trip. When we go on trips, there is always a subtle paranoia about how the place will be, right? But, that’s alright. We all feel it. If it’s a strange new place or a new company, you need something consistent and powerful to take with you.

That’s where crystals come into play.

Crystals for travel can protect you from nasty strangers, quarrels on the trip, falling out of groups on vacation and accidents. I know you’re excited, so let’s find out everything about the right stones for travel so that you can make the most out of your trip!

1.    Selenite: For Travel and Cleansing During Travel  

Natural Selenite Tower - Raw Gemstoneraw stone

The first essential stone you need to pack for travel is a selenite bar. Use white or orange selenite because this unique crystal can purify your mind, body and surroundings on the trip. It is known as the crystal of light because selenite helped God create life.

When you’re traveling, you need stones that can clean your new cottage or hut you’re staying in. Who knows, what type of people stayed in there, before you! So, take a selenite and pack it carefully because selenite is a fragile stone. Or, pack a small stone within a bubble wrap.

2.    Moonstone: The Crystal of Spiritual Guidance

Moonstone Bead BraceletsBraceletGrey Moonstone

The stone that opens your chakra of intuition, moonstone guides you to enlightenment on your trip or vacation. Take moonstone crystal when you’re traveling because it can help you spread love around you. Moonstone crystal meaning is beauty and charisma, so if you wear moonstone, people around you will be charmed.

If you’re taking a cruise or a ship, moonstone can help you battle the sea sickness. It can also bring you pleasant company and life-changing opportunities on your trip. Who doesn’t like a little surprise on their trip!

3.    Malachite: The Traveler’s Stone

Malachite stone BeadsJewelry

Considered the guardian angel in crystal for travelers, malachite helps you beat your phobias while on your adventure. Wear a malachite pendant, bracelet or ring for keeping your aura powered up. It can also make your heart chakra open and repelling towards dangerous strangers.

Malachite is a must-have traveler’s stone you must pack because it can beat jet lag if you’re travelling by plane. It will also make you wise to take the right decisions when on your trip. Malachite for travelers also work as a warning stone for dangers.

4.    Smoky Quartz: The Focus Stone for Travelers

Natural Smoky Quartz Crystal Star PendantPendant / NecklaceA

When you’re on your vacation or roadtrip, it is easy to lose sight of the destination by distractions. Moreover, distractions are unexpected when you’re on a trip. Smoky quartz connects with your higher chakras to keep your mind clear. It is an attention stone that helps you concentrate, especially if you are driving.

Smoky quartz is a crystal that protects you from dangers such as accidents. If your mind is boggled, smoky quartz helps you think clearly. It keeps the chaos away, filling you with optimism and enthusiasm.

5.    Labradorite: The Destiny Crystal for Travel

Labradorite Crystal Sphere

Do you know Labradorite opens cosmic consciousness to you? What better than the knowledge of the universe to guide you to your destiny. Labradorite is an iridescent stone that can hypnotize you and guide you to your destination where your destiny is.

Labradorite is a third eye chakra crystal that opens your spiritual eye to see beyond the veil of our human eyes. Holding a Labradorite and meditating during your travel will make you charismatic and clear to your co-travelers. It is a harmony stone you must take if you’re traveling in a group.

6.    Rhodonite: The Protection Stone for Travelers

Mookaite Jasper Crystal Pendant 1 PCSNecklaceFI894

What do you need to do on this vacation? If you’re looking for relaxation, take a Rhodonite with you. It helps you avoid arguments by spreading harmony around it. Rhodonite crystal for travel works on the heart chakra of your whole group. It can help you make memorable moments on your vacation.

Rhodonite can also cleanse the bad mojo from the cottage or hotel you’re staying in. Just place it under your pillow and go to sleep. It is a protection stone that guards you from creepy strangers on your travel.

7.    Amethyst: The Spiritual Protection Stone

Amethyst Beads - 5-10mmNecklaceDefault Title

You need a good idea about the destination for planning or making your travel a success. You have to research. When you’re doing so, hold an amethyst by your side. It is a stone of consciousness and intuition. Amethyst crystal for travelers opens their crown chakra to be in contact with the etheric realm. Nothing can harm you EVER, if you keep an amethyst by your side.

Amethyst protects your spirit from making errors and karmic debts on the trip. It helps you stay clear in the head if you’re going to be enjoying wine or alcohol on your trip.

8.    Shungite: The Purification Stone for Travelers

Shungite Tumbled Stoneraw stone

Besides selenite, which is a self-cleansing stone you can use to clean other crystals too.  Shungite can cleanse the whole room you’re staying in. Shungite neutralizes the radiation and electromagnetic stress entering your room. It cleanses your room to make it suitable to relax for you.

Shungite crystals for travelling helps you steer away from bad decisions, evil eye and hexes. Circle a shungite around you to cleanse all the bad mojo from you after the trip or while on the trip.

9.    Black Tourmaline: The Psychic Protection stone for Travelers

Elegant Gold Black Tourmaline Dangle EarringsEarrings

Another must-have alternative to shungite is black tourmaline schorl crystal. This stone helps you stay clear from evil energies and energy vampires. Black tourmaline grounds you to Mother Gaia and protects you from negative thoughts.

Take a black tourmaline schorl and circle it thrice around the four directions of the room you’re staying in. Black tourmaline meaning is protection. Rest assured with this crystal by your side on all your travels.

How to Travel with your Crystals?

Pick one of these 11 Crystals for Travel Right Now

When you’re packing your crystals, make sure to pack them tightly so that they don’t rattle and break on the way. I have had incidents of crystals breaking due to travel. Now, I bubble-wrap all of them in a box in my suitcase.  

Before you pack them remember to Cleanse Them. If you need to take some sage, ensure that it is allowed in the airlines or state or country you’re traveling to. Not all Herbs for Safe Travel are permitted on the plane.  

Before you go …

When I was packing for a short trip to Andaman’s a few years ago, I was not in a good mood actually. The weather was a killjoy according to Tripadvisor in the monsoon season I was going to. My friends didn’t want to budge and I wanted to go too, but I was scared. So, I packed smoky quartz, malachite and black tourmaline in my bag. We reached Andamans drenched in a heavy downpour, but within one day, the weather had changed dramatically.

Talk about the power of crystals!

So, wherever you’re going to, crystals can help you change the weather to the road and the stay or accommodation besides protecting you from strangers. Leave a short brief about your trip and we will find the right crystal for you!

Stay powerful~

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