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Hypersthene Crystal Properties and Meanings

Hypersthene Crystal Properties and Meanings

A powerful stone that aids in visions and voices of the spirit, Hypersthene is also called velvet Labradorite. It is a beautiful stone often mistaken with Labradorite for its identical origin. Hypersthene crystal properties include higher powers. It can help you relax and rejuvenate yourself in life. The stone helps to regain your vitality and composure. Today we will learn all about hypersthene meanings and uses too.

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What Is Hypersthene?

In the mineral industry, Hypersthene goes by another name, called Enstatite. It is a stone considered soft with 5 to 6 on MOHS hardness scale with barite and honey calcite being 3 and diamond at 10. Chemically, hypersthene is magnesium and iron silicate, which shows up in colors of black, brown and green hues. It has a vitreous silky nature with appearance of hues such as steel grey or black.

You will find minerals like Iron, Magnesium, Oxygen and Silicon in the gemstone hypersthene. It originates from the Greek words hyper meaning above, and stenos meaning power. Often found in igneous and meteoric rocks, hypersthene is a ferrous enstatite, which is actually cross of enstatite and Ferrosillite.

Hypersthene Meaning

Hypersthene is a shielding gemstone. It protects you from energy attacks and hexes. The stone is known to warn you about upcoming dangers beforehand. Velvet Labradorite is a stone to cherish because the powers are overwhelming and often seen with high-frequency vibrations.

Black aura hypersthene meaning is psychic protection. If you can detect the aura change with the enstatite stone you have, this is truth that all the energy vampires in your life will be deflected.

What Is Hypersthene Spectrolite?

When you can see lights on the hypersthene, it is called hypersthene Spectrolite. Such a ferrous enstatite is quite common actually. It is widely used with golden labradorites (spectrolites), and moldavite.

Where Is Hypersthene Found?

The main source of hypersthene is Labrador in Canada. U.S.A is the other chief producer of ferrous enstatites in the Northern America. You will also find hypersthene crystals in Norway, Sweden, and the Czech Republic. Greenland is another source of enstatites besides Australia and New Zealand.

What Is Hypersthene Chakra?

The first chakra awakened by hypersthene is the Root Chakra located at the end of your spine. It is the connection you open with Mother Gaia or earth. Root chakra in hypersthene helps you find balance in life. It is the chakra of stability and calmth. You will feel down to earth and settled with root chakra by your side.

Third eye chakra is also opened when you activate a hypersthene gemstone. It is located between your brows. Also called the chakra that opens the spiritual eye, ajna chakra in ferrous enstatite helps in precognition. It is excellent for learning about your surroundings.

Soul star chakra is where your spiritual journey starts. It is called the chakra of letting go. The stone helps you erase your past and conquer your present.

Crown chakra is the last center of energy for hypersthene. The chakra of etheric connection makes you complete with the powers of the higher realm. The etymological meaning of the stone has to connect you with the higher realms.

Which Is Hypersthene Zodiac?

Aries is the official zodiac sign for using the powers of hypersthene. When you’re an Arian, you can use the velvet Labradorite for your astral travel and spiritual journeys. It will instigate spiritual conversations around you and pike your thoughts.

If you’re an Arian born on or between March 20 to April 21, you will feel relaxed with the power of ferrous enstatite. It will help you find confidence and optimism you need for luck in your life.

How to Clean Hypersthene?

Being a stone with iron in it, we do not recommend on touching water to hypersthene or making elixirs out of hypersthene. Instead, take a soft cloth and scrub the stone for all sides. Do this once a month.

How to Cleanse Hypersthene?

To clean the bad energy from your precious velvet labradorite, it is best you cleanse it under the full moon energy. If full moon is not close do the following-

  • Take a clear quartz or selenite wand in your right hand.
  • Circle it thrice over hypersthene crystal.
  • Do it before and after you use the stone.

Hypersthene Crystal Properties: What Is Hypersthene Used for?

You know everything you have to know about the stone enstatite now. What do you want to use it for? Do you want it to be a helper crystal or a seeker crystal? It can be as you choose to bond with the stone. That’s for you to choose but below we can show you a few ways to work with hypersthene so that you can use it for unlocking benefits for your life!

·      Protection and Safety

The best power of ferrous enstatite is psychic and physical protection. This gemstone helps you deflect curses and even an envious glare in your direction. It is the ultimate stone for protecting your psyche from others. Using hypersthene equips you with the secret power of combined chakra energy unique to velvet labradorite.  

All you need to do is wear the stone or carry it in your pocket wherever you go.

·      Manifestation of Desires

Do you have your heart set on a wish or desire? Give it to hypersthene crystal. It will help you manifest your dreams. All you need to do is look into the crystal and chant your affirmations a few times until you can visualize it. The manifestation technique works wonders because velvet labradorite speaks to the heart of the universe.

·      Clairvision and Clairvoyance

Ever wanted to talk with spirits or angels? Now, you can! When you hold a hypersthene, you can feel its properties and healing powers. Close your eyes and run it down your crown and third eye chakras and you will feel the spirit speaking through you while you lay eyes on him or her. Try it on the Halloween night to see wonders happen.

·      Anxiety and Stress

Everyone talks about the mystique of hypersthene, but no one says how it replaces every other palm stone you know of. It is excellent for relieving stress and panic attacks. You will feel serenity when you hold onto a hypersthene. It can ground you and that’s why your negative thoughts disappear when you’re with this metallic black stone.

·      Reproductive Disorders

Are you suffering from infertility? Perhaps it is PCOD that you can’t seem to cure your way through. Don’t worry, seek help of hypersthene. It is a good way to help your medicines do their job. All you need to do is place it directly under the bed positioned directly down your belly. It will work wonders within a week, true store!


Tried everything above with the hypersthene crystal properties? If you have any to share, don’t hesitate because our crystal community loves them.

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