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SPECTACULAR MARCH MICRO MOON is Happening Now: What to Know

March Micro Moon is Happening RIGHT Now: What to Know

Go out and checkout the moon. Looks too small, yet oddly brighter than usual right? You have great observation skills because today is the month’s second brightest moon, also known as the mini or micro moon. Learn all about March Micro Moon to prepare and use the energy to the fullest!

What is Micro Moon?

SPECTACULAR MARCH MICRO MOON is Happening Now: What to Know

At 14% lesser in brightness than the supermoon, micro moon or mini moon occurs when the full moon or new moon is at the farthest point in the orbit of the moon, called apogee. Oddly, this micro moon will be the second brightest moon of the month. The last full moon in March is set to occur on March 31st, making it a blue moon.

Located at 30K Miles away from earth, the mini moon on March 05 is also referred as magpie moon.

Do you remember the supermoon of January? And, the blue moon? It has just been a month and March is about to witness the second full moon, making another blue moon super moon. It will take another 19 years for this to happen again!

When to see Micro Moon in March around the World

SPECTACULAR MARCH MICRO MOON is Happening Now: What to Know

Although it might look smaller, micro or mini moon is a spectacular sight in the sky. You can see it if you’re a sky watcher too. In the United States, you will see the mini moon at 13:05 on March 05th while it will be seen at 12:05 PM for CST and 11:05 AM for MST. People following the PST timings will see the March Micro Moon at 10:05 AM.

Five Gemstones to Use for March Micro Moon

Wondering which stones to use for March Micro Moon today? We’ve got your back. Our compilation of full moon healing crystals is also accompanied by positive affirmations to activate the healing energies faster and stronger. Get started RIGHT AWAY!

1.      WHITE OPAL

Original White Fire Opal Ring

An unnatural stone to help you awaken your lower and higher chakras at once, white opal is ideal for the crown and sacral chakras. White opal helps you have out of body experiences an on March Micro Moon, it is best to use it to program your kundalini energy. Alternatively, wear a white opal pendant and meditate under the mini moon light for the night.

How to Program your Crown and Sacral Chakra with White opal

  • Take a White opal
  • Point it at the Crown and Sacral Chakra
  • Vocalize the affirmation “I’m balanced. Everything around me makes me grounded”.

2.      HOWLITE

Howlite Beads Heart Charm Bracelets

Renowned as the calming stone, howlite is a unique stone of higher powers. It will open your mind and show you fate. To unlock your destiny, program your howlite crystal with your Crown Chakra on March Micro Moon. It will help you see through your flaws and build the dream life you’ve always wanted. Alternatively, you can chant the following positive affirmation while looking at the moon for enhanced powers.

How to Program your Crown Chakra with Howlite

  • Take a Howlite
  • Point it at the Crown Chakra
  • Vocalize the affirmation “I’m all-seeing. Everything around me makes me intuitive”.


Clear Quartz Crystal Pendant

A purifying stone that is capable of filtering your negativity outright, clear quartz is excellent for full moon crystal rituals. You can do numerous new moon rituals with a clear quartz. Starting from cleansing your crystals, you can create a crystal grid using the clear quartz stone. Read more on ways to create a crystal grid here.

How to Program your Crown Chakra with Clear Quartz

  • Take a Clear Quartz
  • Point it at the Crown Chakra
  • Vocalize the affirmation “I’m pristine. Everything around me makes me purer”.


Heart Grey Moonstone Charm- 925 Sterling Silver (CHARM ONLY)

Another incredible crystal full of sense and nurturing is the moonstone. It awakens the general well-being and intuition of the wearer. In short, you can see into the future if you perform crystal rituals with moonstone on March micro moon today.

Read more on ways to create a crystal patch here.

How to Program your Third Eye/ Solar Plexus Chakra with Moonstone

  • Take a Moonstone
  • Point it at the Third Eye/ Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Vocalize the affirmation “I’m nurturing. Everything around me nourishes my inner soul”.


Handmade Rose Quartz - 925 Sterling Silver

The foremost stone of supreme love, rose quartz is a stone that helps you heal the heart chakra. Rose quartz can shed the guilt and heal your heart.

You can use it on the March Micro Moon to reverse negativity such as curses and evil eye, aimed at you. Read more on ways to create a crystal amulet bag here.

How to Program your Heart Chakra with Rose Quartz

  • Take a Rose Quartz
  • Point it at the Heart Chakra
  • Vocalize the affirmation “I’m divine. Everything around me fills me with love”.

Before you go …

Ready to try the healing energies you can infuse with the power of March Micro Moon? We know for sure it can create better gem elixirs, infusions and chakra activations. Start your crystal journey right NOW!

Stay powerful~


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