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All Your Questions About Citrine Wands Right Here

All Your Questions About Citrine Wands Right Here

One of the ancient weapons made as part of the spiritual armor, wands are found in Israel to India and many parts of the world were earlier civilizations thrived. Citrine being one of the complex crystals with higher and lower chakra powers integrated, citrine wands offer full spectrum powers for a range of rituals. Without any spoilers, let me guide you to become a citrine crystal wand expert in the next ten minutes!

What is a citrine wand?

Natural Citrine Healing Crystal PointA natural point wand made from the natural citrine gemstone is called a citrine wand. It can range from pale yellow to dark yellow, orange and white with inclusions.

Citrine wands are often uniform with double terminations, making for multifarious crystal rituals with wands.

As a healing wand can activate single chakra or the whole body aura, citrine wand specifically activates its attuned chakras and energies within.

It’s more powerful than a tumbled stone or ball.

Which Chakra is Awakened when you use a Citrine Wand?

Citrine activates Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root and Crown chakras.

While most healing crystals work on lower or higher chakras, citrine can balance and activate both the parts unequivocally. What does it mean?

  • When you’re riddled with diseases, the citrine wand can focus the solar plexus chakra to activate it and flush the toxins right out.
  • When you’re burdened with confusions, citrine wand focused on your crown chakra will clear your mind. The effects are vast!

5 Benefits of a Natural Citrine Wand

Natural Yellow Citrine Quartz Crystal Cluster

Wondering why use a Citrine Wand? The hard stone with MOHS of 7 is best with yellow gold for connecting with the metal element.  It is a type of quartz in bright sun color that can attract powerful energies and deflect strong evil powers. There are accounts of citrine ousting demons to misfortune from lives completely.

·      Wealth and Good Fortune with Citrine Crystal Wand

Do you know why citrine is called the merchant’s stone? Because it makes your cash flow positive by attracting good fortune. It can scale your business to new opportunities that drive profits. Keep it in the money safe to kickstart money attraction with citrine.

·      Citrine Wands for Pink of Health

When you use a citrine stone, it aligns your solar plexus chakra to reset the working of the endocrine system, heart, liver and pretty much all the organs of the digestive system. From food poisoning to bloating and flatulence or ulcer, citrine wands can focus the energy to cure many diseases by speeding recovery.

·      Reproductive Healing with Citrine Healing Wands

Terrified of infertility? My sister was too! That was until I gifted her a Madeira citrine wand. You should’ve seen the way she lit up.

My sister and brother in law were attempting pregnancy for a long time. With each working with citrine wands at the end of the day, their hormones changed course and were blessed with twins!

·      Confidence and Foresight with Citrine Wands

It is awesome when you feel like you can conquer the world. We all get that feeling. But, often it lasts not too long. The trick is to use the citrine wand to activate or program your higher chakra of the crown to see ahead. It connects you with the higher realm to guide you to destiny.

It works like magic because citrine wand also aligns other chakras to visualize the crown chakra visions clearly!

·      Citrine Wand for Depression and Unhappiness

Another little-known advantage of using citrine wand is the emotional well-being. It helps you stabilize your emotions by ejecting the negativity. Even though citrine doesn’t awaken the heart chakra, it can uplift your mood.

How? It will reduce the impact on your emotional center of the brain where criticism is perceived as physical pain!

What is the power of a citrine pendant wand?

Citrine Quartz Crystal 6 sided Point Pendant - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™When you wear a citrine pendant, the focus must be on the length of the pendant wand.

If the wand is pointed up with a short chain that it snugly fits around your neck like a choker, the citrine pendant wand will awaken the crown chakra.

If your citrine pendant wand points down, it can align solar plexus, sacral or root chakra.

To ensure it awakens, say root chakra, point the wand pendant on your root chakra and visualize your manifestation before wearing it.

Sounds simple, right? Try it and tell us!

How to Do a Citrine Wand Massage?

When you massage your chakra points with a citrine wand, it works better than pointing the wand.

Why? It’s because a citrine wand in touch with your skin actively emits healing energies that penetrates the skin easily to enter your physical and spiritual body effortlessly.

The truth is, there is no one right way to do it. Whatever you agree with is how your spirit-frequency wants. Got it? Ask me any questions you have in the comments below!

3 Easy and Effective Ways to use a Citrine Wand

The picture below is of a citrine wand inside a bottle to make QUICK GEM ELIXIR. That's one way to transform the powers of a citrine wand into a powerful infusion you can drink or use. Click on it if you want to buy it!

Crystal Healing Water Bottle

·      Manifestation and Focus

Nothing fares better than wands because they have points or terminations, naturally grown with the power of earth and universe. It has an apex or zenith to focus the power once you’re activated the citrine wand.  

·      Abundance Crystal Grid Activation

As we saw above, citrine wands are wealth magnets. They can invite abundance, prosperity and good fortune into your life because these they are aligned well with the etheric chakras. All you need to do is a make a wealth crystal grid and activate the grid crystals with a citrine wand for a quick result!

·      Programming or Activation

When you’re trying to program a stone with a chakra as that of the citrine wand, the task gets easier. You save energy and time when programming your solar plexus, sacral, root or crown chakra rituals with a citrine wand.

Before you go …

Citrine wands can even enhance your third eye vision when you have a balanced crown chakra. Astonishing powers of citrine wands, right? That’s how citrine gets the job done!

Banking to financial dependence and happiness, citrine wands help to focus your desire into results quicker than other wands. It’s a wand that can help you realize your dreams even if you don’t know what they are. Try it today with any of the wands pictured above!

Stay powerful~

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