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Metaphysical Properties and Meanings of Kunzite Jewelry

Metaphysical Properties and Meanings of Kunzite Jewelry

Mistaken with hiddenite or Morganite, kunzite is a unique gemstone in the sweetest color tone. Considered the power stone for those searching love, Kunzite jewelry is abundantly available as it is naturally present in large rocks. The special stone heals your emotional scars and spreads love in your relationships. Wearing or touching kunzite can bring many things into your life. If you are planning to buy a kunzite or already have one, we suggest you go through the following post to discover the magic of kunzite stone.

What is Kunzite?

Natural Pink Kunzite Gemstone

Natural Pink Kunzite Gemstone; $1,493 USD

A type of spodumene that is transparent and seen from pink to purple color is a kunzite stone. If so, then what is a blue kunzite?

Rated 7 on the MOHS scale kunzite is moderately durable although falls and hits can cause it to chip or break. The perfect cleavage of the gemstone also prevents it from getting faceted. Pink kunzite is also pleochroic, which means it can show two or more colors from different angles. Interesting right?

Kunzite Vs Morganite is another controversy that has brought this beautiful stone to the light. Kunzite has a softer energy than Morganite besides being fragile than the pink Morganite gemstone.

Meaning of Kunzite

Discovered in the 20th century, Kunzite is named after George F Kunz who found it in Pala, California in 1902. Kunzite meaning is love and harmony in love. It fills your life with realizations of your goals and dreams. The stone helps you achieve everything you’ve always wanted. Meaning of kunzite is also loyalty, trust and passion. As it fades in strong light, kunzite is also called the evening stone.

How to Tell a Real Kunzite?

If you’re trying to recognize a kunzite gemstone, it is easy. To ensure certification of the kunzite, you need to compare the refractive index (1.66 to 1.68), MOHS reading (y) and specific gravity (3.18) as well as clarity. It could be mistaken with pink tourmaline or pink tanzanite as well.

Kunzite has a mix of purple and pink color, not just one of the two. The perfect cleavage of the stone is another identification marker too. Rich pink kunzite is costlier than the lighter versions. Another tip is that kunzite usually comes in bigger jewelry.

What is Kunzite worth?

Are you planning of investing in kunzite? There are different price tags for different quality kunzite.

A colorless kunzite fetches $10 USD per carat while deep pink kunzite brings $60 to $180 per carat. A medium colored kunzite comes for $20 to $60 USD per carat.

Where is Kunzite Found?

The mine in Brazil called Minas Gerais is the source and origin of kunzite. You can also find kunzite stones in U.S.A, Mexico, Russia, Pakistan, Canada and Afghanistan. Madagascar and Myanmar are also chief sources of kunzite gemstone.

How do you cleanse Kunzite Jewelry?

A gorgeous gemstone treasured by collectors once upon a time, kunzite must be taken care of, to last its luster. Do not keep it in the sunlight for longer than a few minutes as kunzite fades easily. Apart from that, cleaning and storing kunzite jewelry is easy.

To Clean Kunzite

As kunzite contains aluminum, it is best not to touch water on it.

  • Take a soft cloth.
  • Rub the kunzite stone for all the sides.
  • Do it once a week.

To Cleanse Kunzite

  • Take a clear quartz wand in your right hand.
  • Circle the right hand over the kunzite stone thrice.
  • Do it before and after you use the kunzite.

What is the Kunzite Chakra?

Crown Chakra is the power core of kunzite. Unlike most other gemstones, kunzite opens your intuition and spiritual center. It will help you connect with the etheric realm to communicate with spirits and angels. Crown chakra powers of kunzite also empowers you to feel spiritually confident.

Heart Chakra is the second chakra power awakened by the energy of kunzite. It emanates vibrations of love and belonging. Heart chakra of kunzite awakens empathy and harmony among the wearers. It is the chakra of compassion and kindness too.

Who is Kunzite Goddess?

Aphrodite, God of Love is the ruling goddess of Kunzite. She also blesses the wearer of kunzite with beauty and Charm. Having Aphrodite on your side brings the energy of passion and satisfaction.

