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Most Effective Crystals to Use for Paranoia and Other Mental Ailments

Most Effective Crystals to Use for Paranoia and Other Mental Ailments

If you haven’t consulted a doctor for your mental uneasiness, this is the perfect time to. In addition, crystals can amplify the results by regulating the chakra points in your body, necessary for healing. Most of have grown up learning to ignore or suppress mental uneasiness strictly with a ‘No’.

If you do not learn to reintegrate with your fears and aversions, acquiring a happy lifestyle can be hard. 

9 Crystals for the Worst Mental Disorders

Most Effective Crystals to Use for Paranoia and Other Mental Ailments

When used on the Crown or Third Eye chakra, specific crystals can evade psychic attacks, negativity and bad luck easily, in addition to gaining serenity and peace. Remember to cleanse the crystals at the end of every programming or ritual to gain the maximum effects of the crystals.

·         Sugilite


Instilling a unique sense of wisdom and freedom, Purple Sugilite was used extensively through history on Children against paranoia, confusion and fear. Improving the ability to channel thoughts and creative activity, Sugilite is therapeutic for people suffering from schizophrenia, PTSD, neurotransmission problems and motor malfunction.

Using this Sugilite Bohemian Pendant you can also heal physical discomfort in addition to paranoia, such as headaches as well as arthritis pain.

·         Unakite

Set of 13 Heart Shape Natural Healing Stones - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 17

An excellent antidote for fears arising from confrontation and anxiety, Unakite can heal the negativity in your thoughts easily. Throughout history, unakite has been used for people trying to improvise coordination of body and mind. Unakite heals benign mental ailments quickly and like no other crystal. For those suffering from paranoia sourcing from guilt or shame, Unakite is all that you need!

Wear this unakite heart crystal always on you for dispelling your paranoia without any ado forever. 

·         Amethyst

Amethyst Ring Platinum Plated Diamond

Schizophrenia is a specialty of Amethyst healing powers as the purple wonder uplifts your consciousness to higher realms, simultaneously erasing paranoia. An exceptional grounding crystal, Amethyst works on the third eye chakra to clear your confusions and realize new potentials.

Recommended as a crystal to calm the antipsychotic episodes, Amethyst manipulates your bodily vibration to a calming series of energy, regardless of the event. Wear this amethyst plated ring for a firm control over yourself whenever paranoia or fear grasps you.

·         Amazonite

Water drop Pendulum Chakra healing reiki Crystal Pendants

A soft crystal that reveals different points of views to help its wearers, Amazonite is also a stone for emotional balance. Wearing the soft green stone can influence your pineal gland to remove endless negative traits from your behavior. When combined with citrine and aventurine, amazonite displays powerful clarifying effects of confusions.

Wear this amazonite pendant is an excellent amplification for treating diseases such as dyslexia.

·         Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian Blue Sand Stone Labradorite Water Drop Pendulum Healing Chakra Reiki Necklace

If you’re a sensitive person easily lured into pessimistic conversations, black obsidian can give you peace of mind to wind down at the end of the day easily. A miraculous crystal that works on hot tempered minds, black obsidian dispels disbelief and confusion. Throughout history, black obsidian has alleviated mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, fear and indecisiveness by regulating the heart chakra.

Wear this black obsidian crystal pendant to eradicate negative smog on the psyche.

·         Ruby

Green Flower Vintage Brooch

An attractive crystal with exceptionally potent calming energies, Ruby is a shaman’s crystal used for widening the road to inner peace. Recommended as an icebreaker in parent-child relationships, ruby balances peace by resolving stress and confusions in the wearer. By decreasing fear and elevating self-confidence, Ruby makes a drastic transformation out of its wearer.

Try ruby to heal schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

·         Emerald

3 Colors Stone Gold Rings - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 9

An inevitable mental healing crystal, Emerald relieves depression and even Parkinson’s disease in young kids and adults. Wearing emerald before bed prevents embarrassing nocturnal ejections plus anxiety attacks in sensitive people. By calming the Anahata vibrations, Emerald begins by erasing envy and greed from the wearer.

In any overpowering state of imbalance, clutch this powerful Emerald 3-stone ring as it emits a rare plus potent color energy for unearthly balance.

·         Rose Quartz

Natural Healing Amulet Pendulums - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 8

A Reiki Healing Crystal with brilliant crystal energy to make things transparent, rose quartz is a highly recommended stone for students and teens. Helping teens avoid reckless decision of career plus love, rose quartz alleviates the misconceptions bothering you, ASAP.

Wearing this Rose Quartz pendant is useful in meditating every morning after a bed for a powerful grounding session to prevent bouts of paranoia from recurring.

·         Kunzite

Multi Gemstone Ring - 925 Sterling Silver - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

Yet another important stress buster healing crystal, kunzite absorbs negativity and radiation to the mind, body and spirit. Keeping this kunzite stone always on you shields you from all types of danger including the evil eye.

Wear this kunzite ring to discover your destiny from the higher realm as well as mature faster.

Before You Go …

Most Effective Crystals to Use for Paranoia and Other Mental Ailments

Crystals that dispel confusions and fears can be combined to effectively remove episodes of paranoia, discomfort or rebellion to the mental and emotional stability of a person. Mind crystals remove blocks in the Third Eye, Crown and Heart Chakra points.

Try one of the above or make a crystal grid with your favorite crystal to remove paranoia and other serious mental disorders once and for all.

Stay powerful!

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