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Merlinite Meanings, Uses, Controversies and Attributes

Merlinite Meanings, Uses, Controversies and Attributes

One of the most controversial crystals today, Merlinite is interchanged with mystic Merlinite, dendritic opal and many false names today. It is a unique stone that once you get the idea of the specifics, you will never mistake it for another. Rest assured, we will teach you! Moreover, Merlinite is a stone that beckons luck, harmony and magic into your life. It can bring past life memories and shamanic journeying to your destiny. The powerful stone of fate, Merlinite meanings must be studied in detail.

That’s what we will do today. Are you ready?

What Is Merlinite?

Chemically, Merlinite is the fusion of quartz and manganese oxide. Merlinite is a spiritual stone that is considered overwhelming by many beginner crystal users. Stone of fate and destiny, Merlinite shows dendritic formations over its surface. It is seen on a white backdrop with black dendrites all over it.

Meaning of Mystic Merlinite

Merlinite meaning is balance of the masculine and feminine energies within you. The stability to yin and yang is brought with the energy of Merlinite crystal. It makes you understand spirituality by awakening your cosmic consciousness. Merlinite is a stone for penance and karmic debts. It brings peace to your life by correcting your wrongs.

Is Merlinite Dendritic Agate?

Yes. It is a type of dendritic agate where the dendrite formations are seen in trees and branches from the manganese oxide. That’s why it’s often confused with dendritic agate.

Is Indigo Gabbro the Same as Merlinite?

No. Indigo Gabbro is Mystic Merlinite. Another type of gabbro called Blizzard stone is also often misnamed as Merlinite. Often thought of as one, Indigo gabbro is indigo colored while Merlinite is a unique stone with black dendrites on white backdrop. Do you know Indigo gabbro is a newly discovered stone? You will see tints of violet iridescence in the grey of the mystic Merlinite under sunlight. It is visually dissimilar and easy to distinguish.

How to Tell Difference Between Merlinite and Mystic Merlinite?

We told you just afore that Merlinite is not the same as Indigo Gabbro. While mystic Merlinite is the trade name of Indigo Gabbro, Merlinite is one of a kind. It has a white background owing to the quartz with black dendrites from manganese oxide on the white.

If the stone is predominantly white and you’re stuck between Merlinite and mystic Merlinite, it is a Merlinite. On the contrary, the indigo or grey colored stone is mystic Merlinite. Blizzard stone is predominantly black with dots of white and easy to tell from indigo gabbro and Merlinite.

What is Merlinite Chakra?

The first chakra awakened with the use of Merlinite is your Solar Plexus Chakra. The origin of courage and anger, Merlinite chakra is the manipura. It helps you make decisions quickly besides boosting your confidence.

The second chakra awakened by Merlinite is the Third Eye Chakra where your intuition and insight rests. Governed by the power of Shiva, Merlinite is a stone that gives you premonitions too. It helps you see ahead into the future and dangers coming in your way.  

What is Merlinite Zodiac?

Gemini is the official zodiac sign of Merlinite. This means that if you’re a Gemini zodiac, you will find easy to work with Merlinite crystal. The healing properties of dendritic agate aligns with your star sign. It will help you discover your destiny and hidden potential.

Gemini born people tend to be moody and fragile. Merlinite will give you confidence and courage. Your selfishness will be transformed by Merlinite. It teaches you empathy and compassion.

What is Merlinite Ruling Planet?

Mercury is the ruling planet of gemstone Merlinite. It helps you take decisions. When you have the blessing of Mercury, you will find it easy to express yourself. Merlinite is a stone to bless your relationships and balance in your life.

Known as the messenger of the Gods, Mercury can help you in manifesting your intentions. It enhances your communication skills to give you confidence and self-esteem. When Mercury is not on your side, you will feel disoriented and depressed.

Merlinite Properties: What’s Merlinite Good for?

If you’re wondering what to use Merlinite for, we can help you. Merlinite is a spiritual stone that helps you see light. It teaches you several magic spiritually while finding balance emotionally. Let’s find out the healing properties and metaphysical attributes of Merlinite.

·      Physical Healing Properties of Merlinite

Working with Merlinite improves your stability generally. If you’re suffering from Vertigo, Merlinite can help you better than your support cane. Carry it in your pocket and touch it when you feel dizzy. Merlinite improves the vision and hearing too. Ideal for enhancing the treatment on Mental Disorders, Merlinite helps patients of Anxiety too.

·      Emotional Healing Properties of Merlinite

For dispelling negative thoughts and energy, Merlinite is a huge help. It is a Support stone that gives you Peace of mind. If you’re suffering from tension and worries, Merlinite can show you wisdom and harmony. It is a growth stone that helps in improving Productivity.

Merlinite will teach you to embrace life and find your inner voice. It is a stone of courage and self-esteem such that your confidence will multiply.

·      Spiritual Healing Properties of Merlinite

Purification stone that cleans your mind, thoughts and space, Merlinite has many magical powers. It can help you with past life recall. If you’re interested in lucid dreaming, keep a Merlinite under your pillow or by the bedside.  

The Luck stone Merlinite is also excellent for Psychic Protection. It envelops you in the protective cocoon of energy when you carry it in your pocket, wherever you go. Merlinite is also a manifestation stone that can help you fulfil your dreams.  It is best used with gemstone moldavite.

Angelic connection is another boon of working with Merlinite. When in doubt, close your eyes and ask the stone and it will show you the way to work with it.

Warning When Working with Merlinite

It is a powerful energy and can overwhelm you. Make sure to use a median crystal such as red jasper to ground away the excess energy when you work with the crystal. It is important to tone down the overwhelming energy, else you can go into spiritual shock.

Use Merlinite Wisely.

How to Clean Merlinite?

In order to remove the bad energy stuck on Merlinite, you need to clean it. While there are many ways to do so, we will explain one way to you.

  • Take a clear quartz wand in the right hand
  • Take your Merlinite in the left hand.
  • Circle the right hand over the left thrice.
  • Do it before and after using Merlinite to keep it clean.


Merlinite is a stone most people fall in love with. If you love Merlinite, you need to buy some. If you have experience of Merlinite energy, do share it below with us!

Love and light~

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