Astarte, the Goddess of Fertility and Love are also the core power-givers of kunzite. Worshipped in Egypt, Astarte is also the goddess of sexuality. She gives you passion you’ve never tasted. Astarte is also the Goddess of War.  

What is Kunzite Ruling Planet?

Venus the Goddess of Love rules over Kunzite. That’s why it is easy to find love when you’re surrounded by the light of kunzite gemstone. Venus brings beauty and attraction to you. It makes your health better and body immune. Venus powers in Kunzite also pulls your soulmate closer to you. With kunzite, venus is on your side. She will bring you happiness and realization of your dreams.  

Which is Kunzite Zodiac Sign?

Scorpio is the first official zodiac sign of Kunzite gemstone. It helps a Scorpio connect with the nature and reality around. If you’re a Scorpio, you will feel supported and powerful with a kunzite in your pocket. It will bring your hidden potential to the surface.

Capricorn is the second zodiac sign of kunzite gemstone. It will bring a Capricornian optimism and faith. It is the stone of empathy and humanity often lacking in Capricorn born people. Kunzite can bring you happiness and open-mindedness. It is a stone to explore empathy and wisdom on your own.

What is Kunzite used for?

Multi Gemstone Ring
Multi Gemstone Ring; $29 USD

Before you start using kunzite stone and jewelry, you need to know the major reasons why you should use kunzite. Once you know these, you can start using it for your own physical, spiritual and emotional healing right away.

·      Heart Pain and Heart Attack

Are you suffering from chronic heart disorders? Don’t worry, it is time you gave the medicines something for support too. Kunzite can enhance blood circulation and flush out blockages in your blood vessels or chest. It is best as a worry stone for those who have undergone one heart attack too.

·      Evil Eye Stone Kunzite

When you hold a kunzite in your right hand, no evil eye can touch you. Energy attacks from vampires also stand no chance against kunzite. It will protect you and keep you away from negativity, toxicity and destruction. Kunzite repairs relationships. It can help you heal your heart. It is also a psychic protection stone that protects you by making a bubble of protection around you.

·      Kunzite Feng Shui Powers

A beautiful fire energy stone, kunzite balances yin and yang. It is the stone of peace, love and harmony. When you place a kunzite stone in the southern area of your house, fights will disappear and passion will grow in your family. It boosts your positive endeavors and keeps the love in your family intact.

·      Holy Week Stone Kunzite  

If you’re a Christian or interested in Christ Consciousness, don’t worry, kunzite is your ally. It is believed to teach wisdom to people who are searching for faith. Kunzite can help you fine tune your spirituality in the religion you grew into. It is a stone for discovering the reality about your religion through astral travel and dream recall.

How to Use Kunzite Jewelry?

When your starting to work with kunzite, you will feel the unique energy of the stone around your crown and heart chakras. Following are a handful of ways you can use kunzite jewelry for their metaphysical powers easily.

·      Set Your Intention

Before wearing your kunzite jewelry, it is best to set an intention. The best way to do is with an affirmation. You can look at the kunzite stone jewelry and repeat your goal or ambition or wish. Repeat it until you feel it is materialized.  

·      Charge it with Singing Bowl

An easy way to charge kunzite jewelry is by placing it in the Tibetan singing bowl.

  • Rub the edges of the bowl with the mallet.
  • Close your eyes and flow with the sounds and acoustic charging.

·      Place It On the Grid

You can also take your kunzite jewelry and add it to the grid. I recommend adding kunzite as an individual piece to the outer layer of the grid to absorb the energies. Set it for one day and take the kunzite and wear on the second day.

·      Hold it in Your Palm

Another easy way to use or charge kunzite is by holding it with both palms. The energy of the stone will travel into your body through your palms. Hold it tight and meditate to set the vibrations in motion for your intention.


Now that we have learned all the powers of kunzite, I want to suggest that you use kunzite for dealing with side-effects of medicines. It can bring balance by flushing out the toxins. Use kunzite for times of distress. You will never feel lost with a kunzite by your side.

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